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Instagram has evolved from a service where people post their own photos into a full-fledged social network with the ability to send photos with masks, record videos and sell goods, and run a full-fledged business. Often popular profiles are hacked for profit and reputational damage, resulting in loss of money. Ordinary people steal information to use their accounts to send spam. They also lose their Instagram accounts through carelessness for negative posting and cheating, or simply forgetfulness when they break their smartphone and don't save their passwords. Consider how to restore your Instagram account if you forget your password, temporarily delete or freeze your account yourself, or your profile is banned by the administration.

When it may be necessary to return access to the account

If you have bought a new phone, but have forgotten your login and password to log in to Instagram, it will be easy to access the page and it won't take much time. Go through third-party social networks (Facebook, VC) or search for where you recorded your personal data for registration. Otherwise, you will have to create a new profile and delete and forget the old one. But if you can't log in, and you have decided to save all your photos and contacts, we tell you how to return the data.

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After a temporary lockdown

If your personal profile is temporarily frozen after moderation, you have to wait. The first lock-out is forgiven after a week or a month, and users still have a chance to save their personal data completely. If violations occur again, the page will be permanently removed without return. Then you will have to register again.

If you do not agree with the blocking, you can write a letter to support explaining your position.

If you don't remember your password and login

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This often happens. Then, in the app or on the website, click on the word "Help" or the button "Forgot your password." Instagram will offer options to solve the problem.

  1. The first is to log in via Facebook. If you have combined profiles, you will be able to access your personal account and restore your personal data in the settings.
  2. Another way to log on to Instagram is by email, which requires you to enter the email to which your profile is registered. After that, click on the link that will come from Instagram in the email, and enter a new login (name), password (password) to log in.
  3. Another way out is to restore your deleted Instagram account and regain access to your mobile phone number. It is important that it is linked to the page, otherwise all manipulation will not work. If the account is linked to a number, everything can be restored, which requires you to request a recovery over the phone and enter a code that will come by text message.

If you forgot your mail

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It will be harder to do anything about it. But there are two scenarios.

Don't remember which email was registered for Instagram? Try to reset your password. After that, all mailboxes will have to go through to check the messages. One email will definitely come with a recovery url.

If not, be sure to check the SPAM folder and others, perhaps the message is lost among a lot of information.

However, if you have forgotten your password and your email address, you will have to leave a request in support of your email service and request a recovery there.

There is also an alternative way to report to Instagram that you have been hacked. Then they will change all personal data, including email, which you cannot log in to. And it will no longer be needed. But then you have to confirm your identity.

After the page was hacked

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Rehabilitation would then take longer and be more difficult. After all, it is not easy to lose a password, in which case the moderators change the email, untie the phone number, Facebook. So, in this case, there is an urgent need to write in support.

But she answers rather rarely, not constantly, and does not want to delve into the difficulties of users, because they have a huge number of incoming letters. However, it is worth trying if you value your page. Otherwise, it is better to start a new one and leave the old one blocked.

Next, consider how to return your Instagram account after deletion and whether you can fully recover after being blocked.

After the bath

If the moderation has taken such measures, a warning will be sent to your e-mail account, and attempts to log in will not succeed.

You could be blocked for violating your rights or exceeding your limits. For example, the number of subscribers, likes and comments should not exceed + 60 per hour and + 1440 per day if the account is more than 6 months old. When the profile is new, the data are halved. For blatant cheating, users are blocked, as it violates the rules of use of the services.

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Is it possible to restore a deleted Instagram account for a prank? Yes, if it was the first time. In the future, it may not be possible to recover.

Reasons may also include:

  • distributing content that violates copyrights, national laws, or rules that you agree to when registering by clicking on a tick;
  • Repeated user complaints.

Often, the restrictions do not last forever, but only for a week or a month if the offence is committed for the first time. Otherwise, once you have been caught breaking the rules, there is every chance you will lose your account forever.

In the first case you will have to wait, and in the second case you will have to register again. There is also another way to deal with this: write a letter to support, complaining that the data is now in the hands of hackers and you can't be held responsible for what happened afterwards. Even if you did.

How to restore access to Instagram if you have deleted your account yourself

If you made a decision long ago that you did not want to be on this social network, used the temporary freeze function and made the account unavailable, it will be easy to return. The freeze is not permanent, and you can reconnect and see personal photos if you enter the same login and password when you log in. If you've used the option correctly, you don't have to confirm anything anymore - when you sign up, everything will come back automatically.

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When you have achieved complete deletion, appeals and letters to support ports will not help, because it was purely your desire. So you will have to re-register, because your informed choice is taken into account and made irreversible to ensure reliable security.

Instructions on how to restore an Instagram account after deleting a page

After voluntarily leaving Instagram, all you have to do to return is enter your login, password, and login, and everything is automatically returned without loss of data. When you don't remember them, try all of the above.

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If the moderation of the service found you too aggressive in communicating with other users, you send a lot of spam or use apps that illegally spin up likes and subscribers, after a few blocks it will be impossible to log in, as this is considered a gross violation of the official rules of the service.

How to return access to a page if you forget login, password

To do this, we will try to log in via a smartphone or PC. Let's take a closer look at how this is done step by step.

Through the computer

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Although Instagram is purely a social network for smartphones, many sit through laptops and PCs. So consider what to do.

  • Open the site.
  • Hit the "Forgot password" button.
  • If you're lucky enough to be connected to Facebook, you log in and change all the data.
  • Otherwise, enter your email, phone number, or login and click the "Get a link to log in" button.
  • We go by the received url or get the code and change the password.
  • Enter new data and visit the site.
  • You have now successfully returned access.


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Here is roughly the same sequence.

  • Open the app. Through a browser, this will be inconvenient.
  • First, press the help button and try to recover.
  • Try logging in via Facebook. If you don't have it or you didn't specify it at the time of registration, then proceed further.
  • Clicking on the link "Forgot your password" and leaving the phone number or email you gave for the first authorization. If you don't remember it either, write any of your own, perhaps you'll guess.
  • Now Instagram is offering to send the code to WhatsApp, an innovation.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Usually, after a hack, they demand documents that prove that you are you. For personal accounts, you are asked to take a photo with your passport in your hand, indicate the number and model of your smartphone, from which you have been constantly logged in, send a photo with a piece of paper showing your name, surname, patronymic and code from your phone, or you will need an e-mail. It all depends on whether or not you have profile photos that can confirm you as a person.

Is it possible to restore Instagram after deleting your account if you own a business account? Yes, but technical support will require you to complete a list of documents for recovery or some of them:

  • Scans confirming a business permit.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Registration data of LLC or IP.
  • Any other official paper that is accepted not only in the CIS countries.

At the same time, it is important that the stock be officially confirmed as a business. Otherwise, you will have to write to the recovery support as a personal account.

After that, you have to wait. They usually make a decision after a few days, weeks, or a month. They will not be able to provide a regulated time frame for a response.

Sometimes they may simply fail to recover and ignore the request.

For your appeals to have an effect, try leaving a few letters to the support port with breaks of a few days. After all, all requests are handled by human beings, not robots. And not all of them respond to requests and letters in the same way.

If you have been hacked and your access changed

In this case, it will be difficult to return everything, especially if the attackers have changed email, phone number and untied social networks. The only option is to write to the support service. You need to prove that you are the owner, send some documents. If you have access to an email, it will only confirm your words and speed up the resolution of the issue.

Go to the site and find the "Help" line at the bottom. Clicking on it takes you to a small directory of instructions. There, you need to click on the help center to troubleshoot the logon. Below you will find advice that you should check your email first, then get a link to log in, and if that didn't work, send a complaint and try to confirm your identity.

How to restore a deactivated Instagram account or a second page if banned

If you, or the person who got your login and password, broke the rules and obtained a temporary deactivation, but you believe that the administration is wrong, go to Instagram's technical support and file a complaint. To do this, you need to specify your login, email, country, whether your profile was personal or belonged to representatives of the company, and send a form. After that, the post office will receive instructions on what to do next.

The main thing in this situation is to get feedback from representatives of the social network.

How to Secure a Page from Hackers, Ban, and Loss of Information

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Now we offer tips that will help prevent the loss of online access in the future.

  1. Create a strong password that you won't use on other social networks or on emails. It should contain six letters, a few digits, and possibly punctuation marks. It is advisable to write it down so as not to lose it.
  2. Use two emails, one personal, the other for authorization. And remember the email you have attached to Instagram. The password there must be good, too, because otherwise you will be easy to crack, and this applies not only to the attackers gaining access to the mail, but to all the social networks that are tied there.
  3. Enable permanent two-factor authentication.
  4. Sometimes check your phone and computer with anti-virus software to ensure that your information is not stolen.
  5. Do not enter personal data on someone else's computer or phone. Hidden programs can be installed there that record all keystrokes and transmit them to the owner. If you trust this person, it is not a fact that his device is safe.
  6. Save all publications that are already on the page. This will make it easier for you to get things back to how they were before.
  7. Do not exceed the Instagram limit if you are engaged in cheating and want to increase activity.
  8. Don't leave your login and password in unknown apps and extensions, it could be phishing programs or sites that look identical to Instagram, but actually take everything you have entered and send it to a hacker.
  9. Publish personal photos of the owner, there is this business account, so that owners can be recognized by technical support representatives by face and get online access.
  10. Tie your personal phone and Facebook profile. Then, another time, it's easier to get your account back.
  11. Don't be hateful, don't incite hatred, don't send spam, reduce the possibility of violating service standards, so that you can't be blocked on a new profile.

As a result, in various difficult situations, there is a chance to get your personal data back and log in to Instagram. But only after the above actions and appeals to the support service. But moderators do not often give feedback because of the large number of users "emails, and the entire responsibility for saving login and password rests with the users. Now you know how to return an Instagram account after it has been deleted and restore an Instagram page because of a hack.

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