After Facebook posted a Facebook Stories for Facebook pages.

Use Facebook Stories for Facebook Pages

Following the introduction of Stories, Facebook has made it clear that the feature will only be available to people. But that has changed, of course, and similar to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are getting new features and functions.

The more features there are, the better it is to publish stories directly on Facebook and not share them on Instagram. Examples include surveys for Facebook Stories. If you share an Instagram Story with a poll as a Facebook Story, it is not active on Facebook and your fans cannot vote.

The merger of Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories have not only led to 300 million users. It also shows how closely Stories and Facebook Messenger are and will continue to be linked.

In this article we will show you which features are available for Stories on Facebook.

Publish Facebook Stories on Pages

When you open your Facebook page via the mobile app, a Call to Action button for Facebook Stories will appear. If you go to 's create story, the Facebook camera will open and you can create your own story in the familiar style and publish it on your Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Facebook made a mistake here and Stories are tied to 's old admin rights. Because of the business manager, many of you probably don't have these rights anymore. The solution to the problem is: Facebook Creator App .

Publish Facebook Stories via the Facebook Creator app

The integration of stories for pages into the Creator app is not entirely logical. Once you have installed the app, you can always unsubscribe and select the appropriate pages. Even Facebook probably doesn't know why it's done this way.

Once you have selected the right page in the Facebook Creator app, you can post stories on your Facebook pages. But not on the page directly, but via the subscription section and 's Things You've Shared. The name alone tells you that the Creator app has a different purpose, but it can also be used to publish stories. It does not matter if the page is verified. All pages you manage can be selected in the Facebook Creator app.

Facebook Stories for Facebook Pages: All features and statistics.. Instamer

The features are not identical to Instagram Stories. You can also find some features on Facebook Stories for pages.

Facebook Stories features

Polls for Facebook Stories

Surveys can be created directly for Facebook Stories. This gives you the opportunity to generate additional engagement for your stories. In addition to the views of your story, you will also receive information about how many votes each answer received. The feature is similar to Instagram. Think up questions and define two answer options. In addition to text, emojis can also be defined as response options.

Add location information to Facebook Stories

You can use location information to give your stories a local connection. This is quite exciting for events or even for groups. Use of location information for Facebook Stories.

Facebook Reactions for Quick Responses

We know quick responses from Instagram Stories. Quick responses with the well-known Facebook Reactions are also possible for Facebook. So fans can easily react to your content, which should have a positive impact on engagement.

Connecting to Facebook Messenger

Replies to Facebook Stories can also be sent to multiple people. This opens a group chat in Facebook Messenger, similar to Instagram Direct. Messaging apps are increasingly sharing content, and Facebook Stories are now part of that evolution.

Mark people in Facebook Stories

Markings from other Facebook pages are not working yet. However,

Use Facebook stickers, emojis, effects and frames for Facebook Stories

Each Facebook Story can be highlighted with different stickers and emojis. The stickers change at different intervals and are adapted, for example, to weekdays. In addition, all regular emojis can be used. Interactive stickers are activated by Facebook at regular intervals. These active stickers serve as eye-catchers and can give content additional dynamism.

There are also effects for Facebook Stories and frames. The frames are available exclusively for Stories on Facebook and are therefore one of the few elements that are not also available for Instagram Stories.

Boomerang for Facebook Stories

Boomerangs offer many creative possibilities and are an integral part of Instagram Stories. Stories also support boomerangs on Facebook. Not just from shared Instagram Stories. You can also use the Facebook camera to create boomerangs directly on Facebook and add them to your stories.

You can see for every single content on your Facebook Story how many people have viewed it. Unlike Instagram Stories, though, you can't see who it was.

However, user feedback on Facebook Stories has been very restrained and, apart from contacts from the social media and marketing environment, hardly anyone has used Facebook Stories. This may look different in other age groups, but compared to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, the response was manageable. Now Facebook pages will soon be able to use Stories, and they will.

Facebook Stories stats for businesses

The more Facebook invests in Stories, the more important statistics become. In the Facebook page statistics there is a separate section for Stories. All calls to the published stories are listed here. The statistics are available for 14 days. So if you use Facebook Stories, you should also track the evolution of your calls.

Compared to the

Integrate times into Facebook Stories

Stickers for the time were one of the first features of Snapchat Stories and are of course also available for Stories on Facebook.

Integrate temperature into Facebook Stories

Like the time of day, the Facebook Stories sticker for the temperature is aimed more at private users. The function can also be used by Facebook pages.

Companies want Facebook Stories

Amy Sun (Product Manager at Facebook) commented as follows:

We've been listening to our community and working to make it fast, fun and easy for people and pages to create stories on Facebook. Over the coming month, Pages will be able to create stories to share with the people who follow them.

Facebook Stories for Facebook Pages: All features and statistics.. Instamer

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The feedback certainly did not come from people who would like to see stories from companies, but from companies who also want to use their Facebook reach for stories. This also makes sense, as there are many companies that have a greater reach on Facebook than on Instagram. So we will soon see more Facebook Stories and, above all, more stories from brands and companies.

If you already use Instagram Stories regularly, you'll quickly get along with Stories on Facebook. In their current form, however, they are inferior to Instagram Stories. Linking Instagram Stories with hashtags in particular offers many possibilities for companies and influencers. Hashtags and Facebook are such a thing. A connection of stories to locations is available and available in

We're going to hear a lot more about Facebook Stories. Like Instagram Stories, they will be part of social media marketing and social advertising will continue to be heavily influenced by Stories.

Facebook Stories for Facebook Pages: All features and statistics.. Instamer Facebook Stories for Facebook Pages: All features and statistics.. Instamer