Companies that are looking for new customers and want to present their products to a wider audience need attention. Curated pages such as Unternehmen, die nach neuen Kunden fahnden und Ihre Produkte einem größeren Publikum vorstellen wollen, brauchen Aufmerksamkeit. Kuratierte Seiten wie Instagram with content suggestions that are individually tailored to the interests of the individual user are among the top spots on social media. But many are jockeying for position in the spotlight. This blog post will tell you how to get in there with your brand.

If you place your brand here, you can vastly improve your results. A high ranking brings new followers and continuous traffic. In this guide, you can find out how to use 's search and explore on Instagram for your business.

This awaits you in detail:

  • Based on which criteria content is selected for the Explore tab
  • How to work with your target audience to place your content
  • How to use the Explore feature to increase your engagement and reach more relevant potential customers

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What is 's Search & amp; Explore on Instagram?

This page features curated topics from across the Instagram community and personalized content that Instagram provides to you based on your previous actions and interaction patterns. Or as the Auf dieser Seite finden Sie kuratierte Themen aus der gesamten Instagram-Community und personalisierten Content, den Instagram aufgrund Ihrer vorherigen Aktionen und Interaktionsmuster für Sie bereitstellt. Oder wie es die Wired : 's most honest place on the internet.

To access the Explore page, open Instagram, and click on the magnifying glass between the home and the plus sign (add post) icon.

As in the Wie in der Wired Unlike your feed, 's Search and Explore page is not limited to the people you follow or your likes, Explore looks at how you use Instagram and reflects its findings in a three-dimensional grid.

The Instagram Explore page will also feature Stories from accounts that Instagram deems interesting to you, as well as Location Stories from geographical areas near you and top live videos that are currently being shown.

Now you know what Instagram Explore is all about, and you want to know for sure how to place your business content there. In the next section, we will guide you through the process and give you some practical tips that you can apply immediately.

Based on which criteria content is selected for the Explore tab

The selection of content for your Explore tab is based on the data collected. Instagram intends to provide customized content for each individual user. Posts are selected based on factors such as likes and accounts a user already follows. Although the exact process of selecting content for Explore remains a trade secret, the algorithm most likely prefers the following:

  • Content that resembles content that the user has already interacted with
  • Content with high engagement rates
  • Content from accounts that are similar to the accounts that a user already follows

Over time, Instagram recognizes each user's interaction patterns and shows them content based on those patterns. Instagram also looks at the behavior of similar accounts on its platform and makes assumptions based on it.

Wired explains: Wired erklärt: „ To make it work The bigger the content library, the more likely it is to contain your ideal Instagram posts. Stories help solve the problem by drastically lowering the threshold for posting. The growing number of Stories users and new posts with more data give Instagram countless opportunities to reassemble content and show it to people.

4 Ways to Place Your Content on Instagram Explore

1. Know your target group

You certainly wouldn't want to hand a briefcase to a toddler, would you? In order to sell your products and network with your customers, you should know your target group. What does this need? And how can your business help? Start your Instagram Explore strategy with the following questions:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • What topics / things are you interested in?
  • What do their Instagram accounts look like?
  • Who are they following?

Consider whose Explore pages you are most likely to appear on. What would these people like? A good approach to tracking down these people are so-called personas: Develop user models that characterize people in a target group based on their characteristics.

Once you have defined your target audience, you can find out more about them and use

2. Listen carefully

Social listening can determine whether your content is ignored or shared. Therefore, you should listen carefully to the conversations of your target group and take a close look at the content they share. This allows you to tailor your content to the interests of these people.

If you're already following relevant industry and target group accounts, your own Search and Explore page will give you an idea of what you need to do to get on the site.

General tips on how to use this information to get to the Explore page of your target group:

  • gives you the lowdown on the best emerging talent breaking through at football clubs throughout Europe. What topics are there? What aesthetics prevail? What do people in your community like? Keep these factors in mind.
  • Use the search function to search for popular content in your region. Click on 's locations and then on the most accurate geographical day, and note what kind of content appears there.
  • Check out your subscribed feed (To do so, click on the heart icon at the bottom of the Instagram app, and then select 'Subscribe' at the top). Then you can see which content your target group follows and with which they interact.

3. Use hashtags

Although it is not clear how many people have been killed in the attacks, it is clear that the number of casualties has risen.

You make sure that your labor-intensive content is found by those who are looking. Hashtags are generally useful if you want your target audience to come to you. And they make your job a lot easier.

To maximize your chances of success, you should know how to skillfully use hashtags on Instagram. More information on this topic can be found in our blog post

  • Use specific hashtags
  • Use apt hashtags without brand names
  • Refrain from using hashtags that are too long or particularly clever
  • Don't use more hashtags than words
  • Not every post needs a hashtag

Remember these guidelines when formulating your hashtag strategy. Then you could easily end up on your users "Explore page.

4. Promote interactions and discoverability

Increase the chances that your target audience will discover your content: Do everything you can to increase engagement. The more likes and comments your Instagram posts get, the more likely they are to appear on your target audience's Explore pages.

With each photo or video post, consider how you can motivate larger accounts with more followers to reward or comment on them with a like.

For example, your interior design firm shares a photo of an apartment you furnished. Tag all companies and products you have commissioned or used for this look. In addition, you can tag Instagram accounts of interior design magazines or relevant lifestyle bloggers.

If you share an Instagram story through your brand or company account, make sure you tag other relevant accounts in addition to the location. If you mark the location, it increases the chance that your story will also appear in Instagram's location stories. (Instagram curates these stories from accounts in a specific geographic region.) To help users discover your content and interact with your brand.

Being discovered on Instagram is one of the stated goals of many brands and companies. With this guide, you'll have the key ingredients for your success on Instagram. Auf Instagram entdeckt zu werden, gehört zu den erklärten Zielen vieler Marken und Unternehmen. Mit diesem Leitfaden haben Sie die wichtigsten Zutaten für Ihren Erfolg auf der Instagram „Search & Explore“- Page in his hand.

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