Today Instagram is one of the most important social media networks in the world: Instagram gehört heute zu den wichtigsten Social Media-Netzwerken der Welt: 600 million monthly active users and und 150 million daily users show more than clearly that the Facebook company is still on the road to success. At the latest zeigen mehr als deutlich, dass das Facebook-Unternehmen weiterhin auf Erfolgskurs ist. Spätestens mit Introduction of business functions for Germany the visual platform belongs in every social media marketing program. However, due to their idiosyncrasies, it is not always easy for social media experts to ensure good performance. The right planning tools help!

For busy social media professionals, regularly posting on Instagram can be tricky. After all, in this job, they have to dance at many weddings simultaneously, from interactions to analytics to managing multiple accounts and team members. It is simply not feasible to always find the optimal time to manually curate and share every single Instagram post.

Instagram purists appreciate the app's instant character: capture moments and share them instantly. But in today's demanding digital world, brands need both strategic and flexible tools to respond to the myriad daily demands. Automatic pre-planning of social media posts is one such tool.

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This keeps your Instagram presence active even when you're not sitting at your computer or mobile device. They are also visible and present during holidays and other periods of absence.

Aside from the strategic aspect, scheduling Instagram posts saves you a lot of time focusing on really crucial things like

So much for the benefits of now showing you how the scheduling works.

Three steps to terminating Instagram posts

You can't schedule posts in the Instagram app itself. For this you need a social media management tool. Of course, we at Instamer think our own platform is the best, and there's a lot of that.

Below you will learn how to schedule Instagram posts with Instamer.

Step 1: Add Instagram to your social media management platform.

Before you can post a post, you must add Instagram to your Instamer dashboard. And it goes like this:

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  • Click on your Profile icon in the Start menu and then click Add social media network . Add a social media network so you can schedule your posts for Instagram.
  • Select in the pop-up window Instagram button, and click on Connect to Instagram . Enter your login credentials and allow Instamer to access your account.
  • Select the tab you want to continue working with, and then click Stream . Select Instagram from your list of connected networks and then select your Instagram profile.

NOTE: Remember that Instagram posts can only be published via the network's mobile app. To schedule posts with Instamer, you need both the Instagram app and the current version of the Instamer app. You can download these free of charge from HINWEIS: Denken Sie daran, dass Instagram-Posts nur über die Mobil-App des Netzwerks veröffentlicht werden können. Um mit Instamer Beiträge zu terminieren, benötigen Sie daher sowohl die Instagram-App als auch die aktuelle Version der Instamer-App. Diese können Sie kostenlos vom iTunes App Store or the oder dem Google Play Store download.

Step 2: Create and schedule your post.

Now that you have added Instagram to your Instamer Dashboard, you can start creating your Instagram posts. How to proceed:

  • Click on Create message .
  • Write an appealing Instagram caption (if you don't already know: hashtags and emojis are fully supported).
  • Attach your photos or videos.
  • On the calendar, select the day and time to publish your post.
  • Click on Terminate .

How to schedule Instagram posts. Instamer

Step 3: Post on Instagram.

As soon as your post is published, Instamer will notify you with a notification to your mobile device.

  • To publish, you only need to tap this notification to get to the post in your Instamer dashboard. Look closely at it one last time, and then tap Open in Instagram .
  • Now the Instagram app opens. Add your image / video and add filters if desired.
  • Next, copy your caption from Instamer to the clipboard of your smartphone. Then simply insert the caption in the appropriate field on Instagram.
  • Finally, tap Share to publish your post. You've just posted a timed post on Instagram with Instamer!

Understood everything? If you want to go through the individual points again, the following video will guide you through all the necessary steps in just two and a half minutes.

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What is the best time to publish Instagram posts?

You've now learned how to schedule Instagram posts. The next step is to choose the best release dates - the times when you can reach the widest possible audience and increase interactions.

Determine with the help of

Have fun scheduling!

Use Instamer to easily schedule your Instagram posts, review results, and interact with your target audience.