instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Instagram is a great place to open and promote a store. But this is no guarantee of success. Let's talk about the usefulness of the business profile, about the correct design and filling of the account and free tools for promoting the store. At the end of the day, you can think about a strategy and start implementing it.

Why Instagram

Consider the promotion of a clothing store on Instagram. There is a visual marketing component to fashion. Customers want to see what they get when they buy, so showcasing clothes from different angles fits their requirements well. Instagram solves these problems and directs traffic to the site. According to statistics, users of this social network can buy 70% more often than those who do not have an account.

Preparation phase for online shopping

Before you start, check your online store against the following criteria:

  1. There are photos of goods on the site.
  2. Each image has a corresponding description with keywords for search engines.
  3. The product card is informative and contains a button to add to the shopping cart.
  4. The reference mass works.
  5. The feedback form is ready to accept customer feedback.
  6. The store is advertised on profile sites.
  7. Internal re-linking works correctly.
  8. There are no 404 error pages.

Improper operation of an online store reduces conversion and customer confidence.

Tweets on Instagram

Subscribers are as important capital as financial capital. Moreover, a large number subconsciously generates respect, trust in an audience that has not yet joined you. If you read a lot, something worth doing is about the same logic. Everyone wants to increase the number of followers, and not always in fair ways. .; What types of cheating can be:

  • white official promotion tools, events, competitions, advertising;
  • grey, mass-folding, mass-slapping;
  • Black people are banned by the User Agreement.

We will consider only the white promotion. Gray cannot be used through third-party services according to the rules of social media. It is worth remembering that there are limits on likes, subscriptions / unsubscriptions and comments of 60 actions per hour, and 30 for new profiles that are less than 6 months old.

Business Profile

Currently, there are more than 25 million business accounts. 200 million people visit at least one company profile every day. .; To apply this option to your page, you need to link your Facebook page. .; We wrote in more detail in the articles:

  • Instagram and Facebook: how to tie and untie your account: https: / / Instamer. in / blog / instagram-i-fejsbuk-kak-privyazat-i-otvyazat-svoj-akkaunt. HTML < / span > .
  • Business account on Instagram: https: / / Instamer. in / blog / biznes-akkaunt-v-instagram. HTML . < / span > < / span >

What benefits do you get compared to a regular account?

  1. Display contact information: email, phone number, location, opening time (if relevant) in the bio for quick communication with the brand.
  2. Share posts from Instagram to Facebook easily.
  3. Learn analytics. How do your posts work? Does targeted advertising work? Who is your audience, how does it interact with the brand? You will solve the tasks and choose a successful promotion strategy.

A business profile collects and displays more information. Useful tool for finding new potential customers and working with them, warming up subscribers. Changing the type of account is mandatory if the company is serious about promoting the online store on Instagram.

Call to action and website address in the hat

The hat promotes the brand. It encourages the audience to visit the store's website, a specific product page, or any other section. .; How to fill in the bio correctly:

  • Write an effective call to action, explain to the audience what to do and where to press.
  • Use emojis for visual design.

Readers love a visual text. Highlight important parts, such as the store's website. .; That's how the BeFree store does it. The hat includes a link to a recent review of the collection on the YouTube platform, with a description of the collection and the price for each model. The inspirational video no doubt helps promote their online store on Instagram.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Selling and Inspiring Content

Store content should stand out and interact with the target audience. Show juicy, inspiring photos of products. Carry a story through the shots and it appeals to everyone, but don't overdo it with advertising: it's highly irritating. Diversity solves the problem perfectly: alternate product perspectives, photograph both in the background and in the front. .; Look at how Nike does it: they show athletes, but the trademark tick on clothing or shoes is not immediately eye-catching and therefore not irritating. https: / / www. Instagram. com / p / BkvCj4Anpzo / < / span > .

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Make sure that each post matches your profile style and is associated with the company. Interesting processing, filters, small inscriptions or watermarks - any highlight that makes it stand out from a host of other publications.

Content regularity

Content is your interaction with subscribers. A tool that persuades you to buy. The more often they see the material, the more loyal they become. If there are no posts, visitors refuse to buy: they forget about the store, lose confidence. .; Adjust your publication schedule. It is healthy if it is 1-3 fasting days, 3-10 Stories a day and 1-2 live broadcasts a week.

Discounts and coupons

Offer subscribers special bonuses that are only active for instagrammers: discounts, coupons, or free shipping. It's a great way to encourage them to follow the brand and participate in its life.


Live streaming is an effective way to communicate with potential customers and promote products. Share on-the-spot broadcasts, allowing audiences to participate in the life of the brand, see and hear information about the products sold. Broadcast organizers are shown on the main screen, which attracts attention and encourages those who have not received a mass launch notification to get involved.

Often, customers do not buy if there is no image or information about the product. Live broadcasts provide a great opportunity to discuss every aspect of the product. Show it on all sides and in application.

During broadcasts, the comments section at the bottom of the screen is active. This allows you to communicate with potential buyers and answer questions as they arise, and receive instant feedback. So broadcasting is not only a great way to promote an Instagram store, but also a way to build a brand society.

On the Power of Hashtags

Did you know that posts with at least one hashtag gain 12.6% more engagement than those without it? Creating an effective tag strategy is the best way to show publications to a new audience. And, depending on how targeted the chosen tags are, attract more followers and even customers. Instagram is working on the system and making regular improvements. .; Advantages:

  1. Monitor the effectiveness of publications with built-in statistics.
  2. Follow the hashtag to stay up to date on the various topics that are relevant to your interests.
  3. Add tags to your bio and Story: they are now clickable and search.

Key recommendations:

  • Add a topic tag to each post.
  • Create a brand hashtag.
  • Don't use the same tags: check their effectiveness and remove unnecessary ones.
  • A lot of hashtags under one post look like spam.

Add some text: you can insert several labels into it. .; Tags are originally created to classify content. Use the same system for the headings within your profile. This will make it possible to find earlier entries in each category.

The best of targeted advertising

Shoe company Fizzy Gobblet ran an advertising campaign on Instagram and got impressive results. With the help of targeting settings aimed at old and new target customers, in just one month the company received 40% more traffic to the site and increased sales by 50%.


Pros of targeting:

  • fast and flexible adjustment;
  • saving time;
  • detailed reporting on the advertising campaign;
  • customizable deadlines and budgets;
  • lack of a human factor (bloggers can be irresponsible).

Properly targeted advertising increases the conversion of an online store. Let's look at the basic rules leading to success.

Selecting a target

When creating an advertising campaign, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. Possible targets of the announcements could be:

  • Brand recognition involves attracting new potential customers or people who have already expressed an interest in the company or even bought a product.
  • Increasing subscribers is an audience to which you can showcase products and increase reach.
  • Conversion: Increase product sales by redirecting users to the store's website.

Announcement formats

There are five different types of Instagram ads.

  • A photo to demonstrate one or more products from the store.
  • Video. Create inspirational videos for up to 60 seconds to get the audience's attention.
  • A circular gallery displays a product from different angles or a range of products with similar properties.
  • Slideshow. 10 images will become a video to reveal the features of the store's product.
  • The selection will show the goods in full format on mobile devices.

Advertisements can be placed both in the feed and in Stores, which attract 300 million users daily. Beginners should try each type, which will allow them to orient themselves in the most appropriate and effective way for the audience and products. At this stage, it is important to have high-quality content that stays within the scope of the topic and at the same time stands out. Good stuff influences the store's promotion on Instagram.

Audience tuning

The social network offers various targeting settings:

  • Location: Ads are shown to people living in a particular country, region, or city.
  • Interests. Limit the audience based on their interests, such as the apps they use and the accounts they subscribe to.
  • Demography. Cover certain people by age, gender, and language.
  • Behavior. Display ads for people based on actions on Instagram and Facebook.

The right parameters will boost sales and quickly recoup the costs of targeted advertising. For example, you are a Russian sportswear company. You can point to people interested in sports who live in your city and are already subscribed to similar brands.

Possible problems

What problems in targeting a user may face:

  • lack of administrator rights on the Facebook page attached to the account;
  • blocking a page on Facebook;
  • arrears on previous advertising campaigns;
  • photos have inappropriate format, content, etc. d. ;
  • advertising text of more than 300 characters.

Find out what your cause is, and start solving the problem.

Communicating with the audience

One of the most important rules is to communicate with subscribers: give feedback, even if comments do not imply answers. Simple actions increase people's loyalty, and they tell their friends about the brand, bring in new customers.

Connect accounts from other social networks

Promote products from the store on other social platforms. For example, by connecting Facebook, you can reach users without an Instagram account, which will significantly increase views and conversion chances.


6 reasons why it is important to collect and use profile statistics with a built-in tool:

  1. It helps to understand who your audience is, to create a portrait of a regular buyer.
  2. Analyzing past posts helps you find your best time to record. Timing is an important part of social media marketing. Publishing posts during peak subscriber activity brings more engagement, traffic, and sales.
  3. Post statistics show what content the audience likes. Analyze all the details and correct the content plan.
  4. Check how the competitors are doing. What works and what doesn't? How can mistakes be avoided? And what techniques do they use and what do they do to do so?
  5. Optimize your promotion strategy on the basis of statistical evidence: identify mistakes and correct them.
  6. Analytics show the success of the advertising campaign. What went well? What tasks have not been solved? This will make it possible to launch the next project with a more precise aim.

Recall that the social network provides free statistics in the business profile. A small amount of time spent collecting and analyzing information will allow us to build a strong strategy for the future.

Summing up

The secrets of promoting the Instagram store are as follows:

  1. Fill in and create a profile that will attract attention and encourage the customer to go to the site or buy.
  2. Regularly post posts, stories, and conduct live broadcasts to increase brand awareness and audience loyalty.
  3. To share high-quality, diverse content on topics that fit the brand's style.
  4. Connect other social platforms and increase coverage.
  5. Communicate with subscribers: in the comments, in the Directive, ask for their advice, participate in discussions.
  6. Take advantage of targeted advertising: anyone can set a budget, starting with a couple of hundred.

Regular work on the profile will certainly help attract potential buyers and regular customers.