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Facebook is gearing up for the mobile future and has taken over social networking app Glancee after Instagram. A clear sign that shows how Facebook sees its own future and assesses the mobile use of the platform.

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What does Glancee do? The potential uses for Facebook are obvious and the integration of 's friend / person finder into the mobile app is very much on the cards. Glancee, or rather Glancee's technology, could extend location-based user information many times over. Who has participated in an event and what common interests (or friends) do I have with these users? Who has been in a particular place (e.g. a restaurant)?

Similar to Gowalla, Glancee's mobile app will bless the timing (an alternative would be Facebook wants the technology and knowledge of its employees and will use this to develop mobile features and products.

In addition to events and locations, status updates are also a possible field of application. Users can also add location information to their posts. This information could be used to suggest new potential friends or pages to users.

And so it goes on. Which friends / users from my immediate vicinity are currently chatting, which users have a

Facebook has made a smart move in acquiring Instagram, but perhaps buying Glancee will prove even more effective. Ambient social networking is considered by many experts to be the next big thing, and with the knowledge of Glancee's staff, Facebook is now playing a crucial role. However, there could be problems with data protection. If Facebook uses Glancee's technology, it must help the 900 million users clearly communicated and, above all, explained. This was not the case with the smartphone app, as users here actively agreed to a link to Facebook. An additional sub-item in the privacy settings would be conceivable. Users could specify here whether or not profile and location information may be used for friend or page suggestions on the go.

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Glancee's technology is based not only on personal relationships (mutual friends), but also on interests. What are people around me interested in?

Facebook is gearing up for the mobile future and now has Glancee, Instagram,

Facebook buys Glancee, another step toward mobile future. Instamer Facebook buys Glancee, another step toward mobile future. Instamer