We have Instagram Stories, WhatsApp status,

WhatsApp status and Instagram Stories remain separate. Facebook Stories and Messenger Day, on the other hand, are merged and are now simply called Stories. Both story formats are combined without sacrificing functions. It should just be clearer for people and you don't have to think about where stories are posted on Facebook.

But why Facebook doesn't combine the features and filters is not entirely clear. Facebook Messenger has many different masks and layers that can be placed over photos. The Facebook camera relies on other filters, frames and augmented reality lenses. When the features are merged, all content should be available in both locations.

According to TechCrunch the messenger continues to play an important role. If you reply to a story, the answer lands in the messenger. By the way, the same applies to Instagram Stories, which are also published as a story via cross-posting on Facebook.

Messenger Day and Facebook Stories become Stories, Facebook pages can gradually publish their own Stories and Instagram Stories can also be automatically shared on Facebook. Facebook has officially announced user numbers for WhatsApp status and Instagram Stories. Both formats are supported by 300 million People used daily. There have been no user numbers for Facebook Stories and Messenger Day so far. We can therefore assume that the figures are well below that. If two formats are combined now and pages become more active, the use of 's Stories could also increase.

Stories keep people in the apps longer and they are also valuable advertising spaces. Ads for Instagram Stories are high on Facebook's agenda, and since the format currently gets a lot of attention from users, Facebook would like to see it in the newly combined Stories.

But if we look again at the evolution of Instagram Stories, Facebook needs more than a combination of Messenger and Facebook Stories.

For me, Facebook stories are like Twitter moments. You can use it, but you wouldn't miss it. Instagram Stories are the equivalent of public Snapchat Stories and WhatsApp Status is the equivalent of Snapchat Chat. Messenger Day had a similar approach to chats on Snapchat, but apparently did not achieve the desired results. So could Snapchat benefit from the merger? Probably not, but you won't have to hand over more users to Facebook because of this feature.

From the user's point of view, the combination is an improvement. If Stories are made available to more Facebook pages, this is certainly an advantage. In addition, replies to stories will promote Messenger usage and this in turn will have an impact on Messenger ADs.

Facebook is making the right decision, although many users are unlikely to notice the change. "I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.

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