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Instagram counts 22 million Russians. On average, a user visits the social network 16 times a day. More than 60% of Instagrammers check updates daily. An app on mobile devices allows you to be within walking distance of your account. The level of banner blindness is lower than in other networks. Ideal conditions for promotion, if you know how to start a business on Instagram. Do you know about the possibilities of social media? Where to start, how soon the budget will pay off, and what to expect in the future. We suggest you take a look at our article.

Instagram's Business Opportunities

Knowing what Instagram can do will help you achieve your goals. What tasks can be accomplished:

  • Increased conversion;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • preserving the reputation and promoting the company's atmosphere;
  • heating up interest in the proposals;
  • increased engagement: likes, reposts, comments.
  • a description of the products and their benefits;
  • informing about company news and much more.

Instagram clearly separates personal accounts and business profiles. In the latter version, you can view free statistics and run ads using Facebook's Flexible Settings cabinet. For beginners, the simple promotion of posts will also come down at first. On the downside: few goals and functions for selecting audiences.

Instagram for Business: Where to Start

Here are recommendations that will help you know how to run and promote your Instagram business on your own.

  1. Choose a niche based on your interests. Analyze what you are good at and you can tell it. Don't rely on others "preferences; in most cases, you will abandon the business you have started.
  2. Once a list of interests is in sight, it is time to check how successful competitors in these areas fare. What do they do to attract audiences? What business strategies do they use? Choose the most realistic way and start planning.
  3. Business must not only be loved, but also bring in money. How do you know that your chosen niche will not just steal your budget? Type its name into the search bar, and check how much advertising you get in return. If a lot of goods and services are in demand.
  4. Analyze who you are going to sell to: gender, age, interests. Choosing the right target audience will save the budget and increase the chances of successful business promotion.
  5. Concentrate on the direction. Choose not too wide, otherwise there will be problems attracting advertisers. Too narrow is not worth it, either, and there may not be enough ideas for permanent content. In the future, you can expand and add new product lines, but it is better to start with one thing.
  6. Create a schedule by which you will be able to post content without interruption. Remember that fasting lasts four hours and making more than one recording during this period makes no sense. We wrote about how to choose the hours and days to publish in this article.

With experience, skills become entrenched, and mistakes that arise at first will not be a barrier.

About the target audience and where to look for it

Determine who your clients are: how old they are, what income they have, what they are interested in. In the future, you will invest in targeted advertising to attract buyers.

Find out what people consider to be good products and who is the authority in your field. What subscribers don't like, avoid, or ridicule? Preliminary analysis will be needed to post promo posts to bloggers or cool communities. Pleasure is rather expensive, but it brings maximum effect: advertising looks like natty and enjoys high trust of the audience.

The types of businesses promoted on Instagram

Instagram is based on the perception of visual content, on people's feelings. So sales with long lead times are poorly promoted.

What topics are popular:

  • Clothes;
  • food;
  • gadgets;
  • accessories for women;
  • sports;
  • travel.

The average amount of goods in a check is 5. 000 roubles. The best product to implement is visually clinging, bright and beautiful.

How Instagram Works for Business

Sales begin after about three months of active profiling: daily posts, competitions, communication with subscribers, advertising.

If your product is original and unique, and the blogger has managed to bring the benefits of the product to the audience, success is assured. Instagram works like a sarafan radio, with one sharing a photo and another wanting to do the same.

Otherwise, when a product is not original, there are two options: abandon Instagram and focus on regular advertising, or tell subscribers a personal story. Why exactly? The social network is built on visual content. Conveying emotions and feelings is the main task, and the text complements, narrates and explains. Subscribers are interested in how you live, goals, dreams, and everything you discover in your story. Revive the product, make up stories, participate in them, and share with the world, and it will reach out to you.

Ask readers what story they have on the topic. With comments, the post has a larger audience reach. The tape is not based on chronological order, but on the level of engagement of other users. Instagram's algorithms select the most interesting posts under the user and show them first.

Use comments not only to increase engagement, but also to communicate. People understand that you are within touching distance, and are sure to respond, even if the remark or emoji does not imply feedback. Followers are starting to trust, which is important in business development. It is not enough to screw up subscribers who will remain silent. A comprehensive approach is needed to engage with audiences and content.

How much to invest

Business development on Instagram presupposes the presence of advertising. And you won't be the only one making money from it by leasing it to another ad. At first, we will have to look for sites to promote our positions.

It is best to buy ads from pages with thousands of subscribers. This means that you, too, must have several thousand live fans. There are special tools for identifying and weeding out bots. Dial 10. 000 subscribers on average will cost 20-40 thousand rubles. However, the numbers are average, because various factors are taken into account: the quality of the sites on which you leave the post and the content of the post itself.

31 Business Ideas on Instagram

Starting a business via Instagram will help ideas. You can take them from your head, from successful blogs, from everything that surrounds and inspires you. Here are some ideas that have shown results.

  1. Set the periodicity and post posts with questions to subscribers. Interested in their opinion, respond in the comments, in Direct. In this way, you not only increase brand awareness and reputation, but also become inspired by activism. And some of the fans might throw up an idea for a new post.
  2. Find on the Internet what questions people most often ask in your area. This will guide what content plan to write, what to educate people about, and how to get to the point.
  3. Take a photo of the product in the hands of a celebrity. Inspiration and respect for subscribers is assured: the star does not advise bad things.
  4. Talk about the team and outstanding employees. Small stories lift the mood and motivation of colleagues, and folklorists see the company's activity. Shine a light on how your colleagues came to you, what they have achieved in life, and what they aspire to achieve.
  5. Create a shop window from your account. Photographs are a quick way to find out the goods and the price. And the text will help fill in the remaining information about delivery, deadlines, etc. d.
  6. Give a masterclass. Subscribers like to learn something new, and when they offer to do it with their own hands, they get even better. Let it be a useful life hack or a decorative thing. It's about the brand.
  7. Publish relevant content. Keep up to date with the world's news and research in your field. Be sure to choose interesting ones, and this could become a new topic for discussion.
  8. Check out competitors in your area. What topics do they write about? Tell us about the same, but in more detail, so that the reader gets maximum information. Never copy their material. Be unique.
  9. Don't know where to find competitors and partners for cooperation? Use a clever trick: ask subscribers what they are reading. Don't want to take the risk of following through on hashtags and reviews.
  10. Make content diverse. For example, on weekends, use funny pictures for fun, and on Tuesday-Wednesday, talk about serious numbers. Periodically send posts with quotes from famous people.
  11. Watch what subscribers say under the post. Look for interesting comments, mark them. Find the best one, put it in a separate post, be it serious expert opinion or entertaining material. You will encourage attentive readers and develop a new thread for discussion.
  12. What makes people surprised and want to pick up faster? Free goods / services. You can assign specific hours or days when subscribers will be eligible or for a condition: the first five, the author of the best comment, or randomly.
  13. Tell us about the brand's activities. What do you do behind closed doors of the office? What meetings, conferences do you attend? What cool people do you meet? Or maybe you have a change in the process of making goods? Share with readers, they will support.
  14. Learn your analytics. Share the ups and downs.
  15. Hold a game. Not necessarily for prizes, you can be asked to write an opinion on a quote or continue an unfinished sentence. Fantasia is in your hands. Small distractions are useful in the evenings or weekends when everyone is off work and ready to play or joke.
  16. Communication also takes place at Direct. Take a screenshot of the dialogue with your interlocutor's permission and comment on it in a separate post. Perhaps it is a frequently asked question, a wish for the future, a review of the work done, or just a phrase reflecting the style of the company.
  17. Sell not just text, but poetry or even hockey. Mark all features and enter prices in an unusual format. Use different literary techniques: comparisons, exaggerations. Give a product or service a creative description: readers memorize vivid images.
  18. Enter the best or most popular publications of the week. You give your posts a second life, and readers can read material they may have missed.
  19. Posting positive photos that make readers feel good. You can deviate from the theme, but it is important to maintain the style so that the page is designed in the same style.
  20. Create a brand hashtag. Check that it is light and beautiful by ear and writing. Correct typos or errors and post it under each post. Soon you will be able to track people's feedback not only by comments, but also by their posts with the content of your hashtag.
  21. Thank you to the audience. Find a reason: for support, for activism, for growth, for inspiration. The main thing is to be honest.
  22. Share links to resources on your topic: articles, audio, and video. Users love any additions to the text. Help them find useful sources, and they will remember you.
  23. Use live broadcasts to meet with experts. Ask their opinion and answer questions from the audience.
  24. Show not only the process, how you create the product, but also the stages of manufacturing or carrying out the service. Photos can be combined into a single post by merry-go-round or post multiple entries.
  25. Don't forget about Stories: in addition to advertising, they can talk about discounts, new revenues, competitions and announcements of the next posts.
  26. Create a flash mob for subscribers and a separate tag for it. Don't forget to get involved by showing great photos.
  27. What peaks does your brand aim for? Set a goal and share your successes or failures toward it.
  28. Create sections where subscribers can leave feedback. Encourage them and publish the best. From the negatives, find the qualities to work on, from the positive strategies to move forward successfully.
  29. Add photos of fans with your product. They can be found using hashtags or by setting up a contest. Ask permission first.
  30. Share how your company relaxes: in addition to possible meetings and conferences, skim photos from a corporate event or a joint hike.
  31. Another way to start a discussion is to post a photo and ask for a title.

Follow the comments and encourage audience engagement: it can tell a lot about you and throw up new ideas. .; Be sure to keep a notepad and write down your business ideas, and later you will not forget them and implement them on Instagram.

Instagram Tools for Business

Doing business on Instagram implies having tools to facilitate processes and improve the quality of content. We have selected key programs and services that help attract customers and earn their trust. .; Tools you already have:

  1. Start with the free built-in service familiar to every Instagram Direct user. Why is it important? It is the equivalent of personal messages on any other social network. People communicate with companies in one touch. In addition to handling comments, it is important to respond to Direct messages: you may be a step away from getting a new regular customer. Sharing information increases conversions and trust. Encourage the audience to engage. Interested in suggestions. Business profiles have a convenient function: messages can be marked as important and customized to answer frequently asked questions. Save time, money, and attract buyers.
  2. Use free statistics for business profiles. It is useful when you want to know which posts are most attractive to your audience: where are the most likes and comments. Based on the information you receive, you will learn the successful criteria for publication and adjust the content plan. Get to know your target audience through statistics and formulate precise settings for targeted advertising.
  3. The tape is another tool for attracting subscribers "attention. Moreover, we can talk about both targeted advertising, which is shown to potential customers, and about posts created by the company. In any of these cases, focus on creativity and customer interests. Find the pain that people are interested in and provide a solution in the form of your product.
  4. Instagram Stories are popular with users, with more than 300 million daily users. They will be useful for informing about discounts, promotions, competitions and just company news. Stories are stored for only 24 hours and then deleted. A good way to talk about limited offers.

How to grow your Instagram business through other tools:

  1. Aviary. Initially, you can't do without a photo editor. Learn how to create high-quality photos, keep track of trends in processing. Aviary has numerous stickers and stickers. It is available on Windows, iOS, and Android.
  2. PicFlow is an app for easy slideshow creation. On Instagram, in addition to static photos, there are actual videos showing images at a certain time interval. All you need to do in the program is choose pictures, their duration and audio file: music or spoken text. The paid version allows access to transitions between shots and can remove watermarks.
  3. Crowdfire. The tool will show all analytics by subscribers: who subscribed, who subscribed. It is possible to create black and white lists, analyze followers according to the interests of the company and find potential customers. It has 1 free fare and 4 priced from $10.
  4. Adobe Spark. A powerful tool that supports different templates for filling Instagram content. It adds brand attributes, creating individuality in each design. Available in mobile and web versions. Ready records are added to the social network and, if necessary, downloaded to the computer.
  5. Hootsuite. Works with several social networks and is able to publish posts simultaneously in different ones. Prepare publications in advance, analyze audience engagement, and keep track of brand mentions. A demo version is available for the first 30 days, followed by a selection of tariffs.
  6. Canva. Developers took care of creating templates for Instagram Stories. Design, customize, and don't be afraid to go beyond the limits. The designer works with fonts, graphics, and photos, combining them into one masterpiece. Ability to align images, crop, and adjust text. Work with transparency, brightness, saturation, and contrast.
  7. Storiesads. The name suggests that the service is intended for Stories. A video editor with built-in templates creates individual videos, depending on the task. There is a free trial period.

This is not the whole list. In the first stages, focus on content quality to shape the style and timing of publications. Choose relevant hashtags, change them periodically, and monitor the effectiveness of posts through analytics systems.

Summing up

We covered a few things about how to use Instagram for business. Many companies have been helped by social media to tell their stories, start with you. Determine which business you want and can promote. Think about delivering content to your audience and customize targeted advertising. Calculate your forces and budget. At first it will be difficult and almost no one will know about you, and only after a few months the first customers will come. The key is to keep going.