instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Instagram was created as a mobile app, and you can only officially post photos from your phone. In some cases, it is convenient only from a computer: photos are taken on a camera, long text is uncomfortable to type on a small screen, and Internet connection speeds are slow. Special services and programs have already found a way to post Instagram posts via a computer. Before you start work, you need to know a few rules.


Instagram encourages users of the mobile app. Attempts to publish photos from a computer can be problematic. Including blocking an account for downloading from third-party services. Most of them require personal login information: a password and a login.

Sometimes you need to confirm via phone. Developers have created a complex system to avoid spam and automated actions: hoax likes, comments, etc. d. You may even need to change your password.

The site has spam filters to block accounts that are too active. When the number of likes, posts, or comments exceeds 150 per hour, the corresponding buttons become unavailable.

Be extremely careful about sharing personal information with suspicious instruments, which may be hidden by fraudsters. Consider how to post to Instagram from a computer and what programs can help.

How to make an Instagram post from a computer via a web browser

A browser is the easiest way to publish from a computer. All you need is a modern version. Let's take an example, Firefox.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. Press F12 or right-click Explore the item and you will see the following at the bottom of the screen:
    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  3. Choose a mobile view to view the site:
    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

    And then select a device:

    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  4. Scroll down. In front of you is a mobile version, all you have to do is add photos and post.
    instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The advantages of downloading via a browser:

  • the fastest way;
  • no need to install additional software;
  • no spam filters: the social network believes that the user is sitting through the phone.

Among the shortcomings is the absence of a media content planner.


BlueStacks is a convenient program that can be downloaded from the home page of the official website. It is an emulator that can fully recreate the functionality of Android on a personal computer. Weighs a lot, can slow down. Payless and contains advertising. At first, you will have to get used to making Instagram posts in BlueStacks from a computer.

After installation, go to the app and click on the gear. You will be prompted to register a Google account or open an existing one. Sign in and start looking for Instagram. Install it by pressing the appropriate button, similar to a mobile download of the program. Now the social network will be available in a mobile version on the monitor screen. You can create a shortcut on your desktop.

To upload a photo, you simply drag it into the emulator window, which will display a list of applications to send. Select Instagram. All processing functions are available to you: filters, pruning. Add text, hashtag, tag people, and post the first entry from your computer. All actions are analogous to a mobile app.


Another solution to writing and posting an Instagram post from a computer is Gramblr. At launch, it asks for a password and login from the account. The software's function is to upload a photo and caption the text. The set of filters is limited to standard ones, there is a trimming to the square. Add text, tags, and send a record. The tool also provides a history of posted publications and is able to upload according to schedule. It is important that the computer is turned on when posting.


Installing is a free service that does not even require registration. .; How to add a post to Instagram using Instaxing from a computer:

  • Start creating a post: upload a photo from the Explorer or drag it into the program area;
  • Edit the image if necessary: filters, pruning;
  • When you post a post, the service will ask for a password and login from your account.

The tool also allows you to upload posts from videos in mp4 format.


Flume is only available for Mac OS and supports all Instagram tools. However, add-on features from the computer are only available in the Pro version after subscription. Originally, the app was in the Mac App Store. Because of the violation of the rules of the social network, it was removed, but users continue to work with older versions of the program.


Instmsk makes the process of posting photos easy and fast, and is one of the most popular tools for working with Instagram. The program does not limit the format of the image: settings for rectangular and square are available separately. Diversity of filters, work with tags, support for multiple accounts. After editing, quality is not lost. The post can be shared with friends in Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Vkontakte. The resource is flexible, does not hover and saves traffic.


Uplet is another tool that solves the problem of how to post to Instagram via a computer. Available for Mac OS on a paid basis. The post is done in a few clicks: upload a photo, fill in a description, hashtag, etc. d. , all as in the normal version. It does not have wide settings for image editing.

InstaPlus. me

InstaPlus service. me has more advanced functionality:

  • downloading photos from a computer: built-in photo editor;
  • description of the post with the hashtag;
  • planning the date of publication;
  • Subscriber fraud.

Free use is available for the first 5 days.

Official version of Instagram for Windows 10

The Windows 10 app allows users to shoot broadcasts, send messages to Direct, and download Stories.

  • Check out the desktop version of Instagram.
  • Tap the camera icon.
  • Choose photos in folders.
  • Allow access to the microphone and camera if you are going to broadcast.

It is not yet possible to add photos, but it is possible that in the future this feature will be implemented at the request of many users.

How to edit an Instagram post from a computer

Another challenge a user faces is how to edit an Instagram post without a mobile app, from a computer. For example, a mistake was made. Instaredactor will help with this task.

Main functionality:

  • Editing records;
  • Text layout;
  • Autoposting;
  • Synchronization through the cloud;
  • Content plan.

How to delete an Instagram post from your computer

Deleting a post from a mobile app is easy, and the social network has provided this option. For some time the links to the photos will be relevant, but after updating the services they will disappear and with them all the information: likes, comments. But in the official version of the computer there is no deletion function. But you can use the BlueStack emulator. Through it, you can make full use of Instagram: publish, edit and delete posts.

How to schedule an Instagram post from your computer

Let's turn to tools that will help not only to publish a post, but also to schedule it for a certain time.

  • Onlypult. Contains a photo editor with many settings: filters, trimming, setting hashtags and geolocation. A calendar and a planner for planning publications are built in. In addition, the resource analyzes user activity: likes, comments. Provides a subscription for 12 dollars, there is a trial period.
  • Smmplanner. The service works with various social networks. One of the advantages of security is that it does not store passwords on the server, but uses special algorithms. Can put watermarks, looks for the most popular posts. Offers 50 free posts per month. A trial period and a subscription are available.
  • Smmbox. This service is distinguished by a clear interface and easy navigation. Overlay watermarks on the image. Can quickly plan and post a record. Offers two weeks to try for free.

The main drawbacks are paid subscriptions. And, as mentioned at the beginning, Instagram may require confirmation of the password, up to the procedure of resetting it. All actions take time, you have to be ready.

Now you can work on Instagram from both a mobile app and a computer.

Summing up

We've looked at 9 ways to create and post Instagram posts from a computer, and this is far from a complete list. Be careful when transferring account data to unfamiliar services: check the name of the site to avoid being hacked. We wrote about how to protect against phishing in our article.