Facebook Live, Periscope and now Instagram Live will soon be in the wings. But there is another live streaming app that is gaining in popularity. This is live.ly, the second very successful mobile app from the creators of musical.ly (musical.ly Inc).

Snapchat is young? Then take a look at live.ly

Live.ly describes itself as 's personal TV channel and is based in the US Live.ly bezeichnet sich selbst als “Your personal TV channel” und liegt in den USA auf 16th place (December 206) of the most popular photo and video apps for iOS. The app has already been downloaded millions of times and, like musical.ly, is aimed at a young audience. In addition to the high number of downloads, the structure and the shared content are very exciting.

When you open live.ly, the focus is on the smartphone camera, just like Snapchat. So it's primarily about producing your own videos and only in the second step should users consume content. live.ly is visually a mixture of a mobile livestreaming app, elements of Periscope, community approaches à la YouTube, a lot of Snapchat content and a very close connection to Instagram and of course to musical.ly.

emoji-love is the currency of live.ly

As with musica.ly, there are already live.ly stars . Followers are often asked to assign emojis (likes). When a certain limit is reached, an action is taken. Since exciting here is that the action is performed directly in the livestream. If the livestream gets 500K likes, I'll run around my neighbours' garden without a T-shirt. Like musical.ly, live.ly is heavily driven by likes.

If you look at a few streams, you can quickly get the impression that there is nothing else at stake. Likes and emojis are awarded much faster, more frequently and more easily. Usually you don't just give a video a Like, but 10 to 20. If that's enough.

live.ly calls this emoji-love. Instead of displaying follower numbers in profiles, a value is displayed for received emojis.

The higher the value, the more views and the more paid emojis a live.ly broadcaster gets, the more you can earn with the app. Aaron Doh, for example, earns between $800 and $1,900 a day with three live streams.

Combine features and use external reach

Live.ly combines almost all elements that are particularly popular with a younger target group in different social networks. Instead of just five options for a response, various emojis and sticker videos can be awarded. For top users, several hundred thousand reactions per video are the rule. Comments and emojis shoot through the live videos. Live.ly offers different views. With large accounts it is impossible to track the reactions. There are just too many.

Since the target audience is very young, Live.ly also regularly provides tips on how to present yourself and interact with other streams. For example, never post his phone number in comments.

Many users also use photos with Snapchat Lenses as their profile picture and Snapchat is a big topic on live.ly.

live.ly and musical.ly complement each other perfectly

What live.ly also does very well is its close connection to Instagram. Some time ago we had about Was live.ly ebenfalls sehr gut macht, ist die enge Anbindung zu Instagram. Vor einiger Zeit hatten wir über over 7 million Followers on Instagram and that just you musical.ly content. But they are not yet active on live.ly.

Live.ly also offers its users the ability to quickly share content on Instagram. The way the Instagram share has been integrated is perfectly solved. Viewers simply tap the Instagram icon in the app. A screenshot of the live video is then created, which can now be shared on Instagram. However, musical.ly is much more present on Instagram.

In a similar vein, there are many more live streaming apps that, despite being similar to Facebook Live and Periscope, take place in a completely different environment. While YouNow is still the most successful app in this area in Germany, apps such as Im ähnlichen Stil gibt es noch sehr viele weiter Live Streaming Apps, die trotz ähnlicher Funktion zu Facebook Live und Periscope, in einem vollkommen anderen Umfeld stattfinden. Während in Deutschland YouNow noch die erfolgreichste App aus diesem Bereich ist, starten in den USA auch Apps wie Live.me , which is at number 18 in the App Store ranking. If you still think you're too old for Snapchat, be sure to check out the emerging live streaming and chat apps. At first it all seems a bit strange, but behind live.ly there is a sophisticated system behind it and the features are perfectly tailored to the target group.

Emoji love instead of followers: livestreaming with live.ly for Gen Z. Instamer Emoji love instead of followers: livestreaming with live.ly for Gen Z. Instamer