After Facebook posted a Facebook Stories for Facebook pages are coming! The rollout is expanding and more and more pages can use Facebook Stories.

Rollout of Facebook Stories for Facebook pages has begun

Following the introduction of Facebook Stories, Facebook has made it clear that the feature will only be available to people. Facebook has taken a different path to Instagram, and many have wondered why companies are being left out. It was the right decision for me. If companies had been able to use Facebook Stories from the start, they would have been dominated and superimposed by corporate content. Is it happening now?

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Publish Facebook Stories for Facebook Pages

When you open your Facebook page via the mobile app, a new Call to Action button for Facebook Stories will appear. If you go to 's create story, the Facebook camera will open and you can create your own story in the familiar style and publish it on your page.

The features are not identical to Instagram Stories. You can also find some features on Facebook Stories for pages. You can:

's Facebook Stories

Integrate times into Facebook Stories

Integrate temperature into Facebook Stories

Mark people in Facebook Stories

Use effects and frames for Facebook Stories

Markings from other Facebook pages are not working yet. However,

You can see for every single content on your Facebook Story how many people have viewed it. Unlike Instagram Stories, though, you can't see who it was.

However, user feedback on Facebook Stories has been very restrained and, apart from contacts from the social media and marketing environment, hardly anyone has used Facebook Stories. This may look different in other age groups, but compared to Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, the response was manageable. Now Facebook pages will soon be able to use Stories, and they will.

Companies want Facebook Stories

Opposite Gegenüber TechCrunch Amy Sun (Product Manager at Facebook) commented as follows:

We've been listening to our community and working to make it fast, fun and easy for people and pages to create stories on Facebook. Over the coming month, Pages will be able to create stories to share with the people who follow them.

Facebook Stories for Facebook pages are here.. Instamer

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The feedback certainly did not come from people who would like to see stories from companies, but from companies who also want to use their Facebook reach for stories. This also makes sense, as there are many companies that have a greater reach on Facebook than on Instagram. So we will soon see more Facebook Stories and, above all, more stories from brands and companies.

If you already use Instagram Stories regularly, Facebook Stories will help you quickly. In their current form, however, they are far inferior to Instagram Stories. Linking Instagram Stories with hashtags in particular offers many possibilities for companies and influencers. Hashtags and Facebook are such a thing. A link from Facebook Stories to locations is available and available in

The rollout of Facebook Stories for Facebook pages has begun and, like on Instagram, Stories can only be created via Facebook's mobile apps. As we know from private Instagram accounts, Facebook pages can now automatically share their Instagram Stories as Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories for Facebook pages are here.. Instamer Facebook Stories for Facebook pages are here.. Instamer