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Comments on Instagram are a convenient tool for communication and communication between users. For sure, you have a lot of questions about how to use this option properly, and today we will talk about it.

What Business Needs Comments

First of all, let's determine whether a business account needs comments, whether it needs to spend its time developing them. Definitely necessary! The main task of business accounts is to sell goods and services, form their own brand and then promote it. Is it possible to achieve this goal without communication? Definitely not! So the comments represent a bridge between business and consumers. Here are a few ways to use them:

  1. Increase user activity. The presence of active comments under posts with offered goods and services makes the publications live and the profile more in demand.
  2. Attention to customers. Any customer is pleased that their comment was seen and responded to. This increases loyalty on his part. So keep track of comments and be sure to respond to them.
  3. Working with objections and questions. As a rule, before making a purchase / order, the buyer has a lot of questions and objections, well-functioning work with comments allows to achieve a good result.
  4. Boost sales. No, unfortunately there is no "Buy" option in the comments. However, here you can inform potential buyers about how to place an order, where you are, and so on.

When we found out that businesses needed comments, we got to know their basic functions.

How to post a comment on Instagram

To leave a comment, click the icon shown on the picture below the post you like. After that, write a text and click "Publish."

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

If you are sitting on a social network from a computer / laptop, the actions are somewhat different. Click on the same icon, then type the required text and press "Enter" on the keyboard.

To make comments more interesting, use emoticons and hashtags. Hashtags will allow even users who are not followers of the account to view the comment you have left. If you put hashtags in the comments under your own posts, it will enable users to find them when making thematic queries.

Adding emoticons is just as easy as in regular messages. To do this, open the keyboard and change the normal alphabet to the language of the emoji. Next, select the smiley that is most appropriate for the situation and click "Publish." Now your text has become more emotional, more lively and interesting.

How to edit an Instagram comment

It is not uncommon for you to write a comment and then realize that you want to change it. For example, you wrote a comment quickly enough and didn't have time to read it or made grammatical errors. If you have commented on your own publication, you can delete the entire publication, then fill it in again and write what you want. However, there is a more convenient and simple way to edit a comment left under your own or someone else's publication: open the comments under the post and move your hand to the left or right along the previously left text. Now we erase what we have written and re-create it.

How to delete a comment on Instagram

Pass through the comment, right to left or left to right, then a red button with the bin icon will appear in front of us, which should be pressed. Now no one else will be able to see your opinion.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

How to respond to an Instagram comment

As we have already said, if you own a business account you should always monitor comments under publications and respond to them. The question is how to do this. So, first of all, we find the account of the user who commented on your publication. Beneath his message there is a "Answer" button, click on it and type in the text in the window that opens. Then click "Publish." The user to whom you responded will be notified.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

If the person to whom you want to respond has not yet left a comment under your or someone else's post, start typing his name using the @ icon. Next, the system will offer a list of your friends "accounts, which begin with the same first letters. After that, enter the required text. If you want to reply to more than one person at a time, enter the login names of each of them, without forgetting to use the @ icon.

How to set up comments on Instagram

With the help of the settings, you can disable this option on your account at any time, after which users will not be able to comment on your posts. How to turn off comments on Instagram? Of course, first we run the application itself (note that you can disable the action only from Android or iOS-based gadgets). After that, we open the required publication. Look at the right corner at the top, there's a 3-point icon that we need to click.

A list of available actions will now pop up, including "Turn off comments." And your subscribers are deprived of the opportunity to leave feedback, share opinions, and discuss your posts. Today, the social network offers users a feature to turn off the ability to comment only on certain publications. This means that you cannot close all existing posts completely. Either disable this option for each post in turn, or close the profile (which is an obstacle to successful profile promotion).

Opportunities that do not yet exist

Users who actively develop their account have a huge number of comments. They are often displayed in no particular order or sequence. Questions arise as to why comments on Instagram are out of order, how to organize comments on Instagram, and so on. Unfortunately, the social network does not provide its users with the ability to clean up the comments. Comments are allocated by special algorithms depending on a number of factors: novelty, relevance, relevance, and so on.

Often, requests are sent to the technical support of the social network for how to copy a comment on Instagram, how to view your comments on Instagram, and so on. Unfortunately, there are no such opportunities at the moment. Copying the text you like is not possible for copyright reasons. Every comment left is protected and copyrighted.

If you don't know how to find a comment on Instagram that you have left before, you can do so only by searching for the post under which you left it. Then you will have to browse through all the comments and manually find the one you need. Unfortunately, there is no other way.

What to do if you can't leave a comment / reply

Quite often, users face a number of problems when sending comments. More often than not, a social network betrays a mistake. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. You are using an older application that does not have this option. The solution is to update the app.
  2. Check that no more than 5 people are mentioned in the text (users whose names you have spelled out in the text through the @ sign are considered to be mentioned). Otherwise, algorithms perceive the information as spam and block sending. Algorithms can also perceive certain words, phrases, and whole expressions as spam, which also leads to an error during publication.
  3. The comment function may not be available due to Internet outages. Because of software glitches, messages can be sent within minutes, as opposed to the usual few seconds or even days. Typically, this problem is quickly resolved. Once the network connection is restored, repeat the action.
  4. Another reason is the malfunction of the app itself. This can happen because of technical problems, because of equipment failures. If the error is repeated repeatedly over a long period of time, uninstall the application and reinstall it.

A Good Option for Business and Possible Problems

Business accounts often hold contests and other activities. Comments are often an integral part of such events. However, dealing with a huge number of comments on the app is uncomfortable and requires uploading comments from Instagram. Currently, Instagram does not offer users a special algorithm to do it for you. Plus, social media. The network compresses the comments to see everything you have to click on "Upload more comments."

The optimal solution is to upload comments, open them and view them via a computer, that is, using the web version. You can download the web version of the bot for mass uploading at the following link: http: / / crelab. en / getcombot / . Then we copy all the material to Excel and work calmly in it. But it is not all that simple. In the web version, you can view only 2,000 comments and not one more. What to do in such a situation?

First of all, remember that streaming is similar in principle to streaming video from video hosting. That is, there are control points, such as 1 to 20, 1 to 50, and so on. The size of the streaming load is determined by the total number of bytes that the comments occupy.

Apps are useless in this case. However, you can use the social network's API, which allows us to get the data we need from Instagram without using the app itself. Similar API services are plentiful today, such as the Telegram bot @ getcombot.

However, there is one nuance: the bot produces comments that are displayed in social media apps. networks for Androids. That is, if there are a lot of comments, there may be a situation where 4000 comments are displayed on the iPhone and 4200 on the Android and 2000 on the Web. This is due to the features of the app itself, which works differently on different devices.

Why do some comments disappear during unloading? Consider the following situation: your Insta counter has 15 comments, but when unloading you see only 13-14. This means that 1-2 comments were complained about and blocked as spam / comments were left through third-party software, not the official app / subscriber writes many comments and the system automatically mistakes some of them for a flood.

And another situation: you need to upload 4,000 comments by June 1. You use the bot, but about 1400-1200 of the 4000 pieces disappear without a trace. We view them manually through the mobile app on iPhone or Android and see that there are no posts older than May 27-28. If you look at the same publication in 2-3 months, you will see that the number of displayed comments on the smartphone has decreased to 200-250, and on the bot 150-200 of the previous 4000. How to explain this? Different devices display different numbers of comments at different times, it is important to take into account that some of them are lost in the expanse of the Internet.


As you can see, comments are a useful tool that a modern Instagram user is bound to use. They are especially good for business. We have already listed the effects they can have. There is a simple formula: the more comments, the higher the user activity, the higher the profile rating, its popularity, and the more new subscribers. Thus, the large number of comments directly affects income, because the more subscribers, the higher the total income of the account, both the profile of an organization and the personal profile seeking to build a self-brand. Frequently initiate discussions among subscribers.

We hope that the information provided will be useful for you, and you will use it effectively to win a million subscribers.