instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Statistically, two of your competitors appear on Instagram every minute. Joke, there are no such statistics. But new blogs and the truth appear very often. These are personal pages and representative offices of companies of various sizes. Not all of them are successful, but by 2018 the competition has become very serious. It's hard to get ahead with the old methods unless you're a celebrity or a well-known brand.

Now, in order to promote, it is necessary to create comprehensively beautiful and engaging content. This means that even stunning photos are no longer enough to get subscribers to their networks. In this article, we will explain how to develop an account to make it popular.

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Getting started on Instagram

The basis of any blog is its idea. You have to figure out for yourself why you're going to spend time, effort, and resources on a profile.

  • You have a project or a firm. In this case, you run a representative shop. The focus will be on the company's image.
  • You are a private specialist and puzzled about building a personal brand. Here, the process will be slightly different.
  • You have not chosen a theme yet and want to make money from advertising.

In the first two variants, there is already a direction in which posts will be created and CA will be known, which makes the task a little easier. For those still undecided, we have compiled a list of what people are interested in on Instagram.

What you can blog about:

  • Lifestyle. If something unusual happens in your life, you know how to write humorously and grimly and shoot a photo series from your everyday life.
  • Travel of all kinds: extreme, hiking and all-inclusive.
  • Moving to another place, notes about the peculiarities of living in another country.
  • Wine, books, movies, TV series. Individually or in one account.
  • Politics, social issues, educational posts about human rights.
  • Gardening, landscape design, floristic.
  • Education. Online lessons on a subject you know well. Russian and foreign languages, popularization of science are excellent.
  • Style and beauty. How to dress, dye, secrets of the beauty sphere, natural remedies.
  • Pets. Usually these are beautiful and funny stories about the lives of pets. But you can also add care tips.
  • Cooking, proper nutrition. There are a lot of blogs like this, but if you're in the business, be sure to try to talk about yourself.

In fact, there are a thousand other topics. Write down on a piece of paper what is interesting to you and what you can talk about long and enthusiastically. Perhaps nothing will come to mind immediately. This does not mean that there is nothing to write down. Remember what you like and what you are willing to explore. Then select some of the most consonant destinations and create trial posts. What was easiest was to test as an account concept.

When the direction was chosen, it was time to identify the target audience. Who will read you? Gender, age, insufficient data. Think about what will unite these people. For example, jewellery lovers may belong to very different groups. Some of them love minimalism and brutality, while others care about atmosphere, magic and the history of the rings. The texts and the visual range for these CAs will be exactly the opposite.

Interesting design of the blog on Instagram: information about yourself, photos for the avatar and other moments

When you know the direction of your business and the needs of your target audience, it will be much easier to create a beautiful profile. To do this, you can leave your current account or register a new one. First, pay attention to the brand name. It plays a big role, as it will search for you. A word or combination should be memorable, preferably short.

If it is a selling page, mention the area of work or the name of the company. A personal account is best called by your surname. A blog that is run for advertising should also reflect the chosen topic.

Rules for creating an interesting name for Instagram

Go to edit your profile by clicking the appropriate button next to the avatar. Further action will be taken in this mode.

  • You can use Latin layout, numbers, underscore, and dots in the middle of the nick.
  • You can't write the words like and follow.
  • Remove the first letter from the name if it begins with a vowel.
  • Think of an abbreviated or foreign colloquial form.
  • Add a short word in English.
  • Name by surname or a combination of first and last names.
  • Combine with your specialty. For example, a psychologist or make-up artist.
  • If you represent a company, the domain name or the name of the company or project will be appropriate.

Replace the avatar. It should be tailored to your area of activity, reflect the content of the blog, and be outwardly appropriate to your chosen publishing style. Also pay attention to the clarity and composition of the shot. A good shot is one that will capture the reader's gaze and facilitate the opening of the record.

How to post about yourself on Instagram

Beneath the profile photo is a "cap" and a description of the page. This is an important component of an engaging account. You have 150 characters to tell a person about yourself so that they understand what they will find. And he stayed.

This information block can be located on the right, in the center, line by line or at intervals between them. Typically, the following information is included:

  • Username / brand name.
  • A brief description of the content of the blog.
  • Characteristics of the company. For example: the best resort in Russia.
  • Contact details.
  • A link to another resource.
  • Working conditions (delivery, discounts).

The easiest way to write all this is in Notepad or Notes. Use the space bar, enter. Then copy the result to the desired column in edit mode. Add emojis to one or each item. Choose those that make sense. It looks neat and accentuates. Look at this example. It has everything you need.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Interesting ideas for decorating photos on Instagram

The images must be of high quality and preferably unusual. Learn the rules of composition and working with light, practice every day, look for unfettered perspectives for any shot. For example, shoot a flower patch in close proximity to plants. So they will not merge into one multicolored carpet and will look beautiful.

Make publications in the same style.

Think of an element that will be present in every picture. It can be a color, a small object, a signature, a pet. There are apps to help plan such content: Plann + Preview for Instagram, Inpreview, UNUM, Snug for Instagram. If you find the same design boring, try to find a few options and alternate them.

In the same way, a chess tape is created. Where two shades or textual and visual information alternate. Such a tape looks particularly good on selling and educational blogs. See what it looks like for popular bloggers.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The next trick is to change the frame of the photo. Choose the right shade to frame the image's borders or make it round. Such accounts stand out from the usual square formats. Applications that will help realize the idea:

  • Instafit.
  • Whitagram.
  • Diptic.
  • Frame Swagg

Six more tips

  • Create pictures with no more than five colors.
  • Choose light shades. There should be only one dominant.
  • Make collages. To do this, you need to download Layot. Instagram itself will offer you this action when you go to +, the gallery. The right icon is in the middle.
  • Take your workdays off if your company produces a product itself.
  • Use the merry-go-round tool to post two or three or more photos at once. Press + at the bottom of the screen to select a few.
  • Subscribe to blogs with beautiful visuals and browse, pick up good details, ideas, and recycle them.

How to make Instagram interesting with Stories

Stories are small sketches of videos or photos that are stored for 24 hours and then disappear. They show moments from the life of the project, the firm or their own. Write down your reflections, walks, whatever. This format is very popular with advertisers. Readers love it, too, and it diversifies the material.

How to write stories

Go to the main profile page, find an avatar with a blue plus (top left corner) and choose the type of entry. You have the opportunity to make a merry-go-round of shots or a series of beautiful, short videos. Experiment with functionality. In Stories, it's easy to create polls, votes, and add emojis. In addition, you can live stream various gif-animations, write a text message. To do this, in Stores mode, click on the corresponding icon.

Other options:

  • Superzoom. Magnifies the selected object and overlays dramatic music.
  • Boomerang. The video is played several times. Stickers and text are often added to it.
  • Write back. It does the opposite, in reverse order.

Filters for photos and videos are also available in stories. Don't abuse them. Avoid posting too rich and vivid publications.

  • Posting useful information.
  • If History is selling, immediately give a link to the product.
  • Report sales, remind addresses.
  • Speak to readers, ask questions.

How to write interesting posts on Instagram, example

We've taken a look at almost all of the key factors behind the engaging blog. There is another one that has a direct impact on popularity. In 2018, texts on Instagram are as useful as unusual and beautiful shots. It's important to get them right, to make indents between semantic blocks, to add emojis as an emphasis on a particular fragment. And of course you have to be able to tell a simple, capacious, exciting story.

Here are a few tips to improve any entry:

  • Use a clinging start. It should intrigue, surprise, and provoke a desire to argue. Anything, as long as the user reads through to the end.
  • Put the key part of the information in the first paragraph.
  • Ask at the end.
  • Limit the number of hashtags.

An example of informational and selling texts from a tea shop account. The profile is in the name of the rhino that appears on each image (another trick of the same style).

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

An example of a survey on Instagram of a company offering carsharing services and information about new menu items from a confectionery-cafe.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Interesting topics for posts and surveys on Instagram

What to do if you don't have an idea for a note? No, it shouldn't be. It is enough to find out what other bloggers are writing about today and look at the issue from a different perspective or come up with a related one. If inspiration never came, take a look at the selection we have prepared for you.

  • Take a photo of the Goods of the Day and consider its benefits.
  • Respond to user comments.
  • Work to debunk myths related to your sphere.
  • Post sketches of your employees "lives.
  • Congratulations, good day, good night.
  • Tell us about discounts and promotions.
  • Write an expert post.
  • Address the controversial issues of the day (especially if they concern your activities). But stay neutral and be polite.
  • Ask subscribers how they are doing. Don't forget to respond to comments.
  • Provide links to useful instructions, lessons, videos.
  • Share your stories: project creation, funny cases, achievements.
  • Hold a contest, flash mob, marathon.

Interesting poll topics on Instagram

It is convenient to ask questions in a regular note, as well as in stories, live. The difference is that the second format has features for something similar to voting, with buttons, animations, emojis, stickers. This may seem more exciting to the audience. Ask for anything. Then you can write a post based on the answers.

To do such a survey, go to stories, select from the gallery and select the picture you want. You need the first of three icons in the top right corner. Select "Poll," enter text. Several design options are available. To get into edit mode, just click on it. Leave the answers "yes, no" or replace them with a keyboard.


  • What city readers come from.
  • What blogs are they subscribed to on similar topics.
  • What book to read / hotel to order / image processing tool to download.
  • What's missing in records or pictures.
  • Share the problem and ask for your opinion.
  • Attitudes to a significant event, to a product.

Surveys are an important option that increases profile engagement and other popularity metrics.