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You decide on the approach. This way, your account and its contents remain completely authentic at all times.

How to increase your Instagram reach. Instamer How to increase your Instagram reach. Instamer

5 Ways to Gather Many Followers Fast

The fact is that people follow you faster if you already have a certain number of followers. So on the principle that it might not be so wrong to like your content and diligently distribute little hearts to them.

1. Giveaways

Almost everyone loves to receive gifts. Make use of exactly this characteristic in humans! To start a giveaway you do not have to compulsively invest huge amounts of money. Often such an action can even be combined with advertising for companies.

Contact online shops and tell them about your plans. Send the link to your Instagram profile and give an insight into your reach. If you now receive products for free and then give them away, you mention in the text that your giveaway will be organized in cooperation with the company in question. A pure win-win situation!

  • Do not forget that you must have clearly defined all framework conditions:
  • How to participate?
  • When can I participate? Alternatively: When will the draw be made?
  • How will the draw be made?
  • And how will the winner be announced?
  • Who is allowed to participate? (Also consider people from other countries!)

It is also necessary to point out that persons under the age of 18 may participate only with the consent of their parents. The best way to do this is to create your own subpage on your blog and put the link to it in your giveaway posting.

2. Shoutouts

You post something, such as a photo of a cosy girls' night out with other Instagrammers, and then tag them. This not only helps others to gain new followers, but also appears in their markings.

3. Use 's F4F hashtag

It's a rather unconventional method I've touched on before, and yet there it is: the # F4F hashtag. Here, 's Follow4Follow takes a look. The meaning of this is simply explained: if you add it to your pictures, you will be followed back when you take the first step.

It is true that many followers can be collected so quickly, but mostly only inactive. Ultimately, it is at your sole discretion to determine whether this is a method you wish to resort to.

4. Follow big accounts

Well, at first it may be sceptical, but it really works. Regardless of whether you're actually a fan of a big influencer, you'll get some followers if you follow them.

BibisBeautyPalace or DagiBee are classic examples. Their community is built on strong cohesion. So fans regularly scroll through the list of subscribers to follow them directly. The more often you follow, follow and start the game from scratch, the more followers you will get.

Again, you have to decide for yourself whether this is a course of action that you choose for building your own community.

5. Participate in challenges

There are numerous challenges that you can use to your own advantage. Just doing some research under the hashtag # challenge will show you which trends are currently in progress in this sector. Not only do you have the same advantage as all the other hashtags: networking often works even better in such activities. Your account will automatically become more visible to others.

There is a suitable challenge for almost every topic. Do you love photography? Share your best work in your own challenge!

How to increase your Instagram reach. Instamer

How to increase your Instagram reach. Instamer

Speaking of visibility: How is your own account actually recommended to potential followers?

Instagram works almost non-stop to provide its users with a straightforward and manageable algorithm. If you click on the search in Instagram, you will be offered some pictures that you can also like based on your interests. These are chosen purely on the basis of what you read elsewhere. It works exactly the same for your pictures. You can hardly influence when and to whom these are recommended. You can only increase the chance of this by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and getting involved.

Increase visibility with friends

Did you know? Your friends only see your content up-to-date on a daily basis if they like to watch it often & amp; like it. Instagram's algorithm calculates ad frequency based on how relevant your content is to your subscribers. It's more a question of whether that's actually calculated by how many followers you have. The fact is, however, that responsiveness does play a role. Except this is probably in no relation to your followers.

Honesty lasts the longest

Regardless of whether you use Instagram purely as a hobby or with the ulterior motive of making money later on: Be honest. It may seem tempting in some places to buy followers and likes, but a trained eye will notice this immediately. Plus, with 100,000 followers and only 50 likes each, you don't even have a one percent reaction from all the people who follow you. Something like that quickly catches the eye.

It's the same with your content. You may find other influencers who are already really successful cool, but don't copy their content. You wouldn't like that, would you?