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One inbox to rule them all

Facebook has taken up this development and created a Facebook hat sich dieser Entwicklung angenommen und ein Update for the Facebook Page Manager was presented. Instead of answering messages in three different apps (Facebook, Messenger & amp; Instagram), all requests can now be answered in the inbox of the Facebook page manager. This saves time.

The improved inbox is a great advantage for companies, social media and community managers. You save time and no longer have to switch between different apps. Furthermore, the requests are received in a more structured way and one can get a better picture of it and evaluate incoming messages more quickly on a channel-specific basis.

Of course, messages can still be answered directly in the Instagram app. But if you first use a central message input, you will not miss the change between different apps.

This is how the new inbox for the Facebook page manager looks like:

Answer Instagram comments via the Facebook page manager

Private communication between people and companies is increasing, but of course there are still public comments. In the revised inbox of the Facebook Page Manager, not only messages can be edited. The page manager also reads incoming Instagram comments, which can be answered directly in the app.

The basis for this is the linking of your Instagram profiles with the Facebook page manager. Those who have already registered their Instagram account for the placement of Instagram ads will automatically receive a notification within the app and on Instagram and the new inbox will be activated (when the rollout has reached you).

Facebook page manager as a one-stop shop

Thanks to the new inbox, the Facebook page manager gains even more importance and becomes the central point of contact for mobile communication on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The rollout will take place in the coming weeks and it will probably be possible to moderate via the Business Manager in the near future.

Facebook Page Manager: An inbox for Facebook, Instagram & Messenger. Instamer Facebook Page Manager: An inbox for Facebook, Instagram & Messenger. Instamer