YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and now Google +. From now on you can add any post from Google + to your blog, or your website Include .

Embedded Posts now available on Google +. Instamer

All visitors to your site who are logged in to Google + can interact directly with the post. Users can comment on embedded posts, assign + 1 details and follow the author. As with all networks, the feature is intended for additional distribution of content and, of course, Google +.

Interesting Interessant sind die Embedded content policies . Above all, point 4:

Do not embed Google + content within advertisements or for other commercial purposes.

Embedded posts should provide content and not be used to distribute advertising. How Google intends to control this is debatable, or impossible. But you should keep the directive in mind. However, it will probably not happen so often that you will include advertisements from other users / pages on your website. Unlike Facebook, the feature is now active for all posts. Also in Google +, the privacy settings of the posts are decisive. Contributions from Google + communities, events and Hangout on Airs cannot be integrated.

The feature is especially interesting for blogs. As with other social networks, it is so easy to point to interesting content and it is no longer necessary to work with screenshots and links in the text. Google + embedded posts support all multimedia content such as photos, videos and URLs.

Good feature, which we will certainly use regularly.

Embedded Posts now available on Google +. Instamer Embedded Posts now available on Google +. Instamer