instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Personal blogs and brands need to expand their audience. They assert themselves, increase coverage, and promote services. Free and paid ways have their pros and cons. In the first case, the blogger turns to SMM-specialists and services, and in the second case, he does everything manually according to his own plan. We take a look at 15 free ways, talk about the cost of paid, tools, and safety at work.

15 free ways to win active followers on Instagram

We offer 15 recommendations for recruiting an active audience without investing in advertising or tools. The total cost will depend on the cost of the content: whether you make it by hand or trust the photographers and stylists. Speed and regularity affect the result. But for all the haste, follow Instagram's restrictions, or it will block your account forever. We have covered some points in detail in our previous articles. You can find out more at the links.

  1. Regularly post interesting content. If you don't have inspiration, take a look. What to post on Instagram: 222 cool ideas And so on. Ideas and life hacks for Instagram photos It is.
  2. Implement a strategy
  3. Massfolloving. You can manually subscribe to other people every day. The database is formed from relevant geo-tags, hashtags. Individual sources include lists from the VC and the audience of competitors. It is possible to collect a folloving list through services or manually open and foll a row. Nuances:
  • pay attention to the number of subscribers and subscribers. If a person has a few thousand first and a couple of second, the probability of reciprocity is close to zero.
  • Follow Instagram's limits. Subscriptions and unsubscriptions are counted at the same time and their total limit is 60 actions per hour. It is best not to make a fuss and leave a small reserve.
  • Subscribing to people with more than a thousand subscriptions makes no sense: they lose your content and will not be active. They can reciprocate, but not always.
  • You need to unsubscribe. Either from everyone or from non-reciprocal, otherwise the page will not inspire confidence.

4. Gather friends from all social networks. Promoted platforms can bring many followers, it is enough to include links to Instagram and invite everyone.

5. Use relevant hashtags to post. The post will be seen by more people, and the better their reaction, the greater the chance of getting into the top 9 and gaining more interested followers. Don't you know how to use it? complete hashtag instructions for collecting followers and likes .

6. Put geolocation in the posts. You will attract the attention of local residents and gather a target audience. The method perfectly solves the problem of Russian followers on Instagram.

7. If you are developing your own website and launching a newsletter, include your Instagram profile in your emails so that more people can see it and subscribe.

8. Free accommodation in public places. Start-up pages publish authors "posts for free to attract attention and increase popularity. They need content, and they will gladly take quality material.

9. Mini-games at Storyz. Play a PR game with your friends. For example, write intriguing terms: "I will select any photo I like from your profile and post it to myself." Do you want to send a smiley to Direct Line? And send a message to those who respond that they first post a favorite post from your profile and mark you. Everything is happening at Storyz. Audience sharing benefits PR participants, and users find interesting pages.

10. Competitions . Many bloggers are noticeably increasing their audience during these events. Of course, some will unsubscribe, but most will stay with you. And if the competitions are on a permanent basis, the audience remains and is replenished with new participants. The downside is that the ad needs to be promoted so that more people know about it. You don't have to buy targeted ads, you can ask familiar bloggers to tell you about you or engage in mutual PR.

11. Learn how to process photos and videos. Your content will become more interesting and will be able to retain more subscribers.

12. Not enough to leave beautiful shot . It is desirable to tell a story and show personality. People are interested in reading about people.


14. Creating an Account . < / span > Users are interested in who they subscribe to, what awaits them, and who is behind the posts. Name, basic activities and hobbies will help guide people and join you.

15. Apps with points, on which you spin subscribers and likes. They are free, but most people will soon leave.

All methods can be combined.

Instagram followers: Paid

The paid method works according to algorithms embedded in applications and programs.

How much it costs

The cost depends on several factors:

  1. Services and programs can promote multiple pages. In the tariffs, they specify their number and the amount for the set of features provided to all accounts. .; The kind of audience. Bots are easier to bring, so such a spin-off of followers on Instagram will be cheap.
  2. Filters. The more settings there are to weed out excess people and attract potential buyers, the higher the cost of the service.
  3. Discounts. Periodically, services arrange promotions, selling fares at a lower price or providing free days.
  4. Scope of services. The formula is simple: the more features, the higher the cost, but if taken in bulk, you can save on the price of one action.

The Pros of Paid Fraud

  1. Minimum effort. You define the plan and only observe, periodically analyze the effectiveness and adjust the work. Monotonous actions are performed by the chosen tool.
  2. Regulated time. In services, you can choose your own amount and time. If this function is not available, the system itself has allocated everything for you.
  3. Continuity of work. The algorithm will work according to plan without your participation. Regularity produces more results than periodicity related to human factors: lack of time, laziness, etc. d.

The Minuses of Paid Fraud

  1. Bots. If you don't manually adjust your audience settings, you're more likely to get dead pages. This will significantly spoil the statistics and it will be difficult to track the effectiveness of the promotion strategy.
  2. Blocks and baths. The service's algorithms are smart: they set limits on their own and do not arouse Instagram's suspicion. However, in any other tool where there are no restrictions, or you do everything manually, you need to keep an eye on the limits, otherwise the social network will block actions or banish your account.

Avoiding Scammers

  1. Use popular platforms that have already proven themselves.
  2. Check open access to information. If you need to register or pay for services first, and then find out what the funds have been paid for, it is a scam. Exception: well-known services.
  3. Check online reviews and check who is writing them.
  4. Download programs from official sites. It is less likely to carry a virus or pass card numbers to third parties.
  5. Follow Instagram's restrictions to avoid losing your account.


You can find auto-scrolling sites on Instagram in the article "The best apps and services for scrolling."

Summing up

The addition of followers to Instagram online helps brands and personal blogs grow, promote their content, and increase their visibility. The free plan includes a combination of several methods: massaging, massfolding, quality content, mutual PR, competitions.

Pros: a live, interested audience, including potential buyers. Cons: requires a systematic approach and continuous human involvement.

The tools offer a paid spin on tariff plans: the same subscriptions and subscriptions from people, likes and comments, but in automatic mode. Advantages in the absence of a human factor: Start the service and the work will begin. But an audience without settings can come in substandard, consisting of bots and dead pages. If you need a live one, look for services that offer filters by databases. Be careful when choosing: follow the security rules and don't fall for crooks.