instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Viewing promotion helps to get to the top by hashtag or geolocation, to draw attention to the content and your page. There are several free and paid ways. They quickly help with this task. We will tell you what to do and use for maximum effect.

Scrutiny Goals

Viewing videos or Storiz is twisted for different purposes:

  1. Promoting an advertiser's video and making more profit.
  2. Promotion of advertising of own goods and services.
  3. Increased brand awareness.
  4. Hitting the top.
  5. Increasing the page's popularity.

Unscrupulous owners artificially inflate the number of views in order to sell the account more cheaply. Before you buy, watch your activity carefully to avoid wasting money.

How to turn Instagram views into videos and stories

  1. Quality content is a universal method of free promotion. The minimum cost depends on the cost of creating it: materials for shooting, photographers, stylists, etc. d. The viral post instantly went viral across the internet and became the subject of much conversation. But it's hard to guess. It is enough to focus on your subscribers, study statistics, know their preferences and create unique videos or stories. Then the material will spread rapidly, attracting new subscribers and increasing the number of views. It is worth starting when you have at least one thousand followers, otherwise the material will not be popular because of the small audience.
  2. If it is not possible to promote the videos independently, programs or applications are connected. They are convenient for automatic operation: just set the parameters and run. The tools will screw up the viewings themselves. Usually for a one-time fee, as opposed to services. Programs and applications require a permanently enabled device and its resources. If a computer or phone is not powerful enough, overall performance will fall, everything will slow down and interrupt. Choose tools according to technical requirements. And also beware of scammers and unknown sites that will introduce a virus or withdraw money from a bank card.
  3. The third way is through services. They do not need to be downloaded and installed, and work is done online. Depending on the load, the user chooses tariffs for a certain time and pays for them. Cons: Like programs, online tools do not always reach the target audience. Often they are bots or people who have absolutely no interest in your content. It will be difficult to find potential buyers or admirers among them.
  4. Assignment exchanges are another paid way to promote a video or Story. After registration, the user posts tasks for a fee, checks and pays. An audience filter is available: you can configure which people to show the ad to. Autocheck is available on some sites, which makes the process almost automatic, without unnecessary customer intervention. Several platforms are used to work effectively. When choosing, pay attention to the minimum cost per order, how long it has been on the market and the number of active performers.
  5. Closed chats. Often people gather in one group to like and comment on each other's posts. This is where the algorithm works: you drop the record and the participants start viewing it. On the downside, it's again not a target audience, but just a trick to get to the top by hashtag or geolocation. Entry is usually paid, and you also participate in the life of the conversation: you like, comment on, and view other people's posts. Bloggers who take courses on Instagram can find such chats: they usually offer a link to a dialogue to a limited number of people.
  6. Promotion on social media. If you have promoted accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte or other platforms, you can drop a post from Instagram and gain views by pooling your audience. In addition, it will bring new subscribers, which will be a double plus. An effective way to work is if all public relations and channels are in the same subject area. If you are talking about beauty and you provide a link to a car blog, interest will be minimal. Orient yourself on the audience and the specifics of the site.
  7. Targeted advertising. A white way to promote a video, allowed by Instagram itself. In addition, you can flexibly customize your audience by filtering by gender, interests, and actions using Facebook's ad cabinet. The target audience will come to the page, and whether it stays there already depends on the material and the quality of its presentation.

Pros and cons of free promotion


  1. You get your hands dirty, learn new strategies. Something turns out and something doesn't. Once you have gained experience, you will be able to advise other users, including for money.
  2. The minimum budget will depend on the materials and specialists involved in the survey. Money for promotion will not be needed.
  3. Work takes place at the chosen pace. It is convenient to put the results into perspective, but the human factor will have to be taken into account.
  4. You filter your audience by your own parameters.


  1. It takes a lot of time and effort. Without delegation, it would take several hours every day.
  2. If the schedule is not set up and forces are not calculated, the promotion will be irregular and, accordingly, of little use.
  3. Breaching the restrictions will lead to blockages and bans.

Pros and cons of paid promotion


  1. The process is fully automated. Monotonous actions are taken in your place.
  2. Quickly. Free promotion requires constant presence and thinking about the way forward. By trusting all programs, applications, and services, you will free up time for other things.


  1. There is a chance you will stumble across fraudsters and lose a decent amount of money.
  2. Expensive tariffs.
  3. Poor operation of algorithms.
  4. Some services spin bots instead of live people or completely unnecessary people. For example, a Russian cosmetics store does not need men from neighboring countries.

Programs and services for spoofing views on Instagram

Programs in the market change quite quickly. Examples that have proven themselves include:

  1. ZennoPoster 5.
  2. Leongram.

Services for scrolling through videos, stories, live streams, likes and comments:

  1. Bosslike.
  2. Zengram.
  3. VTarget.
  4. DoInsta.
  5. Pamagram.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the 14 tools and compare rates, take a look at the "Best Programs and Services for Boosting Subscribers on Instagram": we've put the cost of tariffs and basic functionality into one table.

Apps to boost views on Instagram

Go to Google Play or the App Store and type in a search query to scroll through Instagram views. You will be shown a large list of applications. For example, Super Liker for Instagram.

What to look out for when choosing an application:

  1. Rating. The more users rated as good and excellent, the more reliable the tool is.
  2. Functions. In addition to spoofing, other additional features can be offered.
  3. Shopping in the app. Developers immediately indicate the minimum price per unit of goods.
  4. Feedback. And not only in the store, but also on third-party websites on the Internet. Positive and negative responses provide an approximate picture that will have to be faced.
  5. Developer. Don't trust unknown and dubious sites or programs to avoid getting into trouble with Instagram.
  6. Limits. Often, apps need to accumulate points for completing tasks and then spend them. Remember the limits: 60 per hour for subscriptions and unsubscriptions. If you exceed the norm, your actions will be temporarily blocked.

Use simple rules and keep your account safe.

Summing up

There are six ways to cover viewings. Programs, services, and applications fully or partially automate work. Job exchanges allow you to regulate action fees. Closed dialogues work quite quickly, increasing the probability of getting to the top. If there are promoted social platforms, reposts from Instagram will bring new followers. All methods can be combined for maximum effect. The main thing is to put out quality material that will be of interest to everyone. In this case, the promotion will be an impetus for further live promotion with targeted actions.