instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм .; Instagram is a lucrative channel for business promotion. Large audiences, wide advertising opportunities, and user activity are the main advantages of creating your company's account on this social network.

In this article, we will talk about how to find clients on Instagram yourself and suggest some useful ways.

Option 1: Analysis of competitors

This is a good way for small businesses. Find the profiles of your competitors. You can do this manually by searching.

If you have a small jewelry store, look for a store account in your city. Their audience can be yours.

Option 2: Competitor Analysis Version 2. 0

Sometimes it seems that you have no direct competitors. For example, a children's sand painting studio or a sommelier's course in Saratov. In this case, do not use the following sequence of actions.

  • Using Cerebro , find the group administrator and the active core of users of similar topics in Vkontakte.
  • Segment the database using the Instagram account function of the collected database.

This will allow you to get about 1,000 potential customers, and also find out if your customers are on Vkontakte.

Option 3: Search for customers using VC

Cerebro will come to your rescue again. Find groups close to you by subject. Gather an audience and segment it in different ways.

For example, by region, by interest. Extract from this database the Instagram accounts you are interested in.

This method is not precise, but it is massive. In just 24 hours you will be able to replenish the database of potential subscribers for several thousand people.

Option 4: VC + Instagram + Regional Search

The method is well suited for local businesses that are tied to a particular location or area.

First, gather a database of active users by interest, then segment by region, and then select the appropriate Instagram accounts,

This is a convenient way: you can study groups like "Residents of Saratov" or "District of Shcherbinka" and target an audience precisely in the area where your business is located.

Option 5: Event-search

Your potential audience is found not only in thematic public relations and competitors "accounts, but also in groups devoted to events, exhibitions, meetings, fairs. At such events, there are people who are really interested in the subject matter, so you are likely to be able to select potential clients from among the participants of such events.

There are two ways to find an audience:

  1. Using Cerebro and compute the participants of the events and select their Instagram accounts.
  2. Use thematic hashtags in your search, such as # StroyExpo.

Option 6: Geolocation

This criterion can become very important for businesses that are tied to a place. For example, beauty salons, manicure studios, flower shops, small grocery stores, cafes, fitness clubs.

To find more customers, use automated services to help collect geo-tags. You only have to spend a lot of time filtering them out and building your own potential customer base.

Option 7: Geolocation + interest filters

Another way for local businesses. You can collect a large geolocation database, and then systematically drive it through the hashtags of interest to you. This is one way to get customers from Instagram, which will take you a long time, but may be very effective.

Option 8: Search Instagram customers by location and location

When you have identified the most popular locations in your area that may be your competitors, find out if they have Instagram accounts. If you have a flower shop, look at the accounts of the nearest clubs, coffee shops, cinemas.

Option 9: Attracting Customers to Instagram with Trendsetters

A trendsetter is someone who actively picks up new ideas and brings them to the masses. It is interesting to watch him, he attracts attention with his actions, words and actions. . In a series of Instagram posts. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about promotion on Instagram is advertising from bloggers. But there is another way to reach out to a celebrity audience.

Find a famous person in your area. Study his subscribers and subscriptions. It will take a long time, it's handmade. However, it will allow you to see patterns and gain several hundred subscribers in the database.

Option 10: Attracting customers to Instagram for seasonal business

Describe how photographers, wedding salons, and other seasonal or event businesses look for customers on Instagram.

Your goal is to find people on social media who are preparing for an important event, such as a wedding, a trip abroad, or a birthday. You can find such people using thematic hashtags, but what if they haven't posted a photo yet?

The following algorithm should be used.

Gather active novice users in VC thematic groups. Do a cross-analysis of what other communities these people belong to. You will collect their Instagram accounts and maximize your base.


In this article, we talked about how and where businesses can find their customers on Instagram. But finding potential customers won't keep them. To increase the number of followers on a daily basis, you need to know how to manage Instagram properly to attract customers. Carefully work on the content of the page, create only useful and interesting posts, pay great attention to the design of the profile and its visual component. And don't forget about advertising. Instagram's natural reach is small, so smart targeting can make your marketing strategy more effective.