instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to conduct the draw correctly, choose the winner on Instagram from the comments, what is needed, what program will be needed for this, how to determine the finalist and summarize the results of the contest? All these questions concern users, who for the first time decided to increase the popularity of the account through a competitive entry in the social network.

Conducting the contest step by step

The sweepstakes are a real chance to increase the number of subscribers, reach, and even raise the account from virtually zero. A few hundred live audiences are enough, and the thirst for the top prize will increase several-fold.

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The main thing is to make a post that intrigues people, with the right prizes for which they will want to compete.
.; The item should be publicly available, because even though the page offers women's products, the post will appear in the news, attracting more subscribers. And no matter who likes the record, there will be those among their friends who will be interested in the proposal.

That is why the promotion of Instagram accounts, unlike other popular networks, is available to many. A properly designed post, affordable terms, a beautiful, bright presentation, and real gifts are all it takes to make an account more effective, active, and visited.

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instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Contest Terms

Before planning a publication, you should think about what you want from people in return for the top prize. The rules should be as simple as possible, so that everyone can easily follow them. This will determine whether the post appears in the news 100 accounts or the account goes into the thousands.

Among the most popular requirements, you can see two or more from the following list:

  1. Using a live profile. The page should have been created a long time ago, have a certain number of friends, records. You can set a minimum value for each item, but in most cases the Twins know they won't qualify.
  2. Put a like or comment, make a repost. This is important because it is the heart that will decide whether other users of the social network see the recording or not.
  3. Mark a friend. To increase success, participants can be encouraged to create an unlimited number of comments in which to mark one of their subscribers. This will allow 100% to attract new people who will see the recording. On average, everyone who wants to compete for the top prize will note at least 5 acquaintances. And those, too, may want to join the fray.
  4. Open Profile. This is to check whether the account actually belongs to an active person or is a bot.
  5. Limitations. It is the target audience that is needed to activate. For example, people under 18 from other countries, cities, or regions could be barred from participating.
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You can come up with your own rules, but the main thing is that many can follow them. At the same time, the message to repost, like or comment should remain in any case.

Making a post

External data records must fit a lofty purpose. Take care that at first glance the person stops looking at the picture. It should be juicy, tasty, eye-catching and make you read the terms and conditions of the competition. It may have an image of the prize, a memorable slogan telling about the mega-draw, or something else at the discretion of the author.

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In the post itself, be sure to indicate:

  • rules of engagement, as detailed as possible, to avoid black PR;
  • the start and end date of the event, it is better to specify the exact time;
  • the program or other method by which the finalist will be determined;
  • Check whether there will be a live broadcast summing up.
Shooting the definition of the lucky person online will help activate CA, ie. k. in this case, there will be fewer stand-up options and the credibility of the action will be increased. So don't get lazy, find a convenient service that will help you choose who to hand over a gift to, and practice recording quality videos.

How to identify a winner

Once the contest is over, and the results are close to being finalized, it is necessary to choose a way that will be convenient to determine the winner of the contest on Instagram from the comments, preferably for free. For this special moment, you can use the randomizers available on the global network, or identify the hero manually.

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The second way would not be relevant with a large number of participants. If the terms and conditions state that there will be a self-selected random sample, feel free to write that due to the unexpected popularity of the post, special software will have to be used.

Services, though automated, do not all guarantee simple and fast performance of functions. Some of the online programs are able to analyze subscriber data, verify compliance with conditions, and independently select the lucky person's account. In other cases, it will be necessary to see for yourself who has schemed and who will continue to fight for the prizes.

Presentation of the prize and summing up the results

The most effective way to reach an audience will be to broadcast live. Prepare a good-resolution camera in advance, so that people watching the broadcast cannot doubt the reality of what is happening on the screen. Be sure to comment in detail on all actions: where you go, what you choose, close-up show the service link or the name of the program that is being used.

To congratulate the lucky person, it is worth writing down a story, in the description of which add the nickname of the first place winner. This will allow people who have not watched the online inclusion to see themselves in history and apply for the prize.
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How to Identify a Winner on Instagram

Many people who first come across such advertisements are interested when the competition among comments is over, the calculation to determine the finalist must be done manually or there are special prognoses. Undoubtedly, there are services and even handheld programs that can help in carrying out. It will be left to choose the option that is affordable, comfortable, and will not cause difficulties when recording a live broadcast.

The broadcast will need to comment on the actions. If you don't know where and how it works, the first time you open the service is on the day of the stock-taking, not the fact that everything will go smoothly. Therefore, before posting a post, it is worth familiarizing yourself with each service and determining the one that is most suitable for a specific purpose.

Via Excel

Half-automatic, because some of the action will have to be done on its own. Don't be afraid to copy all the participants into a spreadsheet now. No, it is enough to unload using services that offer this service free of charge:

  • crelab;
  • insta-comments;
  • ninja-copy;
  • morecom.
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The essence of their work is the same: find a site on the Internet, log in, login through an Instagram profile, select a post and start uploading. The interface is different, but intuitively simple everywhere. Another option worth considering is discussed in more detail below.

After uploading comments to the table, open the document and use the number generator. There are two most common services that you can use.


There are no difficulties in using it. You need to go to the site, it is easy to find by name in the global network. Immediately opens the main page, where you will be prompted to select the maximum permissible value when generating a number. It should be taken as the number of the last uploaded comment in the table. Specify the number in the second window.

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If there is more than one runner-up, we change 1 to the required number with the slider. Press the big yellow button and wait a few seconds. A magic number will appear on the screen, which will match the line with the winner's comment in the Excel file.

Random. ORG

There are few differences from the previous one. Except that the app's design is very dull and grey. Unlike its predecessor, which had a more decent appearance. But if serious action is planned, this option will work. By analogy with the algorithm, enter the maximum number, set the number of finalists, create a combination, and congratulate the lucky ones.

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A simple and intuitive service designed to upload comments to Insta. To get started, you must be logged in. A simple form is offered for registration, where you need to provide an e-mail address, as well as a link to the competition. The platform is absolutely free of charge, which especially pleases users and makes it popular.

After the robot moves the comments into the Excel file, they will have a serial number, use the randomizer and determine who won the prizes.

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The only downside is that, because of the altruism of the creators, there is a very heavy load on the server, so a large number of records causes a significant delay. Sometimes the wait can last up to 1-2 days.

Services for determining winners

There are also specialized progs that will not force you to strain yourself, engage in unloading, and search for a randomizer. Their work is adapted to the needs of users when conducting raffles. Many of them can screen out those who have not complied with the rules, or have posted more than 1 comment (if specified in the terms and conditions).


Many people trust this service. It has many advantages that distinguish its functionality as a universal, fully automated selection process.

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Among the main qualities:

  1. Full verification of compliance with publication rules. You don't have to browse each member's profile or search for his likes. The function can be scheduled for a specific date and time, or performed instantly upon request.
  2. Trust. Each participant is assigned a unique identification number, which will be displayed in the database, and can be seen by each user by clicking on the link.
  3. No need for third-party sites. No utilities for unloading or randomizers, everything is built into the overall functionality.
  4. The altruistic spirit of the creators. The user-friendly app is completely free.
  5. You can simply go to the site and draw at any time or set a date as an advertisement.
On all sides, a multifunctional and affordable option that saves time, nerves, and increases users "confidence in the reliability of the results.


Quite adequate service, designed specifically for summing up the results of competitions in insta. The use of the interface is available both for instant results determination. So it is for programmed delivery. In addition, there is a functionality that makes it possible to automatically select participants who have fulfilled all the necessary conditions of the event. And from them to determine the finalists.

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The application is free, allows you to save time in weeding out those who have failed the task, and quickly and reliably display the results. Moreover, unlike the previous version, the storage of the final values is not 3 days, but about a month.


Half-commercial use. Why? @ lizaonair will be free to use when you add a photo or post description to your account. However, with limitations:

  • maximum 5000 comments;
  • availability of advertising;
  • slow service;
  • There is no automated verification of eligibility.
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To get all the privileges, get rid of unpleasant moments, speed up the processing process you need to pay 200 roubles. The price is symbolic and budget, available to every user.

The account @ twoy _ podpischik

It's simple here. If there is no desire to unload, count likes and comments, and there is no trust in automated services, you can order this service for 200 roubles. The offer is really open-ended, lots of positive feedback. In addition, the presence of an outside observer will increase the level of trust. It will remain on the appointed date to include a live broadcast, go to the site of any randomizer and determine a significant number, under whose number the prize-winner will be hidden in the Excel file.

Now you know how to hold a contest or draw on Instagram by comments with or without friends, what it takes to choose the winner, how to sum up correctly. All that is left is to take action to increase its audience and credibility in the shortest possible time.
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