While Twitter has said goodbye to its buy button, Facebook and

Social selling is just one component

Facebook recently unveiled Collections . Various products can no longer only be linked to Facebook posts via Collections. They can also be presented in a more appealing and attention-grabbing way. The same applies to Instagram Shopping, which in the US recently opened to all retailers from the . Über Collections können verschiedene Produkte nicht mehr nur in Facebook Beiträgen verlinkt werden. Sie können auch ansprechender und aufmerksamkeitsstärker präsentiert werden. Gleiches gilt für Instagram Shopping, welches in den USA kürzlichallen Händlern aus den Branchen, Fashion, jewellery and beauty was made available.

It is important to me at this point that we do not lose sight of our course and use the new social selling features, but do not see them as our only means. While Facebook collections are driven by media, Instagram shopping can also be created as an organic post. We want to sell products? Well then we link all Instagram photos with products. I hope this doesn't happen.

First partners for Instagram shopping were Warby Parker and Macy's. Both companies have high-profile Instagram profiles. In general, it can be said that Warby Parker has very successful social media and has a good sense of how content is processed and how marketing goals are achieved.

Instagram Shopping was introduced in the US last November. But instead of flooding her followers' Instagram feeds with product tags, Warby Parker uses the feature only for specific products.

Just as an Instagram account doesn't just consist of regrams and influencer content, it shouldn't just consist of Instagram shopping. It is attractive to tag your products and to have the feeling that you can sell something with every post. But if every content pursues this goal, the speech loses its appeal. The goal is not to link as many products as possible via Instagram Shopping, but to use the function when it fits and converts content.

Use all possibilities on Instagram

I see Facebook Collections in a differentiated way, as it is an advertising format and not organic posts. Both formats have the advantage that, in addition to connecting to e-commerce, they also ensure a high level of engagement. This commitment creates additional attention and leads more people to the products. Nevertheless, the content must appeal to people. Content in combination with products.

Instagram Shopping and Facebook Collections take different approaches. They have to, because Facebook and Instagram continue to be very different.

Instagram is closely linked to local commerce. For example, Warby Parker uses Instagram to announce another store opening and combines this with communicating an offer via Instagram Shopping. That's just one possibility. photos,

Targetstyle also has a beautiful Instagram account and with 1.8 million followers Followers have a high reach. In my opinion, however, Instagram shopping is used too often and other formats and speeches are not used enough.

Many photos are linked to products. However, we must not forget that the function is still relatively new. Active communication and a reference to Instagram shopping helps followers understand the feature. However, if the format is used too often, the hints can quickly become disruptive and we find ourselves back in the position of market crier.

Instagram shopping for influencers?

Instagram shopping is also often associated with influencers. Wrong. A prerequisite for Instagram shopping is that the product catalogues are linked to the profile. As a rule, however, the link lies with brands and companies and not with influencers. So we will continue to see markings on company profiles in the photos and no product links on Instagram. In addition, followers have already learned to follow the link in the bio. There is also the question of what is more effective. Link a product to a photo or tag an influencer's account. "I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.

Don't oversell: Why Instagram shopping and Facebook collections should only be targeted. Instamer Don't oversell: Why Instagram shopping and Facebook collections should only be targeted. Instamer