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Making likes is easy and easy. Children and pensioners can do this. Earnings on services are small, enough for ice cream or to replenish the balance of a mobile phone. Suitable for schoolchildren, pensioners and people who have enough time and need some money.

Prep for Earning and Why It Matters

On the stock exchanges, likes are ordered to demonstrate their own brand and increase their visibility. The more hearts a post gets, the higher it appears in the Instagram feed, and the reach increases. The profile's popularity is growing. More traffic comes to the site if the bio has a link to it. This will allow to raise the resource in search networks to high positions and increase the number of customers.

Remember that platforms have filters for customers. They can offer tasks to performers with a certain number of posts to sort by gender and age. This requires interested people to sign up to their page. The more successful your page, the more tasks you will be able to complete. .; A nice account will also be needed for other types of monetization, where you need to show the quality of the services provided. Before you earn, set up your profile. Write a biography with information about yourself and your blog. This will give you an understanding of what you are interested in.

Promote your profile: regularly recruit an audience and post posts. You can use free methods: massaging, massfolloving. Or invest in targeted advertising and fine-tune the target audience. If you do everything right, there will be first customers among the subscribers.

Safety rules: What to look out for to avoid getting into a divorce

  1. Check whether the resource imposes an investment. If so, don't send money to unfamiliar projects. Chances are you won't see them again.
  2. The site offers large sums for easy tasks. For example, we all know that like on Instagram is an easy action that does not require much time and effort. And his pay is appropriate, small. If the site offers you $10 for a single likes and a withdrawal of $15, that's a wake-up call to think about. Either they won't give you that money, or they'll ask you to buy a tariff plan for a few hundred dollars, which, again, you won't see again.
  3. Look at the registration date. New sites may well turn out to be honest start-ups. But note that a small number of people not only affects low competition, but also a small number of tasks that may not be vetted by advertisers. And if the system does not set any deadline for auto-payment, you may not receive money from some orders simply because the task has been forgotten.
  4. To earn Instagram likes, read the reviews. Positive messages should not only come from users without avatars and who registered on the forum 2 days ago. Listen to the highly rated individuals on your chosen platform.
  5. Do not enter information from personal documents: passport data, various identity cards. Malefactors will use them for a different purpose. Like services do not need your number and series, just a phone or email to confirm your identity, an Instagram link (be careful not to lose your account!), and payment details. Everything else is your own business.
  6. Don't call your friends if you think the site is suspicious. You don't know how much they can put in and lose. Whether they blame you or not, everyone will be embarrassed. .; Pay attention to any suspicious signs and your time will not be wasted. At the end of the list of sites you will find an example of a lothario.

Cons of all services

Keep an eye on your social media activity. On Instagram, when limits are breached, certain actions are blocked. Restrictions on new accounts are twice as strict. This measure is preset to identify pages that spread spam. To avoid blocking individual buttons or your profile completely, follow the social network's terms and conditions and keep an eye on your limits to avoid losing your page.

Another downside is that click prices are low, and with a lot of likes, you can earn no more than 500 rubles. a day, but a lot of time must be devoted to this activity. Consider the fees charged by the platform when withdrawing funds.

Referral programs

Each exchange has referral or otherwise affiliate programs. You invite new users, they click on a special link, register, and you get a certain percentage of their income. Details can be found at the selected exchange.

Making Money on Instagram Likes


Reference: https: / / vktarget. ru .

The cost of likes and subscriptions to Instagram is £1. for every action. The money is paid within two working days, with a minimum withdrawal amount of £25. There is a mobile app for comfortable use. The only downside is not enough tasks. It can take a few days to collect the minimum amount. You can earn from 50 to 100 rubles. if you actively perform all tasks. They are checked instantly.


Reference: https: / / socialtools. ru .

Platform offers 1 p. for subscriptions and likes on Instagram. For 2 rubles you can leave a comment on the photo. After registration, you need to fill in a profile so that the customer can choose you as an executor for his task. A total of 940 tasks per day are offered. Referral program: 50% of the profit per person cited.

Available withdrawal methods: WebMoney, Yandex. Money. Minimum amount: from 15p


Reference: https: / / qcomment. ru .

The platform is focused on earning money from comments, likes, reposts, and video views. The minimum repayment threshold is high compared to other services, starting at 100p. You can get up to 46 rubles per task. The exchange is oriented towards comments and feedback: the price depends on the volume and the platform. Lake + repost will cost on average 2 rubles. with pennies, just like 50-75 pennies, repost 1.5 rubles Subscription: 60 kopecks.


Reference: http: / / forumok. com .

There is no withdrawal fee. Like is paid from two roubles. Minus the service, a long task check, but the money will come for doing it right anyway. The minimum withdrawal amount is even higher than the previous service, which cost £200.


Reference: https: / / v-like. ru .

Payments are reproduced on weekends on WebMoney, Yandex. Money or mobile phone balance. Layoffs on Instagram from 50 kopecks, minimum withdrawal amount: 15 rubles Supports a partnership program of 5-10%.


Reference: https: / / cashbox. ru .

The site offers different types of tasks: installation of applications from 4 rubles. , likes on social media from 13 kopecks, joining the group from 90 kopecks. Other types of tasks from 1 p. : comments, feedback, registration. Prices vary depending on the platform, more detailed information is available on a separate page of the website. On Instagram, a post can be liked from 30 kopecks, subscribed from 90.

The site is regularly updated, with updates appearing in the News section. The partnership program is up to 40%. Minimum payments from 2 kopecks on WebMoney at any time. There are other wallets for transferring funds.


Reference: http: / / smmok-in. ru .

The service guarantees a live audience without bots. The minimum amount is 15 roubles. You can withdraw funds every Thursday, all commissions are clearly spelled out, and the user will not lose money on unnecessary expenses. On average, you can get 20 kopecks on Instagram. However, orders on this social network are rather low. It makes sense to make money using other platforms as well. There is a referral system that allows for passive income from listed users.

In addition, the site offers a credit of 500 rubles to the customer's account. for placing a detailed review article on the service on its own resources. This could be a personal blog or a thematic site on SMM and SEO. The number of articles is not limited.


Reference: https: / / likesrock. com .

It supports two tariff plans: paid and free. The latter has limits on tasks, with a limit of up to 200 per day for each category. Earnings are divided in half between the employee and the stock exchange. The VIP tariff gives priority when contacting customer service and charges 100% of the advertiser's price.

Works with 8 social networks. However, despite the large number of platforms, Instagram has the fewest assignments. On the other hand, you can find many offers for promotion on VKontakte and Facebook.

After registering, you need to link your profile to Instagram. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. PayPal, standard Visa, MasterCard cards, and Yandex wallet are available. Money, Bitcoins and some other accounts.

Sarafanka, or What not to do when working with suspicious services

We will talk about this service last and will not provide any links. This is an example of a platform where people bought a tariff plan, worked honestly and didn't get the money. According to the feedback, large withdrawals of funds had to be confirmed by phone call, and if the owner could not pick up the phone, the application had to be resubmitted. The hotline and chat service worked extremely poorly and irregularly, and at the end the performers received letters of apology and explanations about the hacking attacks. All accounts have been blocked and funds are no longer available for withdrawal.

Choose a service to earn money without contributing money. It may well be a new way for fraudsters to get free action and access your data. Passport scans were required at check-in. Be careful not to pass on personal information to suspicious resources. Do not buy tariff plans if you are not sure about the reliability of the site. You come to earn likes on Instagram, not to invest.


Platforms can earn up to 150-200 roubles a day, some up to 500 roubles, depending on activity.

Summing up

So, how do you make money on Instagram with likes? Choose a stock exchange and check it for reliability. Don't invest in projects you don't trust, and don't provide personal information. Such schemes are used by fraudsters. Once signed up, start running errands and keep an eye on Instagram's limits to avoid blocking actions and bans. .; Earnings will depend on the time spent and the amount of action taken.