instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

For many, Instagram is associated with earnings, but often the ways to monetize are not obvious. In any business sector, the basis of sales is communication. Potential customers often gather on social media, where they can buy your goods or services, only to learn how to sell correctly. In this review, we list all sorts of ways to make money through Instagram.

Business Account Development

You can sell not only other people's goods, but also your own. To do this, you need to design your own page and tell about the product. Instagram is great for people in the visual realm. Analyze your activism and raise audience engagement. With the right account development, sales can come only from the social platform.

In "How to Earn on Instagram for Subscribers," we talked about how much we earn in advertising posts for public relations, and about creating different activities for a personal blog: publishing books, hosting events, and consulting. And also about selling an account: who needs it and how to do it properly.

How to Earn as a SMM Specialist

There are many courses on the Internet where you can acquire the skills of an SMM specialist. In the age of social media, this generates demand, and there are not enough people who know how to promote profiles on Instagram. .; What a specialist can do:

  1. Analyze the current situation: what works in the profile and what is ineffective and it is time to replace it to achieve the goals.
  2. Work out a strategy of promotion tailored to a specific profile: advertising, material, mass folding, and more.
  3. Create a portrait of the audience for further filtering of mass-folding databases and for the display of targeted advertising.
  4. Maintain a content plan: distribute content by headings and types, search for and prepare material in advance, and publish it on time. As well as following comments, answering users "questions, resolving conflict situations, removing negatives, and removing spam.
  5. Creating a brand image: how many positive and negative reviews it has. This includes the brand's reputation and increased recognition.
  6. To find opinion leaders, to gather a base, to filter, to get in touch, to negotiate cooperation.
  7. Conducting competitions and promotions.
  8. Recruiting an audience: massfolloving and masssliking. Subscribe to target people and later unsubscribe. Liking potential customers for attention. And avoid the negative consequences of Instagram: blocking individual actions or banning an account forever.
  9. Analyze competitors. Understand the effectiveness of their ideas and improve their own.

Some SMM specialists are engaged in other activities that are not directly related to their duties:

  • search for photographers;
  • writing texts for posts;
  • cooperation with the media;
  • organization of events.

How to start your SMM career:

  1. Learn how to promote on Instagram.
  2. Find customers who trust their projects.
  3. Regularly maintain accounts and perform their duties.

How much can an Instagram SMM specialist earn? Salary depends on workload and knowledge. The market is not fully formed. If you are engaged in content and promotion in one account, it can cost up to 30 000 roubles per month. Count if there are more than three or five accounts. The main cost is your time and money spent on self-education in this area. The social network is constantly changing, and over the course of a year, many new features are added, and the number of inefficient ways of promotion is increasing.

Creating Services and Applications for Instagram

A great option for programmers who want to link their activities to Instagram. In Google Play and the App Store, you can find examples of social media applications, most of which solve a clearly defined problem. .; It will be more expensive to create and maintain a service, but it will also generate more revenue.

Examples of services for Instagram:

  1. Tooligram. Solves the problem of scamming subscribers. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. SMMplanner. He is engaged in auto-posting. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  3. Iconosquare. A platform for deep analysis. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  4. Hashtags. .org. Hashtag service with expensive tariff plans. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

And then there are services for downloading photos, layout of the Instagram feed, reposts. You only have to look at your toolkit to see what task you can help users solve. .; Popular apps on mobile platforms:

  1. Upload a photo from Instagram.
  2. See an enlarged avatar.
  3. Create a collage.
  4. Cut one big picture into several pieces.
  5. Layout of the tape.
  6. Viewing non-mutual accounts.

How to make money on Instagram as a programmer:

  1. Find the task you will solve.
  2. Assemble a development team.
  3. Start the service.
  4. Promote it.

Suppose you have developed an app that costs 200 roubles to download. Just 500 downloads per month will bring the project a profit of 100 000 rubles. .; Look at service tariffs. Suppose a monthly subscription costs 500 roubles. 500 users per month is 250,000 roubles. .; To calculate the cost of developing an application, consider:

  • basic elements;
  • supported platforms;
  • number of hours for development;
  • registration as a user;
  • line-up;
  • tasks not directly included in the development: testing, analysis, design);
  • support the project after implementation.

Estimate: from 150 000 rubles

Development of the service will cost much more: from one million. This already includes the salaries of the team, the cost of minimal functionality, and the implementation period of several months. But simply developing a service is not enough: it needs to be regularly maintained, bugs fixed, new features added, and user complaints listened to. It will cost from 100 000 rubles. per month according to approximate calculations.

Content to order

Another way to make money on Instagram is to help with content creation. Photographers organize portrait or subject photography to create high-quality visual material. Earnings from 3,000 rubles per hour.

An important detail for any profile is image processing: remove pimples, diversify colors, or simply fit a photo into a single style. For this you can charge from 100 rubles. for one image.

Video and cinematics are another influential type of content that conveys emotion more than a shot, and videographers can participate. Shooting, on average, from 2 000 roubles per hour. Equipment, plot, composition are taken into account. Installation is counted separately and added to the cost.

Another area is the stylization of shooting. For example, food stylists are very popular with restaurants and cafes, which are tasked with revealing the atmosphere of the place. On average, it costs from 5 000 rubles. for shooting. .; Instagram's latest trend is decoration. If you are a designer, you can try developing a corporate style for your accounts. You can earn an average of 5,000 roubles per profile.

How to earn likes on Instagram

Earnings on likes are small, so you can top up your mobile phone balance or buy ice cream. Daily tasks can be limited, so it is advisable to work across multiple platforms and use accounts from different social networks. You can earn a decent amount by spending a lot of time. We wrote more on how to earn Instagram likes.

How to start making money on Instagram from scratch with the help of services:

  1. Sign up on any task execution platform.
  2. Regularly fulfill orders and receive rewards.
  3. Participate in referral programs and bring your earnings to a passive level.

The method is suitable for all beginners, and not only for Instagram. Consider the design of your profile. Advertisers sort artists according to different criteria: gender, age, number of entries, number of subscribers.

Partner Programs

When it is not possible to sell your own products, CPA networks come to the rescue. You can choose any product you are willing to offer to others and advertise it. Examples of such networks include:

  • kma;
  • admitad.

On the platforms you can find detailed information and choose any offer. You will earn interest on your purchases.

Summing up

So, how do people make money on Instagram? You can create apps and services that solve specific user tasks. Initial investments will be needed to implement and promote the idea.

Photographers, stylists, make-up artists create custom-made content for Instagram. .; The market for SMM specialists is not fully formed. By investing in training, you can help blogs and brands promote your profile. The promoted account is monetized by publishing advertising posts and expanding products and services.

It is not only SMM specialists who can help with the development of the page. It is enough to register on earning services and receive rewards for likes, subscriptions and comments. Choose any method and monetize your page.