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Is it possible to promote your own brand, expand your target audience, and increase sales without targeting? Today, fortunately or unfortunately, not. The days when outdoor advertising worked effectively are long gone. That's why everyone has long since changed the platform for posting, and now marketing content is being launched on social media. There are plenty of pluses to such a solution. But the most important audience here is more loyal and susceptible to outside influences, willing to make reckless purchases. In fact, for this reason, there is also a reasonable question: how to learn to write selling posts, because they are the key tool that allows to significantly increase profits and turnover.

What is an advertising post

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Before proceeding to a detailed instruction, to describe in detail the algorithm of actions, we propose to dissect what exactly constitutes an advertising publication, what are its main features, features and selection criteria. So, based on the information contained in most marketing and promotion books, we can formulate the following definition: it is an eye-catching text, supplemented by some bright picture or illustration.

The most typical features include:

· ability to attract attention;

· focus on a specific offer, good or service;

· Pursuing the goal of hitting the target audience.

Many novice copywriters are particularly wary of selling content, viewing it as unimaginably complicated. In practice, however, it is not difficult to produce a high-quality text that fulfills its purpose. A few key aspects need only be taken into account. Which ones? Tell us more!

Objectives of advertising posts

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The purpose of marketing publications has been partly addressed above. Now we propose to address this issue in a more substantive way. So, what exactly is required of an advertising-selling publication?

· attract the attention of potential customers;

· describe the advantages and advantages of the product or service;

· increase the number of leads: transitions, clicks, visits, requests, etc. d.

Experienced SMM specialists advise viewing advertising not as entertainment or a creative art form, but as an effective information tool that builds a dialogue between seller and buyer. When creating advertising publications, do not bet on the beauty of the syllable or the originality of the idea, because they do not help sell. The general objective is to describe the properties of the presented product as accurately and concretely as possible, and to present it in a winning light.

What should be taken into account when writing?

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Before figuring out how to post the right ad on Instagram, it is important to note that advertising is information. So when creating a marketing text, you should try to include the following details:

· the properties and benefits of the proposed product;

· the main advantages that set it apart from its competitors;

· availability of additional species.

You also have to feel the audience. It is necessary to understand what problems your potential customers are experiencing and to be able to put pressure on pain points in time.

Target Audience (CA)

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Why do many brands and companies choose Instagram as a location? First, feedback works well. Subscribers actively post likes, share opinions and comments, which, by the way, help to run a blog. So, based on what users say, you can devise more effective marketing strategies and create a more interesting content plan. Second, the social network's audience is represented by more loyal and ad-sensitive individuals. In a sense, they can even be described as "warm" customers.

Of course, Instagram attracts a wide variety of people, from moms on maternity leave to successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is incredibly important to identify those targeted by your TPP (unique trade offer) in the overall flow. So, which parameters are paramount?

· gender;

· age;

· region of residence;

· Education;

· Marital status;

· income / position held;

· type of activity;

· Hobbies and hobbies.

These are the basic criteria for building a solid foundation for subsequent advertising campaigns.

Competitor analysis

Another important tool in setting up a target is tracking competitors. You should be aware of all trends and trends that are relevant and relevant to your chosen niche. That is why it is necessary to subscribe to top accounts with similar themes, monitor what they are posting, how they build a dialogue with subscribers, and what methods and promotion strategies they use. But don't confuse useful information gathering with banal copying. Plagiarism is severely punished, especially by smart tape algorithms. If you do copypaste simply by borrowing successful content from colleagues, you will not be able to achieve positive dynamics.

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Competitor analysis involves more complex and time-consuming work, the overall goal of which is to identify the actual needs and demands of the audience. Once you understand what attracts users "attention, you can embed it into your own account. The rule works the other way around: once you find out which publications collect the fewest likes, you quickly exclude them from the content plan.

Positioning nuances and creating an Instagram post: how to design

It's worth starting with a definition: Positioning is a particularly important tool in a marketing environment to deliver the right messages and images to the end consumer. For a better understanding of what is at stake, consider a concrete example.

In town N lives a charming girl who earns her living selling cookies. Naturally, she promotes her products via Instagram. And, it should be noted, its confectionery products are both tasty and beautiful, natural and inexpensive. And so far, everything is going well, there are regular customers, etc. d.

A couple of months later, another homemade confectioner appears in the same town. Her biscuits are not so tasty, crooked, and in general are much inferior to the creations of our heroine. However, it is beginning to sell incredibly actively, and is in demand among local residents. What is the phenomenon? Everything is very simple: the second seller has free shipping, and a set of predictions is attached to each order as a gift.

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That is exactly the positioning. In time, having caught what the audience wanted, the second confectioner was able to unwind quite well, to gather the target audience. To develop a successful advertising strategy, it is necessary to:

· it is profitable to present the properties of the goods;

· tell us why you are better than your competitors;

· to tell about some unique and specific advantages.

In other words, the main task is to constantly generate and fuel interest.

UTP (Unique Trade Offer)

The next question is how to achieve originality and differentiate yourself from competitors. Any marketing proposal must have some unique characteristics that make it different from many others.

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And the work on this item tends to be the most difficult. For the pursuit of uniqueness should not be guided by logic. Yes, it is a funny advertising paradox: the more logical and consistent the ad, the less likely it is to be correctly interpreted and perceived by the audience. Hence the observation that customer relations are built on the basis of common ground. It doesn't matter what you sell. What matters is how much benefit this can bring to a potential buyer.

How to Create and Write an Instagram Advertising Post: Structure of the Selling Title, Examples of Texts

Having sorted out the basic semantic nuances, we propose to proceed to the technical side of the question. What should be the structure of marketing content?

How to Learn to Write Selling Instagram Posts: The Rules for Making Headlines

It starts with the headline: "If it fails to get the reader's attention, the subsequent text was written in vain because it will never be read." It is very important to fascinate the user from the first seconds, to make him immerse himself in your topic for a few minutes with his head. In order to achieve these goals, the following names are required:

· soundness and capacity;

· the presence of a semantic load (despite its brevity, it should reflect the general idea, tell what will be discussed);

· keywords (a somewhat ambiguous point: some believe that keys are indispensable, while others believe that they spoil the overall impression).

So the basic message is that the headline should be thought-provoking to anyone who sees it.

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Introduction to the post

Every publication has a structure. More often than not, there are three levels:

· entry;

· the main part;

· Interim results or conclusions.

The problem with most texts is that authors pay too much attention to introduction, gradually slipping into tautology, losing their sense of meaning. The online user is becoming increasingly lazy and has no time for long lyrical digressions. That is why the introduction must be extremely short, concise and concise - literally a couple of sentences are enough to make a good eyeliner.

The bulk of the selling text

General content should flow smoothly from the introduction. If you ask any relevant questions at the beginning, you should answer them in the main part. As a rule, the following are signed here:

· properties and distinctive features of the goods;

· key advantages and advantages;

· methods of use;

· a variety of species.

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In other words, at this stage, your task is to keep the audience informed. However, you have to tell about the UTP in such a way that the potential client has a keen interest.

A Call to Action

The most common misconception is that customers know what to do at the end. No, they don't know. Even after reading the publication until the end and becoming interested in the proposed product, they may have no idea about the next steps. That is why, in the final, you should be given a clear sequential instruction in which you have written down all the actions. For example:

· Leave a comment, our specialists will contact you.

· To order or make a reservation, send your mobile phone to Direct.

· To purchase a product, write to us. Contacts are listed in the profile cap.

The key requirement for instructions is to be simple and understandable.

Working with comments

The topic of feedback has already been touched upon in part above, but now we propose to consider it from different angles. The main thing you need to know is that time on social media is running quite differently than in real life. Here, its pace accelerates hundreds of times. That is why the question posed just an hour ago may by now have become completely irrelevant. Therefore, the leading accounts strictly adhere to the five-minute rule and try to process all incoming requests within the specified period.

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Why? It's simple. The app is full of profiles offering similar services. If you don't answer right now, someone else will. Experience shows that clients go to whomever they can get an answer from earlier. In fact, for this reason, top accounts also hire individual managers, who set up feedback, handle comments and appeals to the Directive.

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How to Make and Write an Instagram Promotional Selling Post: Reacting to Negativity

When you work with comments, you can face angry and negative judgments. The most important thing is never to delete them, because that is what makes your account suspicious. The best-case scenario is to translate the dialogue into personal messages and try to quell simmering discontent.

Summing up

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In conclusion, creating marketing content is not really an easy task. But it is solvable, provided key requirements and nuances are met. We hope that our article, how to write correctly selling advertising posts on Instagram, will prove useful for you, will help to introduce new promotion tools.