instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How do you run Instagram to monetize it? Is it really so tempting and who would benefit from it? In this article, we will answer these questions, talk about successful projects, and give step-by-step instructions for those just starting out.

Everyone can make a social network a source of income. This requires several qualities:

  • Patience. You can't make a quick buck.
  • Love to work with pictures and text. You can learn from it, but if it's all torment for you, there will be problems.
  • Purpose. You need to take time to develop your account every day.
  • The desire to constantly learn something new and incorporate it into a strategy.
  • The ability to communicate. Engaging with the audience is an important part of the promotion.

You will also need a phone with a good camera and some money to invest in advertising. We will also talk about the way of budget promotion.

How to become a popular blogger on Instagram: a step-by-step algorithm

The first thing to do before registering is to choose a topic for the blog. It must be something that interests you. It is desirable that you understand the chosen direction or have the opportunity to devote a lot of time to studying. Recall your hobby, analyze your knowledge and skills.

Think about what you're talking about

Today, the range of topics is quite large. In addition to sports, food, and travel, serious accounts have emerged:

  • Financial education.
  • Social problems.
  • Health.
  • Film reviews.
  • Scientific pop.
  • Foreign languages.

Blogs by lawyers, landscape designers, book lovers, freelancers, pilots and doctors are also being promoted. You can produce something (services, goods) and sell or maintain an information page only. But remember that the top places are still occupied by either useful for readers or entertainment profiles.

Write down some interesting destinations and monitor your competitors. This will help to find out what efforts will need to be made, shape your strategy, UTP, and create a portrait of the target audience. Look at who subscribes to these accounts and who comments (don't count the stores).

How to find them:

  • Through built-in search. Tap the magnifying glass icon and enter the keywords of your subject. For example, "stylist," "knitting." Look for both Russian and English.
  • According to the hashtag. In the same section as in the previous method, but in the "tags" tab.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Create First Content

No one will subscribe to an empty blog. It is therefore important to fill it with publications even before it is promoted. Take ten or more photos, post to them.

Many bloggers run their pages in the same style, with all images replicating color or detail. This is not an easy but effective way to design. If you get bored, alternate it with another one after a week. Several apps will help to create the feed: Plann + Preview for Instagram, Inpreview, Snug for Instagram.

One method of visual filling is a chessboard. You need to choose two backgrounds and alternate them. You can do the same with pictures and text content. A photo in any range, an image with the title of a note or a quote, and again a photograph.

A third way to frame it. The borders of the shots are drawn in white or black, and rounded. This can be done in Instafit, Whitagram, Diptic, Frame Swagg, and other editors.

A few more tips:

  • Be individual.
  • Use natural light.
  • Go to a photo shoot with a professional. Most of the shots on popular blogs are taken this way.
  • Be patient. Sometimes it takes more than an hour to find a successful perspective or layout.

How to write posts

Texts on Instagram should be useful, interesting, and readable. The first two points depend on your knowledge of the topic and your experience in blogging. The third requirement is simple enough. Several rules should be followed:

  • If you have a lot of information, divide it up. One paragraph, one thought. Separate them with spaces or dots.
  • Emphasize phrases with emojis. Add them to make the note more emotional, but no more than one character per paragraph.
  • Create lists by selecting items with arrows or dashes.
  • Come up with a clinging start.

If everything you want to write does not fit into one entry, you can continue it in the comments. But this is not always convenient for readers, so it is better to use the second method. Print the remaining information in the editor on your phone, take a screenshot and add it to the carousel with the main photo. Post different types of records: entertaining, selling, and informational.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Fill out your profile

The concept of the blog needs to be reflected in its cap. That's a few lines under the avatar. They should describe who you are, what you are doing, and what content people will find here, and how to connect with you. Try to tell a short, concise and interesting story about yourself. Commercial accounts often add links to the site, social networks, information about discounts, UTP, working hours, delivery conditions.

The name should reflect the first and last name or the field of activity. Pick memorable words that are easy to read and pronounce.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Promote yourself

To be a successful blogger on Instagram, you have to fill it up every day. Add one or two posts, remove Stories. These are short video sketches, a very popular format for interaction with the audience. In them, you can not only show how your day is going, but also create surveys, advertise products, announce new notes, and leave reminders.

What else is included in the promotion:

  • Connect a business account. It provides statistics, targeting, and communication buttons for customers. Go to Settings (top right), find "Go to Business Account."
  • Thematic hashtags. You can find new subscribers through them. Create your own #, select less popular words (with fewer queries). Test several options.
  • Interact with the audience. Respond to comments in a timely manner, leave likes, subscribe in response, write a call to action at the end of the post, hold contests and raffles, mark other users and brands.
  • Find the optimal time to post. Post at different times and keep track of readers "reactions. This can be done using SMM-services ( Popsters ) or statistics in the profile.
  • Comment on content on pages with a large number of your target subscribers. Don't advertise yourself, leave a thoughtful, polite, but eye-catching response.
  • Subscribe to your audience (people you might be interested in), post likes.

How to become an Instagram blogger: paid promotion methods

All of the above will not be enough to generate income from the account. Either you spend a lot of time getting results. This is due to great competition and other factors. With financial investments, things will go faster. The exact numbers depend on the method chosen and the goals you set.

Targeted advertising

This is Instagram's official advertisement, with its help you fine-tune your ad to CA. The advantage of this method is that it is possible to pay for the test period and see if the chosen strategy works. That way you spend less money. The campaign is set up in a business profile or in a Facebook account linked to it.

Promotion in Stores and Posts

Mention in Stories is currently a more popular and less expensive promotion option. The account owner with whom you collaborate makes a logical link and a mini-story about you. Choose profiles with a suitable, active audience (number of content comments, likes), find out the prices, choose the right time. When choosing Instagram for advertising, use a built-in search (magnifying glass icon or thematic hashtag), stock exchanges ( epicstars , plibber , sociate ) and services such as Popsters , LiveDune .

How to become a blogger on Instagram without investing money

There are several ways to promote for free. Be prepared that they will produce results very soon and that they will be less visible than targeting and mentioning in Stores.


Large accounts often share photos when another profile shows a picture and a story about them. The page owner then selects the members he likes and posts one of their posts on his feed or in Stories. If you have beautiful content and enough subscribers, this option will bring a new, loyal audience.

Engaging from Other Social Networks

Give a link to yourself on VKontakte or on Facebook. There is a contact point in Instagram's settings. Log in and subscribe to your friends if you didn't sign up.

Competitions and flash mobs

Participate in them in popular blogs on your subject. If you win, the owner of the page will mention you. Flash mobs usually have a common hashtag that new readers can subscribe to. If you already have more than a thousand subscribers, do something interesting yourself. For example, ask users to photograph an object, phenomenon, and post it on their page with a specific #. It will also boost profile statistics.

Don't forget to regularly create and post new, high-quality content, experiment with hashtags, and write meaningful comments without advertising in celebrity accounts. You can also create a second page and write recommendations for your product or service from it. In this case, the messages should be natural, non-intrusive, and varied in content.

How to become an Instagram blogger and make money on popular topics

The step-by-step algorithm we described above is suitable for any direction. First, you need to decide what you will write about, conduct monitoring, and find a CA. Everywhere it is important to create beautiful photos and interesting texts, work with #, design your profile correctly, and communicate with your audience.

Of course, different topics have their nuances. First of all, it concerns the writing of photo captions. Instagram, which talks about financial education, will require a different approach than the travel entertainment page. We will not be able to tell you about all the subtleties of each case, but we will give some tips for the most popular topics.

How to Become an Instagram Blogger

You can run an information page and earn money from advertising products and services related to children or sell something of your own. Young mothers have quite a lot of space for creativity and an impressive audience on this social network. Write about:

  • Raising and developing children.
  • His daily life. Suitable if you live in an unusual area or visit beautiful and interesting places.
  • Traveling with children.
  • Combining decree and work.
  • Self-development with a child.

Make useful collections of books, sites, and entertainment. Tell us about your personal experience and the problems you have encountered. Texts in such accounts are usually light, lively, and friendly. If you have your own style, feel free to write, don't copy other authors. This discourages new subscribers. Be honest, show your personality.

Examples of accounts

https: / / www. Instagram. com / lyalinanatalie /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / nprovotorova /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / kuzaevamary /

How to Become an Instagram Blogger

If you are well versed in cosmetics and love them, this will be an ideal topic for a blog. You can sell make-up, cosmetics, or advertise them. The downside is that this social network has many popular profiles with such content and will need to try to gain an audience. What content to create:

  • Reviews of care and make-up products of different price categories.
  • Mini-lessons.
  • Collections of photos with analysis of errors in the makeover.
  • Tips for all facial and skin types of different ages.
  • Useful information about cosmetic procedures.
  • Interesting notes on the history of make-up and cosmetics.

The style of writing can be very different. Be yourself and stick to the basic rules of the post.

Examples of accounts

https: / / www. Instagram. com / elena. deyanova /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / olga _ fox /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / marinadali /

How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram

There are several niches here that are very different.

  • Healthy eating.
  • Recipes, reviews of culinary techniques, cuisines of the peoples of the world.
  • Raw food, veganism, vegetarianism.
  • Reviews of restaurants and cafes, interviews with owners, chefs, history, photo reports.
  • Children's menu.
  • Alcoholic beverages: reviews, tips and other questions related to them.

How to monetize? By choosing this topic, you can earn money from advertising kitchen appliances and cafes, or become a journalist and write reviews for various publications. But there are more original options. For example, creating and selling your own guide to the city's establishments, a recipe book, or promoting your own tour of bars, culinary workshops.

Examples of accounts

https: / / www. Instagram. com / darkzip /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / kurkuma. en /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / Photokkitchen /

How to Become a Travel Blogger on Instagram

Instagram has a lot of travelers, and it will be difficult to stand out against them. You will need not only a beautiful, but also an original photo series. The images should be exciting and make the reader irresistible to go to where the shot was taken. Analyze your competitors and find the detail that will be the highlight of your profile. Look for unbeaten perspectives, especially on famous tourist routes. Add interesting text content as well.

Tell us useful and curious facts about the area:

  • Give advice on choosing hotels, restaurants, communicating with locals, obtaining documents.
  • Write about your impressions and observations, local cuisine.
  • If you have children, about the peculiarities of traveling with them.
  • Warn of the dangers that may lie ahead.
  • Tell us about unusual places.

There is quite a lot of room for earning money in travel-related areas: advertising, compiling and selling their tours, itineraries, writing books, holding various seminars.


https: / / www. Instagram. com / mishka. travel /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / elivosk /

https: / / www. Instagram. com / melekeska /

Let's sum it up. All it takes to become an Instagram blogger is desire, commitment, free time, and, in some cases, money. Find a topic that excites your interest. This is important because account development needs to be done for a long time every day. Don't forget to follow the innovations in this social network. Some modes of promotion may become obsolete and new ones may emerge. Create only your own, original content, be individual.