instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The social network Instagram cares about the comfort, convenience and safety of its users. To this end, mechanisms are constantly being developed to protect registered profiles from unwanted activities, fraud, and so on.

One of the mechanisms for punishing users for committing prohibited social crimes. The action network is blocked on Instagram. Blocking is also available to any user who wants to block access to their account for a particular person (s). Talk about how to understand that Instagram is blocked and why the block is overlaid.

Temporary lockdown

Temporary blocking is divided into two types: a block of certain functions and a block of the entire account. More often than not, users find that they have the option of subscriptions, likes and comments blocked. For example, you want to send a subscription to another person, but this action is not available. Don't panic, mate. The network has limited your functionality for a while and it will soon fully recover. The main reason for temporarily sidestepping any features is that you have done them too often or are sitting in the same account from multiple devices at the same time.

Thus, the options are blocked as a result of their systematic use, i.e. you have sent subscriptions / likes an unlimited number of times, without stopping. Limits are set for any action based on the activity of the average profile. Subscriptions, likes and comments can be left no more than 60 pieces per hour. And if the profile was created less than a week ago, the limit is 30 subscriptions / comments / likes per hour. When you exceed the limit, a block is imposed. The duration of the temporary lock depends on how far you have exceeded the limit and lasts from 2 hours to 2 weeks.

The second type of blocking is the block of the entire account. In this case, the restriction is not imposed on a specific action on the entire profile. In this case, social. The network sends an SMS or email to the user and asks for confirmation of the action to remove the block. In this case, the main reason for blocking is suspicious activity. For example, you used to log into your account from Russia all the time, and then you went on a business trip and try to log in from Europe or Asia. For security and data protection. The network will ask you to confirm that the owner wants to enter the profile.

The technical support of the social network is sent a request as to what the blocked page on Instagram looks like. In case of blocking, a window will pop up, as in the image.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How long does the Instagram lock last?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question; the block is imposed for different periods, depending on the case. The minimum duration of the lock-up is 1 hour, the maximum is 2 weeks. It is easy enough to find out how long the system has imposed on your case. Repeat the action that has been limited and you will be presented with a given deadline. During this period, minimize social activity. So don't do the things you were punished for. Otherwise, the term will be extended.

The Eternal Ban

Perpetual ban is a permanent lock, that is, your profile will be locked at all times. Previously, it was thought that it was impossible to unlock an eternal ban, the social network met only 1% of users. Others were forced to say goodbye to their profiles. Today, Instagram has significantly changed the support service, it is more individualized. Now, when this situation arises, managers consider each case and treat users more loyally. As a result, 90% of blocked profiles can be unlocked.

Why not. network imposes an eternal ban

Let's look at the main reasons why a profile gets locked forever:

  1. Previously, the user had already received 3 warnings in the form of temporary blocking, but still continued to commit prohibited actions.
  2. The user uses the social network logo on their own publications.
  3. If the user regularly posts photos of other people without marking them on the photo.
  4. If the profile owner resorts to auto-posting. The social network is aimed at ordinary people who want to communicate with people, share photos. That is why any avenues of automation are blocked and punished.
  5. If the user is using a massive hoax. Again, soc. network for fair play, fair use of the profile.
  6. If you post social security numbers, bank cards, ID cards, e-mail addresses, and other people's phone numbers in your account.
  7. For opening profiles in social media. networks through third-party resources. You can register and use Instagram only through the official app / website.
  8. If you use 2-3 or more IP addresses at once. As a rule, this is observed when working with business accounts of large companies: administrators from different cities sit in the same profile.

How to Protect Yourself from Ban

Now let's figure out how to avoid an eternal bath:

  1. First of all, you should use verified accounts that last six months or more. If you have registered an account less than six months ago, it is not worth using it to promote goods / services. Please note that social media. The network is particularly distrustful of newly created pages and perceives all their activity as suspicious.
  2. If you want to publish someone else's photo in your profile, be sure to specify the author by writing his login in the description.
  3. Don't use Instagram to sell copies of branded products.
  4. If you are selling products of well-known brands, do not post photos of products under the hashtags of these brands.
  5. Place only your logos in your profile.
  6. Observe limits on the number of subscriptions, likes, comments, and so on.
  7. Do not leave too many comments under the photo description, do not resort to mass tagging.

Autoposting and Massfolding

We have already said that, more often than not, a temporary lock and a permanent block are imposed precisely for massfolding and autoposting. However, no modern algorithm can boast of 100% efficiency, competent use of services, as a rule, yields the desired result. The key is to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Do not exceed the limits of the average user. This is not about the limits mentioned earlier. If you use mass folding and auto-posting, they do not apply to you. However, it is important not to exceed 1,000 subscriptions per day and 1,000 likes, otherwise social. the network will reveal the use of third-party services.
  2. Consider behavioral factors. Anyone needs time to view the publication, read the text, and familiarize themselves with the profile. Therefore, it is not necessary to act at the speed of light, to perform the same number of actions every day. Try to adapt as much as possible to the pattern of user behavior, increase the time between likes and other actions.
  3. Use proxy servers. On all devices, log into your account from the same IP address, it will be useful to acquire your own proxy services, which will cost 4-10 dollars per 1 month of use.

How to figure out why you're blocked on Instagram

Understanding that you have been blocked by a system is simple enough: you can't do certain things, you can't log into an account. the following error is displayed:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

But there is also a user lock when you are not blocked by a social network. The network, and the man.

How do you know that you have been blocked from Instagram? If you go to a user's page but you don't see their posts, photos, and videos, and by clicking "Subscribe" you don't see any changes, the person has blacklisted your account. This may look like this:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

You can also click on its list of subscribers and not see the list, which also indicates a blocking. Try sending a message, this option will also be unavailable. It can also be displayed as follows:

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

But don't confuse closing an account with blacklisting your profile. In the first case, the page is not accessible to anyone except subscribers, it displays information that the profile is closed. It is used to limit the profile from outsiders. If your profile has blocked you, the "Subscribe" button will appear, but after clicking, the subscription will not be sent and the button will be active.


We figured out what blocking is, how to understand what is blocked on Instagram, and how to find out who blocked on Instagram, the system, or a particular user. We also listed effective ways to prevent temporary blocking and eternal ban. We hope this information was useful and there will be no more blocking problems. The main thing is to work honestly and a positive result is guaranteed!