The demographics of users is a decisive criterion for many brands when choosing a social network. With Facebook and Twitter, this factor plays a subordinate role, since almost any target group can be addressed via the mass of users.

On Pinterest, a different picture emerges. While there are more and more male users, most of the pins are still created by women. Pew Internet has looked at the demographic distribution in different networks and compared it with the number of Internet users. 15% of internet users have a Pinterest account. There are five times as many female as male users.

On other networks, there are not so many differences, but on Facebook and Instagram, too, female users are in the majority.

25.1 million Facebook has users in Germany. For us, the distribution is a little different. 13 million Users are male and 12.1 million female. So we can almost speak of an equal distribution. In the US, the figures are confirmed by Pew Internet. From 163.1 million Users are 88.5 million female and 73.6 million male.

Overview of results (ratio of Internet users):

  • Facebook: 72% women 62% Men
  • Tumblr: 6% women 6% Men
  • Instagram 16% women 10% Men
  • Pinterest 25% Women & 5% Men
  • Twitter 17% Men & 15% women

On Twitter and Google +, men are in the majority. According to the CircleCount 64% of Google + users are male. In Germany, the figure is 72%.

There can be very large regional differences in demographic distribution. For this reason, companies should look not only at the overall distribution, but also at the individual markets.

Across networks, Pew found that there are more female users of social networks. 71% are female.

The distributions are interesting, but should not be used as a decisive criterion for choosing a network. Although there are more male Google + users, the network is also relevant for companies with a female audience. The same goes for Pinterest in reverse.

You can download the study results for the individual networks here view.


Demographics in social networks: Women dominate Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. Instamer Demographics in social networks: Women dominate Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. Instamer