Facebook continues to work diligently on its mobile strategy. There are two pillars that will determine the future of Facebook. On the one hand we have the official Facebook apps (iOS, Android, Messenger, Page Manager) and the mobile website and on the other hand tools like Instagram.

While Instagram is currently a huge success and growing at a rapid pace, its own apps have faced a lot of criticism. Facebook announced in August that it had acquired the

The Version 2.0 gives the app a proper boost. The feed now loads faster and interactions with photos have been made easier. Facebook must not rest on its laurels and must continue to develop the apps consistently. In Germany alone, 14 million use Users Facebook also mobile. Take a look at your stats pages. There, for example, you'll see how many likes I've had.

In addition to its own apps, external tools such as Instagram and Glancee also play an important role for Facebook. While Glancee has been hired and Facebook is leveraging employee knowledge and existing technology, Instagram has remained popular. Judging by user numbers, length of stay and activity, the $300 million looks like a bargain for Facebook.

But this reach and activity must eventually lead to money. More and more Monetization of Instagram will and must come.

When such an announcement is made, you don't have to wait long, and Instagram's demise seems imminent. It is not yet known in what form the monetization will take place. It could be ads. But we don't know for sure yet. Neither what the ads look like nor where they are placed. Imagine an Instagram version of Promoted Posts, or ads for Web profiles. As with your own platform, the type and quantity of advertisements is crucial. If it gets out of hand, Instagram will suffer. If Facebook gets it right and adds social features to the ads, it will become a popular ad format for businesses.

Instagram also recently gave users a major update. Facebook will take inspiration from Instagram. At its core, however, the focus is on its own apps and the spread of the mobile platform, i.e. mobile apps and websites with a Facebook connection.

There will be more to come in 2013. There will be new features for the apps, Instagram will become more and more relevant for brands and Facebook will probably take over one or the other start-up again.

Facebook's mobile strategy: Big update for Android and monetization of Instagram. Instamer Facebook's mobile strategy: Big update for Android and monetization of Instagram. Instamer