If you're attending an event on Facebook, or are a member of a group, you can already see curated stories about it. As with all other stories on Facebook, the content is played out on desktop and mobile apps. Facebook recognizes whether you are friends with a sender on Facebook or not. Depending on how you respond to the story.

Stories More visibility for Facebook events

In addition to content from users or Visitors to events can of course add their own content to the event story. As always, only mobile.

In a demo video Facebook shows an insight into the publisher for Event Stories.

Facebook publishes stories for events.. Instamer

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As you can see, Facebook still has some way to go with its Stories, and with events and groups there are two areas that Instagram Stories does not cover. Then there is the curating of content. Instagram has location and hashtag stories and the equivalent on Facebook would be groups and event stories.

The management and moderation of stories also offers many advantages. Who should have the opportunity to add stories to an event? Which stories should be supplemented by organizers and companies and who may not share content?

In addition, additional attention is being paid to Facebook events. If you tap the Story icon, for example, users will be redirected to the Facebook event. In the stories themselves, additional content can be added directly via a button.

Even though Facebook Stories haven't knocked me off my perch yet, it's an exciting approach to events.

Facebook publishes stories for events.. Instamer Facebook publishes stories for events.. Instamer