instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to advertise on Instagram? This is the question posed by anyone looking for an efficient and cheap way to find an impressive number of new customers. Since 2016, the social network Instagram has been the main trend of modern Internet marketing. Today, there is an opportunity to create and place professional paid advertising, which significantly increases the effect. Let's figure out how to create a similar advertisement on Instagram.

For starters.

First of all, let us determine whether, in principle, this social network should be used as a platform for advertising. Definitely, and here are the main reasons:

  1. Wide audience reach, stable response. Given the peculiarities of social media. The number of interactions with an audience here is 58 times higher than Facebook. Forrester said. Users are more attentive to advertising posts and read them more.
  2. Traffic is cheaper. Instagram is designed for mobile devices, mostly from smartphones and tablets. According to statistics, users who sit on the Internet from mobile platforms are more positive about ads. Consequently, the cost of transition is lower here. As a result, you can spend a lot less on an advertising campaign and get a lot more customers.
  3. Maximum targeting. Instagram allows you to maximize the detail of your audience, to distinguish your client from the million other users.

How to advertise on Instagram

Start with the basics: connect your Instagram account to Facebook's business cabinet for advertising. Much of the advertising workflow takes place on Facebook, so the move cannot be ignored. To connect an account, we do the following:

  1. Open a Facebook business account and select "Settings." instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. In the settings window that opens, select Instagram and choose "Login." instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  3. Enter the necessary login information: name and password. Now you've tied Instagram to Facebook's business. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

After that, we get down to more serious tasks: setting a goal and targeting the audience. To do this, click "Start" as in the image:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

At the top of the information center, click "Create Advertisement." After that, the advertising manager will automatically suggest several targets. Before choosing, read each carefully. Take the most popular conversion target as an example.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

To make it easier to work with each campaign, let's give it a name and set up an account. Choose "Set up an ad account." Enter the country, the currency, and the time zone, and press "Continue."

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Then we define the main parameters of the audience: age, gender, location.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

This is where the advertising campaign is set up, now let's get acquainted with the main types of posts.

How to advertise on Instagram: the main types of advertising posts

When choosing the type of advertising, the desired type of interaction with the audience is of paramount importance. It is best to take a holistic approach: place different types of ads, combine available methods. Interactivity has proven to be a good way to reach and engage audiences.

The most effective goals that are realized through Instagram:

  1. Conversion. That is, the user performs a useful action for you.
  2. Short videos.
  3. Download an app for devices.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to draw up a call for useful action and provide a button to perform the transition to the official website. As it stands, it looks like this:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Short videos are best used to promote full selling videos. To increase conversion rates and effective video marketing, two methods can be used simultaneously:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The mobile application industry deserves special attention, which today boasts original, attractive and high-quality installation advertising. Here is just one excellent example:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

There are three types of Instagram ads, and how to run them consider below:

  1. Images. These are pictures in the form of a rectangle, to which a button is added to perform the transition to the official website of the company. Order an advertisement. The picture is best summarized succinctly and capaciously to indicate the benefits for the client + post a call to action.
  2. The video lasts up to 1 minute. If the video is properly designed, the result will be better than using an image.
  3. Carousel. These are successively alternating photos / videos that are sure to attract the user's attention. Conversion here depends directly on the quality of the publication. It is possible to reach a wide audience, but the conversion rate will be low because of the wrong publication. Do your analysis and choose the optimal triggers.

How to advertise on Instagram in the most effective way?

  1. Work out your own style. Take care of the quality of the material. For example, if you are promoting an online store, a quality, truthful picture and minimal text in a call to action look stylish, prestigious, and credible. For example: instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм To promote the service, it is necessary, on the contrary, to use more text, to tell the user about their offer. For example: instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. The video should capture the audience's attention from the first second. There is no point in making long slow-motion videos. Users of Instagram are used to speed and don't want to wait for you. Of course, it is difficult to place a lot of useful information in one minute, but you have to try and make videos as much as possible sell, achieve useful targeted action.
  3. Write a hashtag. Under each ad post, be sure to write a hashtag so that users can find an interesting offer through a search. It could be your signature hashtag. For example, the name of a company or product. This will help existing customers look for you in the future. The most trending thematic hashtags will also be useful. For example, find the most popular installations in your business area and borrow a few of them for your material.
  4. Use all available carousel functionality. This type of advertising posts is relatively new, it is not yet used and can achieve excellent results, especially if you encourage familiarization with the next slide.

When creating a merry-go-round of advertising, rely on two principles:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled. From the first image / video, it is necessary to attract interest, encourage the user to stay and familiarize himself with the proposals until the end. Don't forget that not all users will reach the last slide, so give the most important thing on the first slide.
  2. Useful conversion. People who have viewed all the slides are already involved. It's time for them to push the button. Influence triggers, as well as informative concise text, will help. The last picture should contain maximum content, but don't overdo it.

The merry-go-round can be used to house a collection of clothes, which will make it possible to achieve a good result when promoting. Publications here should be made in the same style to give the impression of a single whole. The merry-go-round can also be used to place a banner divided into parts. Look at how interesting this option looks:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

As a result, the translation looks creative:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to order advertisements on Instagram, in a story

Ads in Storis are a stand-alone type that is highly popular. There are two main ways:

  • Buy ads on Instagram Stories from bloggers. If you've found famous people who have a large share of your target audience but are too expensive to post an ad, Stories is the best option. Publication of advertisements in stories costs much less, but in terms of effectiveness it is not inferior to the traditional post.
  • Paid advertising. If you don't know how to buy ads on Instagram, in Storys, what to do and who to contact, the service will do it for you. Advertisements are placed among subscription stories, the user does not immediately realize that he is watching the ad.

Types of advertising in Storis:

  1. Images. The principles are the same, only the picture gets larger in size and the user needs to pull the story up to make a useful action. History is displayed only for 10-15 seconds, so it is better to abandon the long text of obscure pictures. Make the content as clear and attractive as possible.
  2. Video. After the first viewing, the video immediately flips over, so the target action should be on the screen during the video. For example:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Finishing Line

So we did the advertisement and saved it. Now we have to wait for Facebook to approve the ad. As a rule, this process lasts no more than a day, in some cases it may take 20-30 minutes. Once an advertisement is approved by the system and placed, it should be tracked through Ads Manager.

For sure, you were interested in the question: how much is the advertisement on Instagram in the feed. Everyone sets the advertising company's budget independently. If you pay for clicks, that is, transitions from an advertising post, the cost per click is 8-12 roubles. The price of a click depends on the competition of advertisers, the subject matter, the characteristics of the target audience and a number of other factors. Retargeting costs 3-6 roubles. To get a positive result, you need to put a minimum of 400-500 roubles per day on advertising.

How to pay for advertising on Instagram? To do this, you need to top up your Facebook business account. Payments here can be automatic (the system will write off a certain amount each month) and non-automatic (applicable to the non-automatic payment method, i.e. through Boleto Bancário or PayTM).