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Initially, the hashtags came from Twitter and quickly spread across social media. Yet even now, not everyone knows how to use them, whether to do so, and what the results are. In this article, we will provide answers to these questions. Let's start with the definition. Hashtags are words with a lattice symbol written in Latin or Cyrillic. They synthesize information from the same profile along similar lines. It also unites different accounts that have posted similar content.

On Instagram, they can perform several tasks:

  • Sorting photos by topic.
  • Creating headings.
  • Carrying out flash mobs.
  • Attracting new subscribers through search.

Note that the last point is not guaranteed, as promotion with # is out of date. One should not hope for serious results. But in one way or another, these elements are useful. If used correctly, they attract the attention of potential customers and simplify navigation on the blog.

Types of hashtags and how to work with them on Instagram

There are two classifications. One is in terms of frequency (the number of posts on the chosen hashtag). From this there are four types of notes:

  • High frequency. From 100,000.
  • Medium-frequency. From 10 to 100 000 thousand.
  • Low-frequency. From 500 to 10,000.
  • Rare. To 500.

For example. If you search Instagram and type "promotion" in the "Tags" section, you will see 1 million posts. This means that # belongs to the first type, it is popular and probably will not be very useful in promotion.

Hashtags can also be divided into several types according to their purpose:

  • Spam. For example, # likes, # follow4follow, and others used for scrolling. They are usually of minimal benefit and can lead to blockage.
  • Geohashtags. Linked to a region or city. # interior design is not targeted at the target audience as # interior design is.
  • Branding. Your company name.
  • Content. They are relevant to the content of the note.
  • Classifiers. Merge publications on the topic.

How to Write a Hashtag on Instagram

Labeling doesn't seem complicated. However, it is necessary to know a few rules that will maximize their effectiveness.

  • Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. As we have already written, it is allowed to select # in English and Russian, but remember that in this case the number of competitors increases.
  • Words. Write short sentences, no more than three words.
  • Space bar and special symbols. They are not fit for purpose. Use underscore, emojis, and numbers as a separator.
  • Sharing a hashtag. Make a gap between them. So they won't merge into an illegible canvas and Instagram won't consider them spam.
  • Capital and lower case letters. They don't matter. # design and # design are considered one option.
  • Replacement of signs. If you change the ending or another symbol, you get two different tags. For example, # tourist and # tourists.

Labels are very easy to add: put a bar in front of the word you want and it automatically becomes a link. They can be completed after publication. All you have to do is go into edit mode and press "Edit."

How many hashtags can be added to an Instagram photo and how to put them correctly

Thirty tags per post are allowed, but it is recommended not to abuse this element and to choose no more than 11 words. Otherwise, they can look like spam to both users and social network algorithms.

It is important not to emphasize high-frequency options, as they are practically useless and even harmful. There are too many such accounts in the shared feed and you will fall down very quickly. The target audience will not see you, but you will attract mass-slickers and mass-folkers.

Make a list of 100-150 business-appropriate hashtags in advance. Use # different frequencies and types: geographic, company name, product / service, combining posts on a topic.

Add the characteristics of what is depicted in the image. For example # nature # white. Imagine yourself in the place of your potential client and think about how you would formulate your request.

Create your own hashtag. For this, a brand slogan or characteristics associated with it will be useful. Experiment with the combination. Sometimes even a spelling mistake seems appropriate.

Methods for selecting tags

You can find them manually by looking at competitors "accounts. Find the largest companies in the industry and analyze which # they use most often and how much they add. Take a search on Instagram. Enter a keyword and in the line above the issued photos you will see relevant notes.

The third method is most effective. Create collections with special programs.

  • Displaypursues. Convenient and free service. Enter one or more tags into the black box and a list of relevant options will be generated.
  • Websta. It works the same way. He recognizes the Russian language well.
  • Instatag. A selection of popular #, sorted in different directions. There are "likes" sections. All you have to do is go into the right category and select the right words.

How to make hashtags on Instagram

There is a classic trick, when a hashtag is posted immediately after a text. You can make this block more neat by separating it with emojis or symbols. It is most convenient to type information in the editor on your phone, using the enter and spaces, and then copy it to the blog. This design will look beautiful and will be better perceived by readers.

Another trick is to place the part of # in the post itself. You need to fit them in organically. If you write about your product or service, add a grid to its name and other keywords. There should be no more than two or four. Spread the labels evenly over the paragraphs. Post the remaining hashtags in the first comment. It also looks neat and doesn't annoy profile visitors.

The third way is to increase the position in the tape. For this purpose, the text is marked 30 times in the note and the same number after it in the commentary. The downside of this method is that Instagram can penalize you as a spammer if you do not remove high-frequency tags in time (after 5-10 minutes).

How to Promote Instagram with Hashtags

Hold competitions and flash mobs. Invite users to take a photo of something specific and post it on your blog with a tag that you come up with. In this way, many brands gain subscribers and increase their visibility.

Offer discounts and gifts for using your tag with or without feedback. Mention on a customer's page is good advertising and generates more credibility than selling posts.

Note the more popular account that is close to your subject matter. Make as many notes as possible to increase your visibility. So your publication will be seen by new people and you will gain targeted subscribers.

Don't use this method of promotion blindly. There are tools that can help track its effectiveness. That way you can understand what is going wrong and correct the deficiencies.

Special services:

  • Sproutsocial.
  • Picalytics.
  • Iconosquare.

How to add hashtags to Instagram: once again about the rules

Often, account owners make mistakes in using hashtags. They are usually related to their number and frequency. To avoid wasting time and falling under sanctions, remember to follow simple principles:

  • # should always fit the theme of the post.
  • Don't type more than 11 words, it will look like spam by both users and the social network.
  • Remember that on popular requests you will go down in the feed very quickly, as it is updated every minute.
  • If you want new readers to search for you, an account must be opened. A closed profile will be missing from the output, even if you select the tags correctly.
  • Don't put the same hashtag in every post. This will signal that you are a spammer and the page will be blocked.

We explained how to write the right hashtag for a photo on Instagram, and how many to add. Even if you are skeptical about the need for #, try entering this element into your profile. On Instagram, they may not really play a big role in quality promotion and subscriber recruitment. But as an additional tool for blogging will be very useful.