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By 2020, Instagram will make it possible not only to post photos, but also to run a successful business. In this article, we decided to show how to make and add a link to Watsap on Instagram, because not all entrepreneurs know how to increase their sales with small tricks. Some simply put their phone number in the profile and think that customers will start calling immediately. But many customers don't like to talk on the phone, and it will be much more comfortable for them to correspond in chats.

How to set up and link Whatsapp to Instagram

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Thanks to this messenger, we can no longer pay for text messages. But it also has a slight disadvantage: before starting a dialogue, you need to enter the number into the contact list, and only then find it in the app and write a message. This is rather inconvenient, so it is better to learn how to create a direct connection. With this feature, you can start communicating with the seller even if his number is not in the phone book. Anyone who visits your selling page will see a ready-made link that directs them to a dialogue with you. Moreover, it can be placed completely free of charge.

On iOs and Android

How to create and paste an active link to Watsap on Instagram? Everything is very simple:

1) go to the app, press the button with the person at the bottom right and go to your account;

2) In the middle you will find the "Edit Profile" icon: click on it and find the field with the website;

3) now it is necessary to form the hyperlink itself. To do this, use a template https: / / wa. me / & lt; room & gt; where you need to enter your phone number. Note that it must be written according to an international standard: without the starting eight, plus, brackets, and dash. A ready-made link to the Vots app for Instagram would look something like this: https: / / wa. me / 79480561830 . For comparison, here is the wrong variant: https: / / wa. me / + 7 (948) 056-18-30 .


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The phone number used in the messenger must also be attached to the Instagram page.

How to make and add a Whatsapp button to Instagram with a text message

For the sake of convenience, you can also complete the hyperlink with finished text, which will then be automatically displayed in the text of the message. It looks like this:

https: / / wa. me / phone number /? text = urlencoded text.

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All you have to do is enter your number and the prepared text you want to see in the client's messages. Here are some examples:

· I want to register for a webinar;

· I am interested in your proposal;

· I want to place an order;

· I want to buy goods;

· I want to order a service, etc.

The finished version may look like this:

https: / / wa. me / 79480561830 /? text = Яхочучускодительзака ;

or so:

https: / / wa. me / 79480561830 /? text = I% 20want% 20make% 20order .

This is convenient not only for the buyer, but also for the seller. You don't have to answer calls and consult on products all the time. You will be able to view messages at a convenient time, sharing photos and videos if necessary.


Hyperlink templates sometimes change. To find current samples, it is better to visit the official website: https: / / faq. whatsapp. com / ru / general / 26000030 .

How to add a WhatsApp link to Instagram

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Those who are not used to using a smartphone can also use this tool. First you have to go to https: / / www. Instagram. com / and click on the man icon on the top right. After that, click on "Edit Profile" and insert a link in the "Website" field along the lines shown above:

Linking to Other Messengers and Social Networks

For those who communicate in other apps, this feature is also available.

Hyperlink to Viber

In the above way, you can direct customers to Weiber. The template looks like this: https: / / viber. click / & lt; phone number & gt;. Example: https: / / viber. click / 79480561830 .

When a person clicks on a link, they will see a window asking for permission to open the app, and it will be redirected directly to your chat.

Link to Telegram

Here you need to act a little differently: instead of a phone number, the hyperlink contains a username (nickname): https: / / t. me / username . It should also be made clear that it should be written without the dog symbol.

Link to VC

VKontakte is a fairly popular platform for promoting goods and services, and customers can also be directed to it. To do this, we take the following sample: http: / / vk. me / id1 then enter your ID-number.

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To find out, you can go to your VC page, click on the three-dotted icon on the top right, select "Copy link" from the menu, and paste it into any text box. Those who use dialogue with themselves can send it there. At the end of the link you will see your ID. If you are logged in from a computer, simply click on the search bar at the top, and the ID-number will be displayed there.

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Hyperlink to Facebook Messenger

Here you need to enter the user name to the address https: / / www. messenger. com / t / Username . Before doing so, it is best to go to the account settings and check if it is in the appropriate field. If not, click Edit and write your name and then paste it into the template.

How to Tie Skype

Here, all you have to do is go to your Skype, click on the avatar, and then click on the "Share Profile" button. A window called "Send contact" will appear with your photo. Tap the line "Copy to clipboard." Then boldly go to Instagram and paste it into the page description.

How to make and put a direct link to Whatsapp on Instagram using services

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If the methods described above do not suit you, use special applications. As a rule, they are paid, but they will please you with additional features to help you do business.

Via Taplink

With its help, you can not only link your messenger, but also direct visitors to sections of your business website. By clicking on the link, the person will see a menu with the commands "Register," "Where to start" (a brief instruction for the customer), "Leave a request," and "Connect via WhatsApp." By clicking on the last line, the system will direct it directly to the chat with you.

You will have to pay a monthly fee to use it, but it is worth it. You will get your website in order, create a theme in the style of your company. In addition, a set of templates will be offered, where you can create carousels from photos or videos. You will be able to see click statistics to analyze the work, leave HTML code if necessary. For all these functions, you have to pay only 100 roubles per month.

How to copy and add an active WhatsApp link to Instagram via Clickchat

Here you can make a multilink that will link your Instagram page not only to Watsap, but also to other messengers and social networks. This service will make your job easier: new businesses will start up quickly and sales will be automated. It looks like a regular messenger, but you can link a domain to it, create a catalog of services and goods, and run personal advertising.

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You can set up a chat bot that will talk to people for you and even heat them up, work with objections and close deals. It accepts applications around the clock, so it is possible to reach even a circle of buyers from abroad. You can set up the bot yourself or take a ready-made version for $99. A free CRM system and a feedback widget will help you keep in touch with your customers.

If you want to test the service first, you can get a small set of features for $3 or $9 for an advanced one.

How to add an active WhatsApp link to your Instagram profile via Hipolink

This system creates a landing based on an Instagram account. All means of communication (post, social. networks, messengers, etc. ) with the seller will be collected in one business card. You can design it yourself or use sketches, and the color and size of the links also change. You can also add a merry-go-round of photos or YouTube videos directly to your business card.

There are three types of charging:

1) Free, where you can use only those topics that are available, use standard text settings, one social network, and a messenger;

2) Personal (for 160 roubles per month): with it you can link many online platforms, design a gallery and create an original design;

3) Business tariff (for 390 roubles per month) has advanced functionality, including Hipolink hidden address, notifications, animations, CRM system and feedback widget.

How to set up and add a WhatsApp link to Instagram via Msto

This service helps to quickly create business cards with complete information about the seller, including not only messengers, social networks and sites, but also maps, which is convenient for navigation. Its design is done independently or according to templates, with the insertion of any image. There is an analytics module for estimating the statistics of views and links at certain time intervals.

After you make a business card, the code for its placement and the QR code for printing are automatically generated.

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Via Sitelite

This service is similar to the previous one, but has a modern and pleasant design. It has two pricing options: free and PRO. If you only need to configure forwarding to all messengers, social networks, and configure one button at a time, the first option will suit you. But with a paid account, you can create up to 5 pages in one account, several additional buttons, and use other useful features.

Facebook Pixel, supported by the service, will allow you to assess performance, optimize advertising, and create a new audience for an advertising campaign.

How to make and paste a WhatsApp link to Instagram via Upperol

The functionality of the system is similar to Taplink, but it has features. It also creates business cards, adds links to various resources, selects the desired design, and customizes the catalog of goods and services. As a result, the buyer will be able to send orders directly from the profile, order and pay for goods, and request delivery. At the same time, for the convenience of the client, you can change the status of the order and leave comments on it.

It is convenient to accept payments in cash or via payment systems (bank cards or electronic wallets).

The service costs around £1,000 a month for a full package of features, but the quality is worth the money. There is also a free version of Start, but with it you can choose a design from only 5 thumbnails, create a showcase from only 5 products, and view general statistics. For some entrepreneurs, though, that may be enough.

Via Ylink

With this site designer, you can adapt your business pages to mobile devices. All you need to do is register, create a page with a short address, customize the design to your liking, and add a business card with links to the necessary online platforms. After that, all you have to do is copy and place it where you need it. The service is available for free for seven days.

Here there are many ready-made blocks for creating a site:

· description of the profile with logo, photo and a brief description of the services;

· gallery of images and videos;

· buttons for feedback, collection of contacts and communication with customers;

· catalog of goods for sale;

· lead generators for advertising.

Via MeConnect

The advantage of this system is that it is completely free, although it competes successfully with Taplink. You have access to absolutely all functions, you can create business cards without having any special skills, the service format is very convenient and understandable. All you need to do is upload the logo (photo), write your contact details, and copy the hyperlink to Instagram.

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You have a variety of design options, fonts, logos, and links to all online platforms, including Snapchat and Vimeo. If you want to attract more people to your office, you can add a map to the page using Yandex. Maps or Google. Maps.

Here it is quite convenient to analyze statistics, you can see the number of views, links to social networks. networks and messengers in graphical or numerical grid format to choose from.

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Instagram has practically ceased to be a territory for dating and photo-sharing, now it is a powerful tool for business promotion. But sellers often lose buyers because they do not want to make phone calls or seek out means of communication on their own. In this article, we showed you how to create and paste a Whatsapp link to Instagram. With such a small trick, you will establish a flow of customers, increase sales and increase your income. Take a few minutes to make your job easier in the future.