It is not always easy to be innovative. Constantly coming up with new original social media posts that excite fans and followers and inspire comments and shares can be exhausting. Instagram is no exception. Even savvy social media experts do not always find it easy, and many a company feed suffers (at least temporarily) from an acute lack of ideas.

If you suspect that you are constantly posting the same type of photos and that your brand on Instagram is little different from others, then we have the recipe for you. The following guide aims to help you with your Instagram work with ideas and good advice.

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A look behind the scenes

You're more than a brand, you're a community. Become an ambassador for your team and the people behind the company façade. Present content that offers a look behind the scenes. These are particularly good for Instagram posts because they show your company in a humane way by focusing on the people who work for your brand.

Your target audience can see what your brand is really about and build a personal connection to you and what you stand for.

Some behind-the-scenes ideas on Instagram

  • Employee portraits, also of senior employees and top management
  • Guided tours of the working environment so users can see where and how your products are made

    Bonus : Download thisfree guide Discover how you can increase social media interaction through improved audience analysis, more accurate customer engagement and Instamer's easy-to-use social media software.

  • Short docs about pets in the office. If dogs are allowed in your office, make a short documentary or takeover about it, as we did in the Instagram post above.
  • Action shots of employees and team members at work
  • Photos and videos of events your brand has organized or participated in

Product Features

It sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes brands can overdo it by sharing lifestyle-oriented content, forgetting to showcase their products or services on Instagram. Therefore, don't forget that your target audience is interested in what you have to offer and what distinguishes your brand from your competitors.

So you should not only post lifestyle posts on Instagram, but also occasionally put your product and brand in the spotlight. With the help of a pre-prepared release plan, you ensure that you do not post too much advertising content. One post a week or two, depending on how much other content you share, is usually enough.

Do you sell donuts? Then share a photo that shows your culinary masterpieces at their best. With a holiday or a popular cultural event on the horizon, stick to the theme with your product as wittily and creatively as Vancouver doughnut shop Cartem 's did on International Bacon Day ('s International Breakfast Bacon Day).

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Lifestyle pictures

As mentioned before, lifestyle content is a wonderful way to show how your product or service works in the real world.

Instead of only exhibiting your backpacks in showrooms and shops, share a photo that shows adventurous hikers climbing, naturally carrying your backpack. Think about your target audience and the customer personas you have identified, and ask yourself what these people might be interested in. How would you feel most comfortable in life? Once you find out, you can share images that address these desires and hopes. This gives users the feeling that their brand is aligned with their needs, demands and pain points (= the point at which the need for a purchase decision arises).

Quotes and graphical text editing

You probably know those days when you can tolerate a little inspiration as a cheerleader. Offer your followers exactly that with your Instagram posts. Quotes and graphically edited texts are an easy and effective way to quickly increase engagement with your Instagram posts.

Ideas for text-oriented content:

  • Quotes from celebrities that are attractive to your target group
  • Quotes from experts and industry leaders (also from the top management of your company or other executives)
  • Positive reviews or positive customer feedback
  • Information about or announcements of events
  • Information about promotions and sales
  • Information on branch closures or opening hours
  • Useful information such as recipes, tips on how to use products correctly or quick instructions
  • Statistics and facts concerning your industry

The American DIY and lifestyle brand Brit + Co has shown that it can handle text-oriented contributions particularly well. Her brand image is well established, and she continues to inspire and delight her design-savvy target group with illustrated words that use the Instagram visual platform as a natural environment.

What are rules for????? # britstagram # NYFW

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Daily hashtags

You've been scrambling your brain for days to find a good idea for an Instagram post and suddenly realise it's Thursday? The hugely popular hashtag # tbt (Throwback Thursday) (where many users post nostalgic images from their past) provides instant creative fodder. Look for old photos from the humble beginnings of your company or get some baby pictures of your boss.

Whatever the day of the week, if you can't think of anything to do with your Instagram posts, it's a wonderful place to start.

User-generated content

You would be nothing without your target audience and your customers, so make sure they feel valued by you. By sharing user-generated content, you not only turn your valuable followers into stars for a short period of time, but you also get unique content for your Instagram posts.

The easiest way to share user-generated content is to regram: post a photo from someone else's account on your brand's account. Regramming content created by other users gives brands new material to share with their target audience. It also encourages interaction, because followers feel motivated to post content that is worth sharing again.

Five ways to find user-generated content worth sharing on Instagram:

  1. Create a special brand hashtag to submit user-generated content.
  2. Monitor which photos your brand is marked on.
  3. Host an Instagram photo contest.
  4. Invite your followers to contribute photos.
  5. Motivate interaction on Instagram at live events.

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Searching for new and interactive Instagram posts is no breeze. This guide should make it easier for you to come up with bright ideas, stimulate your creativity and give you 's tips.

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