Instagram Stories are a success story in themselves. In the near future they should even Instagram Stories sind eine Erfolgsgeschichte für sich. In naher Zukunft sollen sie sogar replace the newsfeed . According to official Facebook figures from June 2018, Instagram in Germany now has . Laut offizieller Facebook-Zahlen vom Juni 2018 hat Instagram in Deutschland mittlerweile 15 million users . Many of them are also passionate about stories - just take a look around your home.

Worldwide, 300 million people use Instagram Stories every day. The Snapchat-like feature lets you create photo and video sequences that disappear 24 hours after posting.

Good news for the millions of company profiles on this platform: one of five stories Gute Nachrichten für die Millionen von Unternehmensprofilen auf dieser Plattform: eine von fünf Stories receives a direct message . And when a potential customer addresses your business directly on Instagram, that's a lead.

More leads wanted? This post helps!

The article is aimed at marketers who want to develop a better understanding of the use of Instagram Stories, both technically and strategically, to produce authentic and engaging content that attracts attention and engagement.

Let's go.


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How Instagram Stories Work

New to Instagram? Then start with this part. Learn how to use Instagram Stories in simple step-by-step instructions.

More experienced users are welcome to

Let's start by answering frequent beginner's questions.

How do I post an Instagram story?

After you have a

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap the camera icon in the upper left corner
  3. Set the format for your content at the bottom of the screen. The content options TYPE, LIVE, NORMAL, BOOMERANG, SUPERZOOM, RETURN, FREE or STOP MOTION are available.
  4. Tap on the white circle at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. Hold the white circle button to record a video.

Note: Shoot vertically so that your content takes up as much screen space as possible.

How do I add a HASHDAY to my Instagram Story?


Step 1: Shoot a video or snap a photo. Step 2: Click on the Aa icon in the upper right corner. A cursor appears in the middle of the screen. Step 3: Adjust the size, color and position of the cursor. Step 4: First, tap the # icon, then type a word or phrase without spaces, and then press RETURN to create the hashtag.

Note: Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but you shouldn't use that many. According to a Instagram erlaubt bis zu 30 Hashtags per Post, aber so viele sollten Sie nicht verwenden. Nach einer Study by TrackMaven Average interactions per post start at about five hashtags.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

How do I add a LOCATION to my Instagram Story?

Around the world, most sites (read: cities) have their own Stories that curate Instagram from posts that contain location tags. Posts selected for a location story get more reach, visibility and engagement.

Step 1: Shoot a video or snap a photo. Step 2: At the top of the screen, tap the folded smiley symbol , which then shows a series of stickers. Step 3: Tap the Location sticker and then select exactly where the photo or video was taken.

How can I add a STICKER to my Instagram Story?

Stickers are images that you can add to a photo or video. You add a certain extra to your content that makes it more interesting.

Step 1: Shoot a video or snap a photo. Step 2: At the top of the screen, tap the folded smiley symbol button to display the sticker menu. Step 3: Select a sticker, press it to zoom in or out, then position it anywhere on the screen. If everything fits, press the Stickers until you have a PIN button at the bottom right corner. Tap and go.

Bonus : Learn more in our Step-by-step guide how to create a social media strategy and optimize your social media presence with Instamer.

How do I add a QUESTION to my Instagram Story?

Surveys are interactive stickers that allow users to answer binary questions - a great tool for marketers who want to encourage their audience to interact while collecting valuable quantitative data.

Step 1: Shoot a video or snap a photo. Step 2: At the top of the screen, tap the folded smiley symbol . Step 3: Choose QUESTION (the option should appear at the top) and then type your question into the box asking 's question in grey. You can also edit the text in the YES | NO field below.

Note: Users who take part in a survey will see the results immediately after answering the question. As an administrator, you can swipe up on the post to see who voted and what they chose.

How do I add HIGHLIGHTS to my Instagram Story?

HIGHLIGHTS are stories that you have planned for a longer duration than the usual 24-hour span. If you are proud of a particularly successful story, you could show it as a highlight on your profile page, for example, to give users faster access to your must-see content.

Step 1: Shoot a video or snap a photo. Step 2: Add this to your story. Step 3: Open your story, tap HIGHLY in the lower right corner, press NEW to denote the content and then add it to the show reel on your profile.

How do I find out the VIEWS my Instagram Story has scored?

You created your story. Now you want to know how she performs.

Step 1: Tap on the top of the homescreen YOU . Then your story appears. Step 2: Swipe up: You will then see a list of users who have seen each individual post in your story.

Note: If there is someone on the list who should no longer see your stories, tap the X to the right of the username. This will hide future photos, videos and live videos from that person.

What is the Instagram EXPLORE page?

In the early days, Instagram had a popular page that showcased the most valued content on the platform. This has been replaced by the Explore page, a powerful feature that allows companies to push the reach and drive brand awareness, engagement and conversions to unprecedented heights.

Unlike the Popular page, each user's Explore page is populated with individually different content, which is curated based on their comments and likes, such as activities on profiles they follow. For example, if your company posts a photo that I then share with the Anders als bei der Beliebt-Seite wird die Explore-Seite eines jeden Nutzers mit individuell unterschiedlichen Inhalten bestückt, die auf Basis seiner Kommentare und Likes wie Aktivitäten auf Profilen, denen er/sie folgt, kuratiert werden.Wenn Ihr Unternehmen beispielsweise ein Foto postet, das ich dann vom Instagram account If you like or comment on 's' Like 'feature (which has more than 79,000 followers), your photo will appear on the Explore page of people who like or comment on Instagram photos.

Instagram Stories: Ideas from brands that master the profession perfectly

's Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: 'Nothing is easier than greatness. To be simple is to be great.

Instagram, of course, is simple. So simple that every month half a billion people use the platform to create something, express themselves and connect with others. And all these people generate outrageous amounts of content.

Here are eight ideas you can pick from other brands that have managed to grab attention in the Instagram crush.

Create tutorials like Etsy

Man is designed to obtain quick gratification. Patience is definitely not one of his virtues. Securing the closest reward is one of the evolutionary traits that have defined human behavior for thousands of years.

Brands like Etsy create tutorials as Instagram Stories, capitalizing on their audience's innate desire to get desirable things as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at The New York Times

A deeper, more intimate and authentic insight into something we love and cherish can be a fascinating experience. That's why 's behind-the-scenes content is so irresistible to fans. It goes under the surface, serves a I know more need and ultimately makes the audience feel special and excellent.

The New York Times, for example, took its followers behind the scenes of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show to give them the richer and more satisfying experience they craved.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Release 's news as Ben & amp; Jerry's

Companies that use Instagram Stories for announcements keep their followers informed and up-to-date, which fans and brand ambassadors appreciate.

Whenever your company makes an acquisition, hires an influencer, or introduces a new product, sharing the news as an Instagram Story reinforces the impression that the people viewing your content are well-informed consumers.

Every time Ben & amp; Jerry's introduces a new flavor, the company creates a story and people lick the new ice cream out of their hands.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Work with listicles like National Geographic

Listicles, enumerated articles published in the form of a list, have earned their legitimacy because they are easy to fly over and digest.

subconsciously uses our preferred way of gathering and organising information „Listen bedienen unterbewusst unsere bevorzugte Art, Informationen zu erhalten und zu organisieren,“ writes Maria Konnikova, columnist for The New Yorker. From an information processing point of view, they often hit the optimum point of our attention.

So Instagram Stories are an ideal medium for listicles, especially for highly visual brands like National Geographic.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Host a Takeover Like Maybelline New York

2012 Brands such as GE and Burberry have begun inviting influencers to take over their feeds - a way to cross-promote their content and appeal to new audiences. The strategy worked and has worked ever since.

's takeovers aren't all fun and games „Takeovers machen nicht nur Spaß,“ explained Gary Vaynerchuk, They are also an excellent example of a 50 / 50 equivalent of a partnership that benefits both sides equally.

When Maybelline New York brought teenager Jordyn Jones to York Fashion Week as an influencer for a take-over of their insider story, both brands benefited from relevant attention and engagement from their respective audiences.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Share a Q & amp; A like The New York Times

Instagram Stories with questions and answers are great for highlighting many perspectives on a single topic, giving the audience a deeper and more insightful experience. The format also allows brands to interact directly with their followers, who can participate in the Q & amp; A by sending their questions via direct message.

The New York Times, for example, used this tactic during the Standing Rock protests to publish various viewpoints on the issue.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Pictures via Bilder via PR Newswire's Journalist and Blogger Community Blog

Give your followers a stage like Starbucks

Unlike more formal channels, Instagram Stories is a casual medium, which is why it lends itself to addressing followers directly. For fans, there is little greater recognition than that from a brand they love.

As part of its # RedCupContest, Starbucks invited users to share content revolving around the brand's iconic red cup, and the best posts were then curated for an Instagram Story that showcased its creators.

7 essential Instagram Stories tips and tricks

Modern marketers in the engagement business are, broadly speaking, concerned with producing content that generates attention and ensures action.

Unfortunately, Instagram provides little data on the performance of Stories. Marketers who want to measure performance (and are used to deeper insights provided by other platforms) have to settle for unique views, completion rates, and direct messages to their stories on their Instagram Stories.

The economical data make it difficult to

How do you get there? These best practices help!

1. Tell a story

Clear and simple stories activate the brain and facilitate memory. A good story also releases oxytocin in the brain, the same hormone that creates social bonds.

That's why the best Instagram stories are nothing more than stories. Use the slideshow format to put together a story with beginning, middle and end. This increases the completion rate of your content. And it helps people remember your message.

2. Be authentic

Remember me? Erinnern Sie sich an Kendall Jenner's promotional clip for Pepsi ? A real marketing and PR stunt, because people recognized the clip for what it was: a thinly veiled attempt to engage in a profound and really consistent movement.

Worse, the ad was polished and unnatural, a fake that the whole world immediately recognized.

Authentic content is honest, both in message and execution. It's not perfect, it's real.

People trust in the real thing.

3. Provide added value

Added value means: Tell your followers how they can do something that makes their lives easier or better (information). Added value means that your followers feel something (entertainment).

If you do that consistently, your audience will keep coming back, spreading your content and growing.

4. Get creative

Edward de Bono, founder of the Edward de Bono, Begründer des Lateral thinking As he put it: "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns to look at things differently."

Instagram Stories offers a number of features that allow users to look at things differently, think differently and get creative. If you use these features boldly, your audience will notice and reward you with attention, commitment and action.

5. Plan ahead

Instagram Stories allows you to post photos and videos on your camera as long as the content is not older than 24 hours. (You can trick this 24-hour rule by opening your content in an editing app and then saving it again. Instagram then perceives the content as new and thus uploadable).

This feature makes it possible to plan stories in advance, rather than producing them spontaneously. Facilitate the creation of content that is more compelling, compelling and meaningful.

6. Promote your story

When you promote or promote your story, more people see it.

This strategy is especially worthwhile if you have developed highlight content for a special offer, event or brand initiative. The extra time, energy and resources spent on this story should also pay off, so it makes sense to invest in dissemination.

7. Use CTAs

A CTA, or call-to-action, is one of the most important elements of your story because it tells people what to do next.

As a brand, it's not in your interest if your viewers don't do anything. You want people to interact with, like, share and comment on your content. Or perhaps take a more decisive action such as making a purchase.

Whatever it is, it won't happen unless you explicitly ask for it, either in the caption or in the post itself.

The North Face did a good job of telling viewers what to do next in their Valentine's Day story.

How to use Instagram Stories like a pro. Instamer

Bonus tips

Sean Kelly, Founder and CEO of Sean Kelly, Gründer und CEO von @ JerseyChamps has amassed over one million followers on Instagram. I spoke to him to find out more about best practices for Instagram Stories.

If you go LIVE on Instagram during an existing story, it catapults you into the front row of 's Instagram newsfeed, 'explains Kelly. gives you the lowdown on the best emerging talent breaking through at football clubs throughout Europe.

Kelly also praises QUESTIONS as a way to collect quantitative data that feeds into your strategy.

uses polls in your stories to keep your followers up to date, has advised. uses these stats to help you make your business decisions. For example, before I put a jersey on the market, I show the design in my story and start a survey asking for the opinion of my audience. If it doesn't go down well, it won't be produced.

Instagram Stories stay with us . At least for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, every company should take advantage of the great popularity of this platform to find more supporters and customers. And if you already use Instagram Stories, you can

Want to take your Instagram Stories to the next level? Sie wollen Ihre Instagram Stories auf das nächste Level bringen? Nutzen Sie diese Adobe Spark has created.