instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм .; For a commercial Instagram account to be useful, it must be constantly engaged, creating a buzz in it. Promotion on this social network with pictures and hashtags is outdated. Even to find your audience, you need to think through and implement a whole strategy. It includes the appearance of the profile and live communication with readers, interactive activities, paid and free advertising.

Maintaining popularity also requires regular routine and creative tasks. In this article, we will tell you what to do if sales decline, there is no return on promotion.

How to see the activity of your Instagram page

Such serious work certainly requires adjusting the process. To this end, it is important to check the statistics in time. There is no way to see metrics in a regular blog, so it is better to connect your business account immediately.

How to do this:

  • Enter the settings (gear or three dots in the top right corner).
  • Click on "Go to Business Account."
  • Follow the instructions of the app. You will need to register on Facebook and enter your contacts or location.

The information can be viewed by selecting the icon in the top row. It looks like this. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

There you will find the number of impressions of a particular publication, coverage (the number of unique profiles that have seen any post), and views of how many people have visited your page. There is also a Stories section and readership data (available for an audience of more than 100 people). It can be accessed from any record. You will find the icon between the photo and the text.

It was an answer to the question of how to find out users "activity on Instagram. There are services where you can see more detailed indicators of other blogs. Depending on the functionality of each specific program, it is possible to collect information by time of day, days of the week, coverage by content type, number of likes, comments, chart of popularity growth, etc. d. Some apps measure the effectiveness of managing not only one's own Instagram, but also someone else's. This is necessary in order to analyze the actions of competitors. It also helps to choose advertising sites carefully: with a CA that suits you.

List of services:

How to Boost Instagram Activity

So you find that sales have fallen, engagement has stalled, and the profile looks empty and lifeless. Note that we are talking about the case when the account is issued correctly. This means that you regularly post beautiful, bright photos and write interesting texts that are easy to read. And under the avatar you have a short, clinging description of the company. Look at Instagram through your eyes. Do you want to subscribe to it, do you have enough? If so, you can start working with statistics.

Let's take a look at which positions are now well ranked.

  • Those posted by the user's followers, those with whom he corresponded, are friends on other social networks.
  • Publications of pages on which the person left likes or comments.
  • Notes from people the reader was looking for in a general search.
  • Entries promoted through targeted advertising.

How to increase your Instagram account activity without massfolding and massaging

Most importantly, it is important to remember that illegal ways and services will not only do no good, but will also contribute to blocking a profile. Use only permitted methods. They are longer when it comes to free, but more reliable.

  • Delete high-frequency hashtags. Even if you search for them, you will quickly fall down in the spam stream. The maximum catch is a dozen or so likes.
  • Block inactive subscribers. This includes spam and advertising pages. So you increase engagement (the ratio of total users to their responses) and Instagram will give the green light to your blog.
  • Turn off comments if they contain a lot of spam or subordinate them. In the settings, you can enable an automatic or manual filter to hide inappropriate and offensive phrases.
  • Answer questions and other messages from people. The note should be followed by lively dialogues.
  • If you write useful instructions, suggest keeping them. It also improves the statistics.
  • Let's give you as many reasons as possible to write to you personally and under the photo.

These three points are the easiest and quickest to implement. But there are more labor-intensive ways to increase visitor activity.


Conduct surveys, add appeals at the end of the text. For example, ask readers what topic they are interested in or what they think about your project. Do it appropriately and unobtrusively. And also launch competitions. The same formats annoy people, so be imaginative and diversify the competition. Remember that the simpler the terms, the more users will participate.

  • Quiz. Ask a medium-difficulty question about a product or service. The answer should not be easily Googled.
  • Description of the dream. Announce a good prize and ask subscribers to write a reason why they will be the winners.
  • Poetry. Organize a competition to come up with a rhyme for a word.
  • Feedback. Create an interesting gift for the person who will tell you the most creatively about you.
  • One last comment. The competition is suitable for those who already have a large audience. It is won by the person who left the last message by the time you mention it.


This is a very convenient tool for the development of any account. It has the ability to create polls with stickers. They look unusual and, if used properly, will resonate with readers. This will increase coverage and you will be able to gather the views of potential customers. Once the answers are received, you can look at the statistics of which one received the most votes. And you can still see who was responsible. How can this be done?

  • Voting-evaluation. The simplest method. You ask questions and put yes and no buttons. Example. Do you like our new look?
  • A study of CA. Find out what your subscribers are choosing. For example, what they prefer for breakfast and give two options. You can do several polls in a row. The theme depends on the direction of your business.
  • Create a fun test on several slides to suit your audience's interests.
  • Pre-sale. Place 2 items next to each other and ask you to vote for the one you would like to buy more. In the next picture, leave one of these products and offer a discount for it.
  • Make quizzes with and without prizes.

Targeted advertising

This is a good way to attract people interested in your products or services. They will see an ad that you will promote even if you are not subscribed to an account. The ad can be set up either through a personal account on Facebook or via Instagram. In the second case, a business profile must be connected.

Use all of these methods together to achieve the perfect result.

Instagram user activity time: when is the best time to post

Now you know what and why you need to blog to increase coverage. It remains to be seen when to create records. To promote, it is important to know when your CA is on social media. Every person can have a lot of information in the tape. If you post a note at 8am and the follower doesn't start flipping the pages until 11am, failure is assured.

If you already have an audience, you can find out the time period of its involvement in the special services listed above. In the case of a new profile, conduct an experiment by preparing several materials and posting them at different times. Then look at the results in the same programs or Instagram statistics.

There are general recommendations that focus on days of the week and types of content. For example, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, marketers do not recommend publishing serious entries. Something fun, light and unobtrusive will suit. Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday are times for the best and most informative notes. People are usually busy on Monday and you can post small tips and motivational photos.

We explained what to do if Instagram activity drops and how to track user engagement rates. Apply the advice we gave in this article, follow the statistics and keep working on the blog. Remember, the most important thing is quality, engaging content that keeps subscribers from getting bored and you from losing ground.