instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

There has always been an issue of anonymity on social media, and Instagram is no exception. In the settings, you can officially hide the date of your visit. The rest is only available through third-party apps. For example, regular posts can be viewed anonymously, but Stories already save statistics. Today we will tell you how to find out the list of everyone who sits online on Instagram, how to check Stories anonymously and unsubscribe from all non-reciprocal people to make the page presentable.

How to see when a person has been online on Instagram

The Instagram profile does not have the date of the last visit. There are three ways to find out when a person was last online:

  1. Check the correspondence in the Directive. The trick works if the privacy settings include a display of the time of the last visit. Otherwise, you will only get the label online.
  2. View user activity: likes, subscriptions, comments. You will see what time he was online.
  3. Keep track of publications. Some autoposting services do not publish records without the participation of the host. .; A user who has disabled network status definitions in settings cannot see them in other instagrammers, either.

How to turn on the invisible?

Go to the app and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Open the settings, find "Show network status." Make it inactive.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Watch stories anonymously on Instagram online

History records the audience, and it is impossible to hide one's identity. One option is to create a new account and not tie your phone or email to it, but simply use it to view friends "content. The method is not always applicable, because Instagram has flexible privacy settings. It is possible that the friend hid the material from view. And if not, there will be a nickname for the new account in the viewing statistics, and no one will guess who it is (unless the names are similar or you don't tell them yourself).

Easier options include online tools and programs that open and download any content without registration.

Example of service: Gramotool: https: / / gramotool. en / story / .

Extension for Google Chrome: Chrome IG Story https: / / chrome. google. com / webstore / detail / chrome-ig-story / bojgejgifofondahckoaahkilneffhmf .

Android and IOS app: Story View for Instagram. .; Twitter: @ IGSpyBot. It's not entirely anonymous - the author will see that someone has viewed the story through a bot, but won't know who exactly.

And another: @ Instasave _ bot. Its peculiarity is to save stories without viewing them.

Let's find out who signed up to Instagram online

Instagram, unlike other social networks, does not allow you to track who has signed up. An account with a small number of followers can still be checked for non-mutual followers, but when there are thousands, only tools will help.

This cleaning is needed to make the page look nice. Instagrammers, who have an unnatural number of followers, give the impression of a mass follower, and the desire to follow them disappears.

Most applications require a login and password to work with an account. Be careful when passing your data to untested programs downloaded from unfamiliar sites. Read reviews and record the number of downloads in the AppStore or Google Play. Read reviews online and study their authors.

In programs with manual unsubscribe mode, consider the limits. For new accounts, 30 subscriptions and unsubscriptions together in an hour. For the rest, it's £60. Failure to comply with the restrictions results in blocking action for some time.

By following basic security rules, you won't lose your account or your audience. .; Computer programs: InstaFlow, SocialKit.

Services to work online:

  1. Search for non-reciprocal followers on Instagram. http: / / instahelp. mshashin. en / disfollow. HTML . Password and login are not required. The service is free, without registration, but as a result it can also give out mutual subscribers. If you don't want to unsubscribe from important contacts, check them separately.
  2. Spam Guard. https: / / ru. spamguardapp. com . A tool to work with spam, cleans useless listings, bots, commercial pages. Supports white lists of users.
  3. Massfolding platforms automatically configure subscriptions and unsubscriptions. For example, Zengram. https: / / zengram. en / otpiski _ v _ instagram .

Applications for Android:

  1. Unfollow for Instagram: Non followers & amp; Fans. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = app. follow. unfollow .
  2. Followers: Unfollowers. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = com. This is not the case. unfollowers .
  3. Unfollowers. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = com. pleasantapps. unfollowers .
  4. Unfollowers from Instagram. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = com. njxkd. Instagram. unfollow .
  5. Unfollowers for Instagram, lost. https: / / play. google. com / store / apps / details? id = com. torv. adam. unfollow .

Applications for iPhone:

  1. UnFollowers for Instagram +. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / ru / app / id574850908 .
  2. InsFollowers. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / ru / app / insfollowers / id550744101 .
  3. Follow Track for Instagram! https: / / itunes. Apple. com / en / app / followers-track-for-instagram / id597077652 .
  4. Blockers Spy for Instagram. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / en / app / blockers-spy-for-instagram / id991809759 .
  5. Follow Meter for Instagram. https: / / itunes. Apple. com / ru / app / followmeter-for-instagram / id651309421 .

Advantages of apps: All users are listed. You can see non-reciprocal instagrammers, mutual followers and fans of people you haven't signed up for. The white lists include contacts that need to be signed up, even if they do not follow you. For example, well-known bloggers or brands. You can unsubscribe either manually or from 20 or 50 people at a time.

Summing up

The time of the last visit is officially hidden in the settings. You can view friends "stories anonymously in four ways: create a new page, download an app, install an extension, or send a link to a bot in Telegram. Don't forget about security rules, so that the password and login do not fall into the hands of attackers. Comply with the limits to avoid blockages and bans.