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Instagram has long been more than just a social network where users can share personal photos, events, and emotions. Today, it is an effective and efficient tool for increasing popularity and earning money. Today, with the help of an instagram account, it is possible to conduct PR campaigns, promote goods and services, open online stores, and so on.

At the very beginning of its history, Instagram was created as a photo-sharing platform, so that users could share interesting and vivid shots with their friends. Later, there were already such options as correspondence, advertising, stories, and much more. I would like to devote today's material to a review of the most popular Instagram accounts in Russia. Below are the rankings and the number of subscribers as of June 2018.

The 10 most popular Instagram accounts in Russia

So, let's start sorting out the top 10 popular people on Instagram in Russia.

#1. Olga Buzova @ buzzova86. Subscribers: 12.9 million.

As you guessed, the most popular Instagram page in Russia is Olga Buzova's account. Significant growth in subscribers has been observed since the beginning of the singer's career. Music helped Olga to survive the separation from her husband and allowed her to assert herself throughout the country. Today, Olga is engaged in projects from various fields, but she doesn't forget about maintaining an Instagram account. Over the past few years, Olga Buzova has been the most popular girl on Instagram in Russia.

Emphasize for yourself: openness and respectful, loving attitude to subscribers. Olga calls the audience "My People" and even dedicated a song of the same name to them, the words for which she wrote herself.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

#2. Instagram in Russian @ instagramru. Subscribers: 12.1 million.

This is a collection account, which presents the most interesting publications and stories of domestic users. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations, keep track of top-notch content - you're definitely here.

Emphasize for yourself: To share with the audience the most cream, no mediocrity and traditional thinking.

#3. Black Star @ timotiofficial. Subscribers: 11.4 million.

Today, the label has gathered under its wing a huge number of talented young artists who are blowing up the charts. In the account you can see exclusive shots from the set, what happens behind the scenes of the performances, what your favorite artists do in their free time, and also through this popular Instagram account in Russia you can find out about the latest news happening at the label.

Emphasize for yourself: One of the reasons the account is so popular is the huge number of exclusive photos from the Backstage, expensive cars, and photos of the label's artists "luxurious lives. The implication is that a bit of luxury in an account will never hurt.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

#4. Ksenia Borodina @ borodylia. Subscribers: 10.8 million.

The next position in our ranking of popular people on Instagram in Russia is taken by TV presenter Ksenia Borodina. The star rose to fame after appearing on various reality shows, including Home and Away, which allowed her to gain a solid audience of subscribers. Nowadays, Borodina does not shy away from the most diverse advertising: in her account you can see advertisements for clothes, beauty salons, clinics, strips for teeth whitening, cosmetic products, and so on.

Emphasize for yourself: The account is very light, positive, not loaded, sincere. Don't mess with long, intricate posts with lots of clever thoughts and quotes, especially if you're not the author.

#5. Pavel Volya. @ pavelvolyaofficial. Subscribers: 10.0 million.

The comedian began his career in Penza with participation in the KVN. He could hardly have imagined then that he would garner an army of 10 million fans and become one of the most popular Instagrams in Russia 2018. There was no network). Now the showman is developing his own project, "Will Power," which he launched with his wife, Laysan Utyasheva. On the account, the couple share photos from trips, off-site seminars and stand-ups, workouts, and so on. Basically, Paul uses the account to promote his projects and undertakings, thanks to which the business thrives and there is no disruption from new customers.

Emphasize for yourself: use self-irony and make subscribers laugh with you, this will increase audience loyalty and build trust.

#6. Nastasia Samburskaya. @ samburskaya. Subscribers: 9.32 million.

Nastasia is another high-profile contestant on the series, who is now better known for her Instagram account than her creative projects. Who are the most popular on Instagram in Russia? Those who regularly post fresh photos, videos, stories and almost every day live broadcasts. Nastassia knows this basic truth and faithfully observes it. Nastasia's posts often feature advertisements for a variety of products and services, suggesting that the girl is making quite a lot of money on her Instagram. It is worth noting the actress's particular way of presenting information: subtle humor, self-irony, and glamour.

Emphasize for yourself: Establish your own publication schedule and adhere to it. Place a minimum of 1-2 publications and stories per day.

#7. Anastasia Kvitko: @ anastasiya _ kvitko. Subscribers: 8.2 million.

Anastasia Kvitko has gained popularity thanks to her lush shapes, which the girl advertises on her Instagram account from all directions. At the moment, there are 764 posts in the profile and almost all of them are quite provocative. It is often possible to find advertising posts, which Nastya publishes very actively. The girl is actively promoting her page to maintain her status as one of Russia's most popular bloggers on Instagram.

Emphasize for yourself: The bottom line is that we all love eyes. When you open Instagram, you want to see bright, juicy, beautiful photos. So pay great attention to the quality and processing of photos.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

#8. Mikhail Galustyan @ m _ galystyan. Subscribers: 7.9 million.

Mikhail decided not to dwell on his own development as a comedian and is now actively engaged in his own Instagram account. Here he shares his own emotions and opinions, tells about important events, new projects, and travels. There are no advertising posts, Galustyan's PR is not for sale. Michael's Instagram page is a tool for communicating and keeping in touch with fans.

Emphasize for yourself: positive in every post. People face gray, aggression, negativity every day. Give them a sense of happiness and joy in your account. If you are promoting a product / service, show that the consumer will get a sense of happiness / joy through the purchase of your product.

#9. Ivan Urgant @ urgantcom. Subscribers: 7.12 million.

Well, who doesn't know Ivan Urgant, the host of the eponymous show. Judging by the number of subscribers, people know Vanya not only as a talented TV presenter, but also as a blogger. Urgant's account is littered with photos from various projects, family photos with his daughters and his beloved wife, which fuels everyone's interest in both the showman himself and his professional activities. In his profile, the artist states that he works for Channel One and never lies.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Emphasize for yourself: The TV presenter rarely shares family photos, and rarely talks about his private life. Subscribers expect and value family posts even more. Conclusion: don't rush to reveal all the cards to subscribers and share absolutely everything. Create some intrigue and heat it up.

#10. Anna Hilkiewicz. Subscribers: 7.18 million.

The actress rose to global fame after appearing in the series "Universal," which helped her account enter the rankings of popular Instagram accounts in Russia. Today, Anna actively shares with her subscribers the latest photos from the set, as well as events in her personal life. The girl often wows the audience with photos and videos of her youngest daughter.

Emphasize for yourself: The girl's profile is further proof that openness and positivity are great tools for attracting followers.

Ordinary people from all walks of life who have become famous on Instagram

Do you want to start blogging on Instagram for profit? In that case, let's figure out which blogs are really popular and draw conclusions about where to go.

Katya Clap (@ kateklap) is a video blogger. Subscribers: 6.79 million.

Katya started her career as a blogger with YouTube video hosting, and then moved to Instagram, her followers followed her and helped her become the girl of one of Russia's most popular bloggers on Instagram. Today, the girl is better known for interviews in the media and judging in various competitions. The girl first gained fame on YouTube, shooting live videos, not afraid to voice her point of view on certain issues, holding various challenges and pranks, organizing competitions.

Maria Way (@ maria _ way) is a beauty blogger. Subscribers: 5 million.

Maria Wei became popular thanks to her YouTube channel, where she shared beauty secrets, beauty news and trends. Also, the girl often does make-up-reincarnation and she does it perfectly. Watching a girl transform herself into Johnny Depp, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities is incredibly exciting. The beauty blogger gives her followers valuable tips on make-up and style, as well as video lessons.

Anastasia Ivleeva (@ _ agentgirl _) is a TV presenter. Subscribers: 7.21 million.

Anastasia Ivleeva became a real discovery on Instagram, she gained her fame and popularity thanks to this social network. network. Before becoming a well-known blogger and shooting funny short videos, the girl studied at the Faculty of Advertising and Public Relations, worked as a manicurist and hostess at a nightclub. All of this was in St. Petersburg, where the girl came from. In 2015, Nastya moved to Moscow and entered the Ostankino television school, while Ivleeva worked in a car dealership. In 4 years, the talented girl gathered an audience of 3.4 million people and turned blogging into her main activity. Maintaining an Instagram account brought her great popularity, she was invited to appear in advertisements and even to take part in shoots for MAXIM. In the spring of 2017, Nastya became the host of the well-known program "The Eagle and the Reboot." Perhaps at this rate, Nastya will soon top the ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts in Russia.

instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Gusein Hasanov (@ gusein. gasanov) is the owner of a restaurant business. Subscribers: 5.3 million.

Despite the fact that Huseyin's main occupation and source of income is business, he actively maintains an Instagram account and today is a top domestic blogger. He became famous for funny short videos describing situations from everyday life. The main feature of Hasanwoa is to notice the funny and interesting even in the most mundane situations, in the relationship between a girl and a guy.

Goar Avetisyan (@ goar _ avetisyan) is a make-up artist. Subscribers: 4.8 million.

A girl is a talented make-up artist, literally a wizard, who can transform girls into true beauty goddesses: hide any flaws in appearance and imperfections, make them younger, give expression to facial features, and that's not all. The make-up artist became popular precisely because of her work. Today, Goar is not limited to his native Caucasus, often working with Russian and foreign stars.

Maria Sharapova (@ mariasharapova) is an athlete. It has 3.0 million subscribers.

The most popular Instagram of athletes in Russia belongs to the famous tennis player Maria Sharapova. The girl shares with subscribers her sporting achievements, videos and photos from training, as well as publications from everyday life. Everything looks stylish and tasteful.

Andrei Borisov (@ gan _ 13 _) is an economist. It has 2.4 million subscribers.

Of course, few people know that the famous Weiner is an economist. Before becoming one of Russia's most popular people on Instagram, Andrei's life was no different from that of the average Russian: school, economics department, work. One day Borisov decided to record a short funny video and posted it online. Within a month, the video gained 100,000 views, and Andrei made a bet on blogging. As we can see, the bet has paid off.

Vitaly Raskalov (@ raskalov) is a traveler. Subscribers: 265,000 People.

By the age of 22, Raskalov had visited all high-rise buildings in the world and delighted his subscribers from the conquered peaks: from the pyramid of Cheops to the cathedral in Cologne. Today, it is the most famous domestic traveler, who never ceases to please subscribers with always interesting, original and quality content.

Elmira Ylyasova (@ elle _ happy _ mom) is a happy mom. It has 1.5 million subscribers.

Elmira's main asset in life is her children, and her Instagram account is dedicated to them. The mother-of-four is currently expecting her fifth child. In the Instagram account you will find cute photos and videos from the lives of cheerful young parents and their adorable princesses. Elmira also often shares useful tips and valuable information that will be useful to moms.


Who is the most popular person on Instagram in Russia? As you can see, today's ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts includes both celebrities and ordinary people who have become popular thanks to the social network. However, the TOP-10 consists exclusively of representatives of show business, actors, TV presenters, and comedians.

We hope that the provided material was useful and you will find interesting chips in the top profiles.