instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

Social media has not only become firmly embedded in everyday life, but has also become a unique sales channel. Instagram has become a comfortable platform for commercial activity. According to statistics, the social network has more than 700 million registered users. Increasing competition, however, is forcing the use of different methods to promote the profile. One is the mass distribution of Direct Instagram advertising messages to subscribers and programs to do so.

How to apply

Why this is necessary

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instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

By sending individual letters to users, several tasks can be solved:

  1. Welcome new subscribers. Text information is received immediately after subscribing to the account.
  2. Inform the available audience. Launching a promotion, starting a sell-out, meeting fans or inviting them to a party are just a few of the topics for texts. You should configure the filter by specifying the addressees.
  3. Get new subscribers. You can send a notification to newly registered users or customers of competitors.

Before posting to Instagram en masse to followers via Direct, it is important to understand how automated resources are used. There are two possible solutions: sending mass messages through the site online or downloading the program to a computer. They make no fundamental difference, but Internet sites allow you to track progress and set tasks from any device that has access to the network. For maximum results, it is recommended to combine sending notifications with masslaying (putting "I like" under users "photos) and massfolding (auto-subscribing to users).

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What's the point?

It takes a lot of time to search, copy, and send notifications. By connecting the mailing list, the profile owner saves hours on useful activities: consulting clients, posting posts, or sending goods.


A well-crafted text containing interesting information, distributed to the target audience, helps:

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  • attract new subscribers;
  • increase the number of sales;
  • improve the image of the account;
  • inform about changes or promotions;
  • lure customers away from competitors.

Before sending a message, check it for errors and work out the structure of the text. It is advisable to use lists, to highlight a new thought in a paragraph. Instagram gives a business owner freedom: you can use colloquial turns and emoticons on social media, but don't forget the rules of polite communication.


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Growing commercial interest in social media users has led to a glut of offers. Account holders are attacked daily by dozens of e-mails. So the main disadvantage of using services to send messages to Instagram is poor performance. Users quickly filter out incoming texts, and sometimes even complain about spam. For the latter, an account that uses bulk shipping may well get a ban. The only way to get the audience interested is through thoughtful, clinging writing. There are other downsides to the method:

  1. Blocking an account because of the number of actions. The increased activity could be seen by the administration as fraudulent manipulation. As a result, the page is blocked temporarily or permanently.
  2. The high cost of mass mailing to Instagram. Sometimes the services give virtually no results, and the use of resources costs at least 700-1,000 roubles per month. However, almost all programs can be tested for free.

Implementation of the process

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To increase the effect of mass dispatch and avoid the unfortunate consequences of a ban, you need to know the following steps:

  1. Prepare a template. The text should contain basic information, not be lengthy and interesting from the first lines. If it is not possible to make a proposal yourself, you can use the services of specialists. It is better to prepare several variants of the template.
  2. Install filters. Before you make and configure the Directive for Instagram (via programs and services), you need to determine the audience. For example, bed linen is unlikely to interest young men, and sending information to inactive pages is pointless. The account owner can determine the territory of distribution, the scope of coverage, and the age of potential customers.
  3. Start the process. Most resources allow tracking progress at all stages.

Criteria for choosing a mailing service

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Application selection is based on

  1. Functionality. There are programs that only allow you to send. Others combine several functions: put likes on a photo and sign up en masse.
  2. Cost. When planning for a particular page, it is necessary to pay attention to the price of the service. It is better to focus on services that support linking multiple accounts at once. It will be more economical.
  3. The algorithm. It is important to choose the right one for a particular profile.

The 10 best services

In order not to get entangled in numerous programs, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the most convenient and popular offers in advance. Most of them allow you to do mailing lists as well as to engage in massfollogging or masssliking.

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One of the most popular programs, among its features:

  • Liking;
  • Data collection for further development;
  • unsubscribe;
  • viewing stories;
  • mass subscriptions;
  • generating comments.

You don't have to put InstaPlus on your computer before you set up your Direct Instagram account. Even a smartphone with Internet access is suitable. The program is characterized by high speed and the ability to promote up to 5 accounts at a time. The trial period (5 days) is free of charge. In the future, the package will cost 399-1699 roubles, depending on the term.

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This program is suitable for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Available in 2 versions:

  1. Cloudy. It allows you to make and configure mass mailing of messages in Direct Instagram, as well as to generate comments in the Directive, organize mass follogging and masssliking. It can be controlled from any device connected to the network. The package costs from 199 roubles per month.
  2. Professional for PC. It works after downloading to a computer. It features a wide range of settings and tasks. There is no limit on the number of linked profiles. Prices start at 1,199 roubles per month.

The built-in randomizer reduces the probability of blocking a page for sending spam to users.


Allows you to send welcome notifications or list information. The price for a monthly subscription is quite democratic: 790 roubles. For the first 3 days, new users test the service for free. The program is distinguished by a clear interface, several types of strategy, and the ability to attach images to text.

iDirect. io

The service is capable of sending up to 125,000 messages a day and linking 1-51 accounts. All work is done remotely, there is no need to download anything. The program for Instagram allows you to set up a mailing list on Instagram, as well as to correspond through a computer, place active links in templates. The cost of use depends on the number of profiles. Managing one page will cost 100 roubles per month. You can calculate the exact amount for a larger number of profiles on the resource's website.

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SMM Geeks

A multifunctional program with 3 strategies. Allows users to filter, inter alia, on the basis of geo-position data. Also:

  • Monthly subscription cost: 799 roubles;
  • A free trial period of 3 days;
  • does not separate business pages from other profiles.


With this program, you should dial up to 20 message options for future sending. The service does not support the distribution of information on selected profiles and resets text only to new page subscribers. Among the nuances:

  • 699 roubles per month;
  • only manual dispatch by lists;
  • clear interface.

Hamster. pro

Not so long ago, the service offered many other promotion tasks. The hamster worked on two strategies, maintaining a one-time peg of up to 30 accounts, but, alas, stopped working after changing algorithms on the social network.

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Designed to run the Directive on a computer. Simplifies responses to comments and personal messages, instantly displays an alert when a request is received. The program is distinguished by:

  • fast start-up and clear interface;
  • protection from the ban due to a limited number of shipments;
  • working in a remote cloud;
  • round-the-clock technical assistance.

The service also works on three strategies. The price for a month of use ranges from 190 to 2860 roubles.


The program handles a number of tasks. It helps to learn how to make automatic mailing to Direct Instagram, as well as to post likes, add users, launch delayed posts. The subscription price depends on the number of linked accounts and varies from 390 roubles to 14,500 roubles. In addition:

  • Applies 3 strategies;
  • filters the audience;
  • the first 2 days of use free of charge;
  • generates statistics.
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Covers likes, views users "stories, posts comments. The first 3 days are provided in test mode without payment. Promotion, commentary, and delayed postings are paid separately. The cost of each service is 790 roubles per month. You can buy packages, the price for which varies from 790 to 7490 roubles.


Another way to automatically collect is to take advantage of this resource. The system protects an account from being blocked for spam, is distinguished by numerous filters for the audience, and operates without registration. The 3-day trial period allows you to familiarize yourself with all the features of the service free of charge. Then the cost will be 790 roubles per month. Important:

  • has 3 strategies;
  • supports any number of accounts.

The Chips and Secrets of Instagram

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We recommend studying the details that make it possible to create a unique text:

  • focus not on the characteristics of the product, but on its benefits for the buyer ("this fur coat will warm up in winter," "our bags will brighten your image," "a hotel stay will energize you");
  • offer promotions and discounts (reduce the price for new buyers, assign a number for the subsequent prize draw);
  • bet on humor or shock content (use it carefully: it may scare off the customer).


The basic rule of Instagram is moderation. You should not send more than 70 messages per day to new subscribers to avoid blocking the page. For the rest of the profiles, the value is even less than 50 letters every 24 hours.

Lead Magnet Options

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The method allows you to collect contact data from only those who have come and form a potential customer base. After all, getting to know and warm up a customer is an important step in that process. The most effective types of lead magnets are:

  • built on the needs of the audience;
  • Guaranteeing discounts and gifts for the buyer;
  • containing advice on the selection of goods.


Mass messaging on Instagram should be combined with other methods of promotion. A smart, bright, and thought-out strategy will help to stand out from the competition.

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