Among social media networks, Instagram is now in a class of its own. With over Unter den Social Media-Netzwerken ist Instagram mittlerweile eine Klasse für sich. Mit über 700 million users worldwide, weltweit, 15 million of them in Germany , it is not surprising that the platform is at the heart of many social media strategies. Well-informed social media managers steer clear of potential pitfalls and avoid corporate nonsense hatched in private.

If you do not know exactly how to use filters,

9 Instagram marketing mistakes social media managers should avoid


Building a good Instagram presence and an active follower community takes a lot of work. Sneaking it all over bought followers won't work.

At Instamer, we created a fake account some time ago to use this tactic ourselves

  • No engagement: Although we gained more than 1000 followers in just one day, we did not receive any likes or comments for our shared content.
  • Risky target group: Upon closer inspection, we found that our following consisted mainly of teenagers and bots posting inappropriate content. Not exactly the kind of accounts you want to be associated with.

As we outlined in our guide

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2. Ignore the numbers

Once you've set up your Instagram account, there's a temptation to just post. But if you want to make the most of Instagram, you should pay attention to the numbers. Experiment a little around to find out which

Some key indicators to keep track of are:

  • Followers both gain and lose followers
  • Commitment likes and comments on your posts
  • How are which hashtags used?
  • Click-through rate for the URLs in your bio
  • Mentions
  • Publication frequency
  • Target demographics
  • sales via Instagram (e.g. by creating a special Verkäufe via Instagram (indem Sie z.B. einen speziellen Instagram coupon )

For example, you can measure your success with Insights, Instagram's analytics tool. Sie können Ihren Erfolg beispielsweise mit Insights ermitteln, dem Analytics Tool von Instagram. Instagram Insights informs you who your followers are, when they are online and more. You can also see the performance of certain posts and stories.

While numbers and statistics aren't the only indicators you can use to measure your success on Instagram, they at least provide you with practical clues about what you're doing right (or wrong).

3. Too much self-promotion

What applies to all advertising tools also has its validity here: Anyone who constantly bumps their nose at their own company on Instagram will scare them off and will quickly alienate their audience in this way.

If you only post pictures of your product or logo, you can expect your followers to lose interest soon. So take a more discreet approach and try to visually represent the values that your brand or product embodies.

On the Instagram account of Auf dem Instagram-Account von IKEA Canada , for example, there is a good mix of images of employees, lifestyle content and the products the company sells. This creates a comprehensive picture of the brand and at the same time shows how the products look outside the store.

4. Image caption Not paying enough attention

If you're looking for more engagement, don't neglect your captions. They not only help to give your posts more context, but can also encourage your audience to interact.

In a recently published In einer vor kurzem veröffentlichten Study on the Psychology of Sharing it was found that we mainly share things that evoke certain emotions in us. Essentially, emotional stimuli activate the nervous system and increase the transmission of messages.

Our contribution

  • Position the most important words at the beginning. Captions are often truncated in feeds after a few lines of text, so place @ mentions at the end.
  • Encourage your audience to interact by asking questions. These can be product-related questions, or even general ones.
  • Don't be afraid of emojis. This visual element gives attention and personality.

5. Using hashtags incorrectly

91 per cent of all Instagram posts Including between one and seven hashtags, you can see that these buzzwords are very important.

One of the most common mistakes is to use hashtags too often or too rarely, but sometimes completely irrelevant hashtags appear.

The most important function of a hashtag is to give others the opportunity to discover something, using relevant keywords to find topics and interesting users. If you garnish your posts with too many or irrelevant hashtags, you devalue your Instagram presence and risk losing your credibility. # Do # you # prefer # not.

On the other hand, you are not doing yourself any favours by failing to include hashtags in your posts, but are missing out on an important opportunity to be discovered and contacted. To learn more about how to incorporate Instagram hashtags correctly, read

6. Do not edit content

Editing images and videos can lead to Bearbeitete Bilder und Videos können zu 45% more engagement lead. If you miss this step, you may miss a good chance to put your brand in the spotlight.

Keep the balance, though, because too much of a good thing can also hurt. In times of countless image editing programs available, there is no excuse for poor image quality. Here are some tips for your smartphone camera that will help you:

  • Always take multiple pictures of the same object (which means you have to shoot them outside the app), which increases the chances of a really good one. Some camera alternatives are Nehmen Sie stets mehrere Bilder des gleichen Objektes auf (das bedeutet, dass Sie diese außerhalb der App schießen müssen) – das erhöht die Chancen, dass ein wirklich gutes dabei ist. Einige Kamera Alternativen sind VSCO Cam and und Afterlight .
  • Follow the light and always try to take photos in indirect natural light. Or during the Folgen Sie dem Licht und versuchen Sie stets Fotos in indirektem natürlichen Licht zu schießen. Oder während der Golden and und Blue Hours. Also, pay attention to shadows and reflections that may appear in your photos, as they distract from your main object.
  • Carefully edit your selected image and do not overdo it with the filters. Apps such as Bearbeiten Sie Ihr ausgewähltes Bild vorsichtig und übertreiben Sie es nicht mit den Filtern. Apps wie VSCO Cam , , Snapseed , , Priime , and , und Afterlight offer a number of options that will make your photos look either professional or amateurish in the end.
  • Find your style and stick to it. Using the same filters over and over again establishes a style that ensures recognition among followers.

Are you looking for the right tools to further optimize your images and videos? Then read our article

7. Do not interact with other users

Like most other social media platforms, Instagram is not something you set up once and then forget. If you want to get the most out of the app, you need to interact with other users.

Here's how it works:

  • Follow other important users . You can find them by using hashtag searches, the Discover page or doing research on who your followers follow and who they like.
  • Answer comments and questions from your community. Marketing is primarily about building relationships. Therefore it is only logical to participate in conversations of your community.
  • Share user-generated content regularly. Show that you value your fans by sharing their content.

8. Don't try new ad features

About Ungefähr 120 million Instagram users visit a website every month, get directions, email or call a company from the app.

Forrester noted that leading brands have an average of more than 1 million followers. These figures prove that the target group likes to see company content.

For advertisements, the numbers look even more promising. Für Werbeanzeigen sehen die Zahlen noch vielversprechender aus. 70 percent All companies are seeing a significant increase in online conversions following an Instagram advertising campaign. If you are not yet using Instagram advertising, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get in touch with (potential) customers.

There are four types of Instagram ads: photo ads, video ads, Carousel ads, and Stories ads. For more information on the topic, read our article

9. Ignore Instagram stories

Users can share various photos and videos on Instagram Stories in a kind of slideshow that disappears after 24 hours. More than Nutzer können in Instagram Stories verschiedene Fotos und Videos in einer Art Slideshow teilen, die nach 24 Stunden wieder verschwindet. Mehr als 200 million Instagrammers use Stories daily, and Instagrammer nutzen täglich Stories, und one out of five Stories encourages viewers to send a direct message. So if you're interested in direct interaction with your target audience, don't miss the stories.

The following should be taken into account when posting stories:

  • Tell a story. Not without reason is the feature called Stories. The format also offers the opportunity to tell longer stories in an exciting way. For example, share a step-by-step recipe or take your audience behind the scenes of your office or an exciting event.
  • Be authentic. Say goodbye to the idea that your Instagram content must be flawless. The platform thrives on spontaneity (or at least what looks like it). Mistakes are allowed to show the personality of your brand.
  • Offer added value. Put yourself in the position of your followers and consider whether you would like to see this post as a private person. Take a look at the objectives of your social media strategy and make sure your Instagram Stories contribute to these.
  • Be creative. To make your content more interesting, use all the features Instagram Stories provides - filters, stickers, text, drawing tools and tagging features.

Done right, Instagram offers companies a huge opportunity to share their vision with the world. So be sure to avoid the Instagram mistakes described above, so that you too can make Instagram a successful model.

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