The search for 's trending topics and hashtags on Facebook and Instagram will change. With Signal, Facebook has introduced a new tool that is specifically aimed at journalists and is intended to significantly simplify and improve the search for content.

Facebook Signal shows which topics are discussed and shared a lot on Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, related contributions to this topic will be listed in order to facilitate the research and creation of own content. However, it is not a tool for brands and community managers, but is aimed exclusively at journalists. Signal could be Facebook's next step in making the News Feed the most personal news site in the world. And this for each individual.

Facebook Signal allows you to search for:

  1. Trending Topics on Facebook and related posts in chronological order
  2. Rankings of the most mentioned Facebook pages and profiles
  3. Instagram photos, videos and hashtags (search for specific accounts and locations)
  4. Thematically related Facebook posts

If all of this is implemented and works, Facebook Signal will be a powerful tool for researching, analyzing and creating content.

Content Curation with Facebook Signal

Facebook Signal not only allows you to search for Facebook posts, but also to curate content. So quasi Facebook bookmarks on steroids. journalists can save posts as usual, but assign them to topics. In addition, it is possible to save certain statistics on topics and search queries.

Reminds a little of Google Trends, but will bring out completely different content and positively influence the content strategy of news and media sites. Hopefully it will happen.

Journalists will also be encouraged to embed Facebook content in articles. Tweeting is already commonplace in the US. You also find Instagram and Facebook posts more and more often, but not yet in the same proportion as tweets and YouTube videos. It's a strange situation because Facebook has all the content. Journalists, however, often put Twitter first. One reason is the search and speed of Twitter. Signal is supposed to change that.

Sign up for Facebook Signal

As I said, Facebook Signal is aimed at journalists and is not yet publicly available. But there is already a Registration form . Journalists can register here and request access to Facebook Signal. Facebook does not accept all requests. That's why companies don't even have to try. We tried it once and the first response from Facebook comes quickly. In the second step the source is checked again and only then you get access to Facebook Signal.

Should Facebook be so kind and give us access to Signal, we will test the feature again for you.

The official announcement and the link to the registration form can be found at

Facebook signals new research tool for journalists. Instamer Facebook signals new research tool for journalists. Instamer