instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

If you're wondering how quickly to delete or remove unnecessary subscriptions, many bots from Instagram followers, or whether automated services can be used, you probably have a limited reach problem. It can be artificial when news from suspicious profiles no longer appears in the feeds, which significantly affects the effectiveness of the public. Are there any methods of struggle? Of course!

What harm bots do to your account

Until 2018, everything was easy to promote on Insta. It was worth ordering a promotion for any mountain-master who will spin 1000 + bots, and the profile has already become popular, trustworthy, it is possible to attract active users.

Now the politics of social media has changed. They value quality, not audience quantity. That is, first of all, the characteristics of attendance and actions of people on the page are evaluated: likes, viewing of publications, comments, reposts. If this does not happen, the automated system weeds out accounts with a large number of inactive users as unreliable. The opposite of what is expected is happening.

Instead of popularity, the profile drops to the bottom of the feed.
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instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The war against bots has flared up because of the economic disadvantage of such pages. For example, an advertiser offers a blogger a decent budget to show his product to a wide audience. Accordingly, it is counting on profit, good coverage, that a lot of real people will learn about its service. As a result, it gets nothing.

In response to a large number of complaints and complaints, social networks have begun to work actively to eliminate accounts that, in such an unfair way, lure advertisers "money.

How to spot fake news

Empty profiles can appear in subscribers for a variety of reasons. More often than not, it is the person's own appeal to substandard services for TOP promotion. Sometimes, competitors order scams on popular pages in order to reduce search results. It is not often, but it happens if there was a subscriber exchange agreement with a blogger who has a non-live audience.

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Bots can be recognized by several basic features:

  • No or very few publications;
  • no photos or all of them from the Internet;
  • a nickname consisting of incomprehensible combinations of letters and numbers;
  • Subscriptions have the same blank pages.
If fakes are found in friends, an urgent effort must be made to combat them, but do so in the right way so as not to damage the remaining reputation and popularity of the page.

How to remove bots from Instagram

If the replenishment of fake bots did not occur at the request of the user (application for promotion), there is a probability of competitors "misdeeds. In this case, close the page for a couple of days or weeks and clean it up.

Repressive measures to eliminate bots can be carried out manually.

However, the method works if there are no more than a hundred or two, and when the bill goes into the thousands, it is irrelevant to view each one. It will take more than making a new page and gaining a live audience.

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It is much more convenient to use automated services, which will make it possible to find empty profiles and reduce the number of subscribers in a minimum time. The downside is that not all unsolicited publics are bots. It may well be people who are not interested in posting new photos and stories every two hours. Their machine can be mistaken for bogus and deleted. Moreover, using this method is not always altruistic and can cost money.

Manual method

If your account does not have more than 500 or 1,000 subscribers and you decide to purge yourself, start with the spammers. They are easier to identify, because in most cases they wrote to the directive or left comments offering unwanted services or goods. They are best not just removed once and for all, but blocked. To do this, go to the spam bot page, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen, and select "Lock."

Similar steps can be taken with commercial subscribers. More often than not, the name of the company is displayed in the name, and instead of an avatar there is a company logo. They, too, should be blacklisted.

Then, when spam and commerce are removed, you can move on to finding an inactive audience. Browse every profile that raises doubts with a strange screensaver. Pay attention to the quantity and quality of publications. If there are stories or real photos, but they were taken a long time ago, leave them. When only posts with photos from the internet, unsubscribe.

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Here are a few rules to help with manual cleaning:

  1. Not all commercial fake-bots, watch them carefully.
  2. Before deleting, calculate the involvement of people, it should not be less than 5-10%.
  3. Frequent unsubscriptions face a ban, don't make many monotonous clicks.
Be careful when searching for fake profiles, try to rest during the active struggle or post interesting information, so that the social network does not suspect hacking.

Pros and cons

There are both positives and negatives to this approach. Among those that will help develop:

  • maximizing audience retention without the likelihood of putting real people in the basket;
  • no need to pay anything;
  • lack of authorization through an account on third-party resources;
  • there will be no ban for active deletion.

Among the downsides is time. It will have to be spent decently, it is boring and tedious, so many people immediately choose automated ways to keep their heads down.

Bot Removal Services

In fact, for all the advances in IT technology and the daily creation of useful new applications, there are very few that can correctly detect and automatically remove fake news. There are few free ones at all, and they do not have many flexible settings, which threatens to unsubscribe from not very active but live pages.

However, for those users with an audience of 1,000 +, this is a real opportunity to purge subscriptions of spam bots. Consider the most famous and popular helpers, who will help solve the problem and answer the question of how to massively remove bots, inactive followers from your Instagram account.

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Pros and cons

Among the features that are convenient and noteworthy are:

  1. Quick work with a lot of subscriptions.
  2. An intuitive interface for everyone.
  3. With the right flexible settings, there is less chance of deleting a live page.

The downside, of course, is the imperfections of automated systems that will match the profiles of people who rarely post new posts with commercial spammers and fake bots.

How to work with Instaplus

Using this tool will help not only to unsubscribe from unreliable users, but also to recruit back to the same number of actual users. An optimal option that not only cleans the profile safely, but also maximizes the benefits.

It is very easy to use:

  1. Authorize via an account that you are working on.
  2. Go to unsubscribe settings.
  3. Customize the functionality. Let us say at once that in this case it is ideal if the number of applications has come to an end. It is possible to delete mutual users, those who did not accept the invitation, closed profiles.
  4. Choose a number not to be banned.
  5. You can start the task immediately or postpone it by setting a timer.
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Blocking spammers and others will occur in semi-automatic mode. That is, you need to prepare a list of users that the program will block in advance. So before you start, you will still have to look at those who are hanging in your subscriptions or use parsers.

In almost the same way, a task is created for massaging, direct messaging, comments, and subscriptions. Specify parameters, number and time of execution.

By deleting 300 users, you can set the functionality to search for new but active users. This will not hurt, but will only improve the performance of the public.

How to work in OML

In this case, things will be much simpler. The functionality is designed so that each user can understand it. First, you need to enter the correct settings:

  1. By the number of subscribers in the profile.
  2. Privacy (open or closed).
  3. By the date of publication of the last post.
  4. How many entries per page.
  5. Is there an avatar?
  6. Or leave a specific reference.

This flexible definition of coverage makes it possible to be as specific as possible about whom the program is to clean up. Then you create a new channel, choose the number of actions per day, start now or set a timer.

How to use SocialKit

Using this service is distinguished by the simplicity of the interface. Grey, unremarkable boxes where to tick. First, download the utility and run it on your PC. After Parsim there is a list of subscribers. When the program loads all users, we apply filters.

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There are many parameters for filtering, almost to every taste. We open a tab under the intriguing title "Creating Tasks and Creating Audiences for an Account." In the window that opens, there will be several blocks where you need to tick.

  1. Determination by activity. Set the value by the number of posts, subscribers, whether there should be an avatar, the presence of a website, the date of the last publication, then tick the box. Particularly pay attention to the items where you need to specify what minimum number of likes the posts should have.
  2. Gender characteristics.
  3. Specify the list on which the filter will be applied.

After all this, you set temporary tasks, when the program should report on performance, and do other things.

How to remove bots properly to avoid getting banned from Instagram

It has been mentioned in passing that doing the same thing or deleting a large number of friends can incur the wrath of a social network. Filters will detect suspicious activity and block the account. To return it, the owner will have to prove for a long time that it belongs to him, and it is simply an attempt to get rid of fake bots and spammers.

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Moreover, a sharp drop in coverage - 100% if only clean-up is done, and no longer involving live users - would lead to artificial restrictions.

There are a few basic rules that will help you keep your position:

  • the number of locks must be less than the increase;
  • correctly identify the target audience using automated services;
  • Start with an analysis, look at a couple of hundred people yourself, identify common features of your CA or unwanted users;
  • engage in active engagement during the purge, hold a contest, a draw, a quiz, anything that allows you to separate the uninitiated audience as quickly as possible and increase people's activity.

To work further with lists of competitors, use the temporary lock function.

They won't be able to see your profile, but you can use their database at any time.

What to do if someone screws you up

Rejoice. After all, your public image attracts the attention of competitors, which means that people like it and can develop further by getting rid of this small problem.

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There are several reasons for the influx of dead souls:

  1. Some merchant decided to show his capabilities in a spin, and then will try to sell the service on a larger scale.
  2. A week later, another will receive a blackmail message saying that by paying the N-sum, detractors will get rid of the waves that could kill the account.
  3. Competitors want to write you off.
  4. Someone using the service for the first time noticed that it is your public relations worthy to become his guinea pig in checking the reality of the free program.

There are several options for resolving this problem. The easiest thing is to limit access and live with your existing subscribers for a while. If you don't want to do this, you can go to any of the parsers discussed above, copy the list of your live users, and save it. Every day we repeat the procedure, you can add an active audience even manually. When competitors "money, blackmailers" pranks, or hapless merchants run out, we simply block anyone off the saved white list.

What can prevent you from clearing your account

There are several negative factors to consider when carrying out repressive actions:

  1. When setting filter parameters, try to spend as much time as possible analyzing the target audience.
  2. Check the service settings for unsubscriptions. It would be a great shame to set a task overnight to detect the loss of 1,000 real accounts.
  3. Blocking from a social network. Don't purge everyone at once. Slowly remove 200 to 300 fake ones.
  4. No advertising. If blocked, coverage will decrease, which will negatively affect progress. Such actions should be carried out only when the attraction mechanism is in place.
The most important point remains the wrong settings for a mass purge. So check all the boxes and items before starting the process several times.

Now you know how to remove twisted and dead bots or unwanted people from your Instagram followers. Remember that such actions will not solve the problem completely, and raising public awareness requires effective and comprehensive promotion, subscriptions from real people, and good audience engagement. Conduct contests, polls, give interesting assignments, communicate with your audience - this will give a good boost in popularity.

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