Although Foursquare and Instagram have a web view, they are purely mobile applications in terms of their core and functionality. Twitter was a mixture from the beginning and especially in Japan, mobile usage is ahead of the desktop variant. At Facebook, it was different at the beginning. The music played in the stationary newsfeed. This is where users spent most of their time and did most of their actions.

Since about two years this has changed and Facebook is becoming more and more a mobile social network.

Credit: Business Insider

comScore looked at the dwell time of different networks and compared mobile and stationary usage. Instagram and Foursquare are 99% mobile. The figure is 70% for Twitter and 50% for Facebook at the time of the investigation. Now the figure is 68%!

The same development can be observed in every network. The mobile apps receive regular updates, often faster than the desktop versions, and the mobile dwell time of users increases.

LinkedIn and Tumblr still have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to mobile use. Just 13% of US users also use Tumblr on the go. On LinkedIn, the figure is 19%. Because Tumblr is dominated by photos, it is perfect for mobile use. Users seem to prefer Instagram on the go, however, which is why the mobile app has been tweaked with a new navigation system based on the mobile-only network. LinkedIn has also optimized its apps and is also trying to lure its users into mobile applications via more content. LinkedIn should no longer be used purely as a career network, but also as an information service. Many updates relate to the feed. Users should consume content on LinkedIn and not leave the network immediately after confirming a contact.

The distribution of the length of stay is clear. Facebook grew by 18% in six months. It's a similar story on Twitter. Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn also invest a lot of time and money in their mobile apps. Mobile is no longer the future, but the here and now.

Dwell time on social networks and mobile dominates stationary use. Instamer Dwell time on social networks and mobile dominates stationary use. Instamer