If we look purely at active user numbers, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are far superior to Snapchat. So Snapchat's arguments about reach and users are limited. The audiences are certainly different, but in such a number-driven business, Snapchat needs more arguments. This is exactly why Snapchat has now published figures relating to the exclusive use of Snapchat.

Address users exclusively on Snapchat

Snapchat also released the figures for Germany. The company said in a statement: 'We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services. Snapchat audience exclusivity indicates how many people use only Snapchat and no other social network in a day. Snapchat wants to use the numbers to convey that if you ignore Snapchat as an advertising channel, you won't reach these people on any other channel.

The figures are interesting. For example, Snapchat claims that 80% of active Snapchat users cannot be reached via Facebook Messenger. So if a company has a very young target group, then a messenger bot may not be the right choice.

The biggest discrepancy is between Snapchat and Twitter. Here, 93% use Snapchat but are not active on Twitter on the same day. On Instagram, there is the greatest overlap. But a remarkable 31% use Snapchat but are not active on Instagram.

With Facebook and YouTube the use in Germany holds the balance. In the US, the exclusive use of Snapchat is significantly higher than Instagram. Here, 48% use Snapchat exclusively. If you combine these usage habits with the frequency of usage, you can see in which cases and for which target groups Snapchat is relevant as an advertising channel. Snap Inc. also reiterated how active its own users are. Snapchat is accessed more than 25 times a day and the time spent on it is 30 minutes a day.

The exclusivity and loyalty of Snapchat's target audience is Snap's strength. Inc and shows that Snapchat should not be written off as an advertising channel. At least not if you want to reach your target audience on Snapchat. This is possible on other channels, but only with a combination of different social networks.

Safe are these numbers

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Exclusivity: 49% of active Snapchat users are not active on Facebook.. Instamer Exclusivity: 49% of active Snapchat users are not active on Facebook.. Instamer