instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Subscribers are your capital. They are the first to see new publications, post likes, comment, give feedback, make orders. Depending on their number, new opportunities for account monetization open up. From how many followers you can earn on Instagram and what to do, read our article.


Publications are Instagram accounts that post thematic content. The types of content they can post:

  • information;
  • entertainment;
  • Learning.

A large audience of subscribers and posts on the topic give them the opportunity to place advertising information at home and make money from it. Determine the material in advance and develop your account.

Instagrammers love thematic public relations: they are interesting to browse, watch and read the latest information. It is here that the target audience gathers, which, under the influence of native advertising, will become a buyer. How high the conversion rate will be depends on the product, the quality of the photograph and description, and the seller's profile. But it is the seller who will pay for the placement of the promo-publication in public places with an active live audience.

You can create a public catalog by uploading products from different stores, but united by a single theme.

Education is another topic for the public. Stunning photos of art are in high demand on Instagram, so museums, exhibitions, and artists can post their work and share it with the public. .; Language learning flourishes: a few words or a small rule and a beautiful picture are pleasant even when on holiday. Think about what fascinating information you are willing to show and tell.

Another type of public relations is urban. They are dedicated to a particular city and its life. They post landscapes and photos of cozy places, and maybe announcements of upcoming events.

Creating more than one public or merging with others forms an advertising network and opens up additional opportunities for monetization. .; How much do Instagram followers earn? Rates depend on the engagement of followers. For example, you have an audience of 200,000 people. An advertisement costs 3,000 roubles, one story costs 1,000 roubles. If you post one publication every day and 2 Stories per day, your monthly income is 150,000 roubles. Advertising network of 3 such public relations will bring revenue of 450,000.

Suppose you have a very high level of subscriber engagement: posts on the page only fly this way. With an audience of 200,000, you can charge 15,000 roubles for an advertisement post, and 5,000 roubles for a story.

Opinion leaders

Instagram opinion leaders are bloggers or experts. They have a target audience in which they are authoritative. Their core capital is subscriber confidence.

Choose a niche you understand as an expert: sports, nutrition, business, finance. By analogy with public relations, you will be able to place advertising materials on your page. And if you have a promoted personal blog, you can promote the company's page through it. On Instagram, the personal, not the abstract, is always successfully promoted. People watch the same people and do not always trust faceless shops, though there is a person behind them, too.

A personal brand provides an opportunity to develop in new directions. One only has to look at the already well-known opinion leaders: what they do. They can advise people in their field, hold seminars and webinars, organize training courses and one-on-one sessions, participate in other activities, and raise awareness. All of this can be monetized and earn a steady income.

How many followers do you need on Instagram to earn opinion leaders? Professional bloggers have different opinions on this, and there are no clear limits on the amount. Everyone can set their own value based on the number of subscribers and their involvement, or on other parameters known only to them.

Suppose you have 100,000 subscribers. Conditionally, you can set the cost for one post as 5,000 roubles or 25,000 roubles. Take an average of 15,000 per entry and three advertisements per week for £45,000. For a month, it was £180,000. Prices can also vary from the format: photos, videos, Stories, and personal opinion if the product is liked.

Partner Programs

The essence of an affiliate program is that you distribute a link to a product, and each customer you bring in gets a percentage of up to 40% of the transaction. Subscribers need to be motivated to buy. How many of them you have in your profile hardly matters, the most important thing is engagement.

The most popular topics are beauty, health, weight loss, and games. However, you need to be careful about choosing the direction: it must coincide with the main theme, or you risk losing some of your followers.

Selling your Instagram account

Some users are good at promoting accounts, but then they get bored or don't have time to follow the page. More often than not, they think in advance about selling.

Where can you sell your profile? There are plenty of options, starting with specialized exchanges and social media pages. For example:

Exchanges guarantee security, but charge a commission.

How much will it cost? On the platforms you will notice a variation in prices, even if the number of subscribers is the same.

Prices are affected by:

  • The subject of the account. It is much more difficult to recruit followers in highly specialized areas than in general topics with funny pictures.
  • Filling with content. Logically, the more posts, the higher the cost. Especially when you consider the work of the team, which worked on the design and interaction with the audience.
  • Atmosphere profile. Do you have an audience or not? Which comments prevail: positive or negative? Or neutral?
  • How old is the page. Older accounts are trusted. First, Instagram's algorithms treat them better and rank posts. In new accounts, even limits on actions are limited to 2 times and there is a high risk of being attacked for excessive activity. The older page is believed to have a proven audience.

Also focus on your investments: promotion, reputation, and quality content. When creating an ad, write what income you get from your account. This will help buyers assess the risks and you sell the page.

Why do people buy ready-made profiles rather than grow their own subscriber base? Creating and promoting a new channel is much longer and more expensive, especially if the user does not yet have the right skills.

Commercial account

Develop an Instagram page to sell services and goods. It can be your products or someone else's, and then you will act as an intermediary.

We have written about business in detail in articles:

In short, in order to develop a commercial account, you will need to properly design your Instagram page, regularly post a variety of thematic content, and constantly work with new and old subscribers.

Summing up

So, how to earn Instagram followers:

  • place advertising posts;
  • produce expert materials and organize events;
  • develop and sell accounts;
  • participate in partnership programs;
  • sell goods and services.

The key is to fantasize and follow trends on social media. You will certainly succeed, even if there are not enough followers.