Facebook Instagram and Vine: Short videos launch in 2014. Instamer

Photos were the dominant content in 2013. In 2014 they will continue to play an important role, but we will also find more and more short videos in our editorial plans and news feeds.

Short videos are not a new invention. But with Vine and Instagram, they have entered a new dimension and are being used by more and more companies. Already today, especially the well-known US companies rely on short videos. What we still often get presented in the form of gifs will increasingly play out on Vine, Instagram, Google + and, of course, Facebook in 2014. The short videos will be used even more creatively, but also editorially.

Summaries that used to be two minutes long are now available as 15 seconds of Instagram video. This form of content not only attracts more attention, but also offers companies more creative possibilities. Short videos will not only influence the preparation of content, they will also have a lot of influence on ad placement. At the moment, German companies are still acting cautiously. Vine and Instagram are on the screen, but not much is being invested in these networks yet. With Instagram, this will change in 2014 and more and more German companies will join the photo network. On the one hand because the number of users is constantly growing and on the other hand because of the introduction of

Instagram ads pioneer Facebook News Feed ads

The structure of Instagram videos, Instagram ads and the upcoming Facebook video ads for the News Feed is very similar. Der Aufbau von Instagram Videos, Instagram Anzeigen und den anstehenden Facebook Video Anzeigen für den News Feed ist sehr ähnlich. Toyota is already experimenting and promoting Instagram videos via Facebook ads. This is not 100% comparable to the News Feed ads, but it shows where the journey is going.

We could call Instagram videos a testing ground for News Feed video ads. Users have shown it to companies and within 24 hours 5 million Videos posted on Instagram.

Mercedes is one of the companies that regularly post their own short videos on Instagram. The video has received 19,000 likes.

Facebook Instagram and Vine: Short videos launch in 2014. Instamer

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When it came to photos, companies knew exactly what worked and what content went down well with customers. Short or micro videos are another matter and Bei Fotos wussten Unternehmen genauer was funktioniert und welche Inhalte bei den Kunden gut ankommen. Kurz- oder Microvideos sind eine andere Sache und Photos on Instagram are even more successful than videos .

Facebook Instagram and Vine: Short videos launch in 2014. Instamer

On Vine, it's a similar story. P P There are five tweets that contain a link to Vine . Companies do not have the choice between photos and short videos, there are only short videos. Some may now say that the videos do not seem professional. It may be. But it doesn't bother the users.

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Short videos are for mobile

With a running time of six and 15 seconds, the videos are perfectly suited for mobile consumption. Facebook also wants to use this for its video ads. Mobile Facebook users must not be neglected in any way. Sure, Facebook could have gone the way of YouTube and sold longer promotional videos to companies, but mobile performance suffers. For this reason, videos are less likely to appear in the mobile News Feed than in the stationary News Feed.

Facebook video ads are scheduled to launch this week. Facebook Video Anzeigen sollen noch diese Woche starten. TechCrunch and the und das WSJ have reported on this. But there is no official statement yet. Facebook has been in talks with companies for some time and is carefully preparing to launch the video ads. The launch has already been postponed. But now the time has come and the ads will further establish short videos as a content format in 2014.

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Facebook Instagram and Vine: Short videos launch in 2014. Instamer Facebook Instagram and Vine: Short videos launch in 2014. Instamer