Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger make Facebook stronger than ever in 2015.. Instamer

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Facebook is losing active users, mobile messengers are overtaking social networks, community management on Facebook is becoming less important and so on and so forth. Quite the opposite. Facebook is stronger than ever in 2015. Facebook is and remains by far the most dominant social network. In Germany and worldwide.

Facebook dominates social media and mobile messenger in all age groups

When we talk about the boom in mobile messenger apps, we are always talking about WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Facebook is also a leader in this area and has the Messenger app, Facebook Messenger, which in my opinion has the strongest growth potential.

So I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook Messenger soon passes WhatsApp.

Of course there are other very successful mobile messengers with Line, WeChat, Snapchat and Telegram. But it's the same picture as in the social media landscape. Facebook is at the top and the lead is growing. That's why I don't believe WeChat will become the dominant mobile messenger. At least not worldwide.

Facebook unites 1.2 billion active users of mobile messenger apps with 700 million WhatsApp users and 500 million Facebook Messenger users.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger make Facebook stronger than ever in 2015.. Instamer

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The advantage of Facebook is that a Messenger is directly linked to Facebook and WhatsApp is a standalone product. This offers further growth potential for both Messenger and David Marcus speculates about a possible decoupling from Facebook Messenger. Talk about a usage without a Facebook account.

Facebook loses teen to Facebook

Which apps and social networks are most popular with teenagers? Mobile Messenger, Snapchat and especially Instagram. If there's talk of a teenage brain drain, it's within Facebook. We must stop analysing Facebook individually and look at the bigger picture.

Facebook has 1.3 billion active users.

WhatsApp has 700 million active users

Facebook Messenger has 500 million active users

Instagram has 300 million active users

But it's not just the number of users that illustrates Facebook's dominance. It is also the number of created content.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger make Facebook stronger than ever in 2015.. Instamer

Instagram is extremely popular with younger users and of course Facebook knows that. The same applies to mobile messengers and the reduced functionality offered by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Facebook itself is by far the most complex product and virtually combines many functions and uses of Instagram and WhatsApp. The interaction of the different apps means that each product benefits from each other. This is already evident on Facebook Messenger.

Community management on Facebook does not lose importance. It's changing.

I also like to read posts on Facebook about the decline of community management on Facebook. Focusing on and returning to your own channels is a top priority for many companies in 2015. But people often forget how important and helpful Facebook is. It's not just about traffic, it's also about connecting with people. And just because these connections are supported by ads doesn't mean the end of community management on Facebook. Community management is changing and is increasingly linked to Facebook ads. But this is not a loss of significance, but offers further possibilities. Facebook News Feed ads are not banners, but have a social context that builds a bridge to community management.

When it comes to processing company content and aligning editorial plans with a weekly defined number of contributions, I agree with the statement. The relevance must be questioned for every Facebook post. From a company point of view, but above all from a user point of view. The art and future of community management on Facebook lies in regularly creating relevant content, aligning it with corporate goals and strengthening it through the use of Facebook ads. This leads to a strengthening of their own channels and why should companies do without Facebook?

No end in sight

Anyone who talks about the end of Facebook is probably also talking about the end of Google, Apple and Amazon. Facebook has grown enormously with Instagram and WhatsApp, and decisive steps have already been taken with Oculus Rift for the somewhat more distant future.

In addition, there is a dedicated ad network, parse, app links and many other mobile apps to test new ideas and features.

This does not mean that there is no room for other social networks and mobile messengers besides Facebook, but it shows how strong Facebook is and that a new mobile messenger and a few teenagers will not change this situation.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger make Facebook stronger than ever in 2015.. Instamer Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger make Facebook stronger than ever in 2015.. Instamer