According to the most recently published figures, Instagram already records in Germany Laut zuletzt veröffentlichter Zahlen verzeichnet Instagram in Deutschland bereits 15 million users . Worldwide, 800 million monthly users are active on Instagram, 500 million of them daily. Tendency rising. But when it comes to the company's appearance on the popular photo platform, the sheer numbers are just one argument among many.

There are many reasons for companies to be active on Instagram, from the soaring popularity of Instagram Stories to the expanded advertising opportunities on the social network.

In this post, you'll learn how to get the most out of your Instagram marketing. From the first steps to developing a content strategy and building your brand identity to the appropriate measures to ensure optimal results.

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How to set up an Instagram account for your business

You don't have a company account on Instagram yet? How to set up your account.

  1. Download the Instagram app (from the Laden Sie die Instagram-App herunter (aus dem App Store for iOS, from the für iOS, aus dem Google Play Store for Android or from the für Android oder aus dem Windows Phone Store for a Windows device). If the app is installed on your smartphone, tap it to open it.
  2. Tap Register , then enter your email address and tap Forward (optionally you can also click on Sign up with Facebook to register with your Facebook account).
  3. Go to 's Options in the app and then scroll down to Convert to Business Profile down.
  4. Once you have logged in to your company account, you can add important information such as business hours, location and phone number.

Here are some tips for optimizing your business profile on Instagram:

Username and bio

Your username on Instagram should be the same as on all your brand's other social media accounts so you're easier to find.

The other information in your public profile is the address of your website (a URL that you can change as often as you like to promote campaigns or new content) and a short bio.

Use your bio to describe your business and explain what visitors can expect from your Instagram profile. You can also:

Here you can find the instructions from Instagram for processing profiles.

Profile picture

The logo of your company is recommended as a profile picture on Instagram. Again, if it's the same profile picture as on your brand's other social media pages, you're easier to find. Your followers on Twitter and Facebook will recognize you instantly.

Since the Instagram profile picture is cut to a circle by the app, you should make sure that the selected image also looks good in this format. Your profile picture has a diameter of 110 pixels in the mobile app, but is displayed larger on the web, so choose a correspondingly larger image.

Learn more here how to change your profile picture on Instagram.

Learn more about optimizing your business profile on Instagram in this video from the

Follow other users

To activate your presence on Instagram, you should follow other users. Research and follow industry influencers, customers and other people relevant to your brand.

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Apply your account

Cross-promote: Mention your Instagram username on your websites and other social media profiles. You can also post one or two messages and ask your followers on other social networks to follow you on Instagram.

Manage your Instagram presence with your other social media channels


How to set Instagram goals for your business

All of your Instagram activity should be strategic. What does your company want to achieve with the use of Instagram? Set goals that correspond to overarching corporate or departmental goals. For example:

  • Increase product sales
  • Increase the number of website hits
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Winning talented employees
  • Identify influencers and build relationships with them

Whatever you want to achieve, your Instagram goals should match

How to Develop a Content Strategy for Instagram

If you occasionally scroll through Instagram, randomly mark a few photos with and post a close-up of your dog for the fourth time in the same week, you can certainly afford it as an individual, but different laws apply to businesses.

If you want to build a strong community and achieve real business results, you need a well thought out

1. How often and when do you post?

Make sure you post regularly, but don't bombard your followers with too many posts. Find out what works best for your business in an intelligent way if you

Bonus : Download thisfree guide Discover how you can increase social media interaction through improved audience analysis, more accurate customer engagement and Instamer's easy-to-use social media software.

2. Which content topics do you address?

Alternate different content topics so that your Instagram presence remains interesting for your followers on the one hand and you can achieve different goals on the other. For example, do you represent a post-secondary education institution that you want to promote to attract more students? Then your main content should revolve around competitions, graduate stories, and reports on campus life.

3. What style guidelines do your posts follow?

Put in your captions

4. How do you interact with others?

These guidelines should cover how and when your company interacts with other Instagram accounts, from likes and comments on other users' photos to how to handle comments on your account.

How to turn your business into an Instagram brand

On Instagram it's all about the look. So aim to convey a uniform and recognizable brand identity. Pay attention to the following points:

Ensure visual consistency

According to a Laut einem WebDam report on the visual element in social media 60 percent of the leading brands on Instagram use the same filter for each post. Not without reason: those who use the same filters over and over again establish a style that ensures recognition among followers. After all, Instagram users aren't supposed to scroll any further once they see your picture (so they can like or comment on it), so the quicker your photos can be identified, the better.

Look at the example of 33 Acres Brewing Company, which uses white borders and a predominantly white color palette in most of its Instagram photos. Those who scroll through their feed quickly get used to their style and soon begin to associate all images with the aforementioned characteristics with the brewery.

Instagram for companies the comprehensive guide for marketers. Instamer

VSCOcam or oder Enhance offer additional filters or editing options to help you develop your own style. Photos that have been edited or filtered in other programs can be imported into Instagram.

Choose your topic

You also need to decide visually what content your posts should focus on. In some cases, it's obvious: a fashion company is about clothes, and a restaurant is about food.

You don't have to be a lifestyle brand to post lifestyle content. Instamer is a social media management solution. We still post photos and videos of our employees, dogs and offices on our official Instagram feed.

Develop a brand hashtag

Rounding out your brand identity on Instagram also includes non-visual elements. For example, a uniform language or style for captions. Brand hashtags are among the popular techniques to promote your Instagram account. This is not about simply using your company name as a hashtag, but about developing a hashtag that embodies your brand and inspires your followers to share photos that match that image.

Instamers brand hashtag is Instamers Marken-Hashtag ist # Instamerlife . Lululemon Athletica is urging users to tag their workout photos with # thesweatlife, prompting tens of thousands of posts from its community.

The outdoor fashion brand Poler Stuff has four brand hashtags ( Die Outdoor-Modemarke Poler Stuff hat gleich vier Marken-Hashtags ( # campvibes , , # adventuremobile , , # bagitandtagit and und # beneaththebrim ). While # Adventuremobile is not directly related to the company's products, it addresses the brand persona of exciting outdoor activities and that led to hundreds of thousands of user posts.

Instagram for companies the comprehensive guide for marketers. Instamer

Stay true to your target group

Your company will not succeed on Instagram if it simply mimics the strategy of other brands. What works for Starbucks or Red Bull is not necessarily suitable for a financial institution or a nonprofit.

How to be creative with your Instagram content

Taking a photo, putting a filter on it and posting it, that's it, isn't it? This recipe may have worked in the early days of Instagram, but now the platform has come of age, offering companies plenty of opportunities to share the most diverse types of interactive and audience-pleasing content. Below are a few ways you can make your Instagram content a little more creative.

Take care of captions

As much as Instagram is about fascinating optical content, you should not neglect the captions to the individual photos. These texts offer your company a great opportunity to tell a story. So sehr es bei Instagram auch um faszinierende optische Inhalte geht, so wenig sollten Sie die Bildunterschriften zu den einzelnen Fotos vernachlässigen. Diese Texte bieten Ihrem Unternehmen die große Chance, eine Geschichte zu erzählen. Instagram captions allow you to deepen an image, give it context and even make your followers laugh (especially if you are good at using emojis). It can also be used to establish a link between an image and your company. Read our erlauben es Ihnen, ein Bild zu vertiefen, ihm einen Kontext zu verleihen und Ihre Follower sogar zum Lachen zu bringen (vor allem, wenn Sie gut mit Emojis umgehen können). Außerdem lässt sich damit die Verbindung zwischen einem Bild und Ihrem Unternehmen herstellen. Lesen Sie unsere 12 tips for the best Instagram captions .

Work with photo and video albums

You can store up to 10 photos and videos in a single Instagram post. Your followers will have the opportunity to swipe through the post and view each and every one of the integrated content. With such albums, a company can combine photos and videos to tell stories and convey information in a highly stimulating way. Here we present you

Dare to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have made it in no time Instagram Stories haben es in kürzester Zeit geschafft, Attract an average of 250 million users every day . Many companies already use this feature. Features such as disappearing content and live broadcasts make Instagram Stories the perfect medium for companies that want to get creative and create eye-catching photos and videos.

Work with influencers

Look for influential people on Instagram who are relevant to your brand or industry and build relationships. Leave them for a day as part of a

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