instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The world-famous social network Instagram never ceases to delight users with new features and options. More recently, there have been stories that have been quickly adopted and are now used quite frequently. The Russian-language version of Storytelling. With their help, you can share interesting photos and videos in real time. Posting materials can be decorated with stickers, cool images, emoticons, and other tools. Stores are stored for just 24 hours and then removed. But some stories are so interesting to subscribers that they want to keep them.

This raises the question of how to download someone else's Instagram story. It is the search for this question that we will address in today's material. The official app currently does not allow you to save other people's creations, but there are workarounds that we will also consider.

How to download current stories from Instagram

If you want to preserve your own history for a long time, you need to transfer it to the current ones. To do this, open a section of history

To save your Instagram story you need to:

  1. Open a history, and then an additional menu, as shown in the picture: instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  2. Then select "Save." As you can see, everything is as simple as possible.

How to upload a story to Instagram

If you need to download another person's Instagram story, you need to use one of the following methods: take a screenshot / screenshot, or download and use third-party apps. Definitely the first option is the simplest and most convenient, but it is not suitable for saving video. So let's take a look at the apps that can be useful.

How to download an Instagram story to your iPhone

So, go to the App Store, download and install one of the following apps, then open it and start working in it:

  1. InstaStory. It is a convenient service, with no built-in shopping option, but it boasts a minimal number of advertisements, which is very convenient. InstaStory also guarantees 100% anonymity: the author will never know who downloaded the app. After you open the application, enter the user's login in the search bar. Next, you will see newly uploaded photos and videos. Select the material you want and click the Save button. The photo will then be uploaded to the device's galleries.
  2. Repost for Instagram Story. Another option is to download an Instagram story. There is no professional version here, all possibilities are open even to the average user. After you open the service, you need to log in to your instagram account. Next, you will see a list of friends "stories. If you want to download a story from the Instagram of a user to whom you are not subscribed, use the search bar. Then select the desired object and click "Repost," the material will automatically be saved in the phone's memory.
  3. Repost and Save for Instagram. With this app, you can not only download stories, but also make reposts. We would like to draw attention to the fact that the application is paid for. But it should also be taken into account that it has collected an impressive amount of positive feedback. Once you log in to Instagram, a list of subscription stories will be displayed. Next, select the material you want, and then repost or save it to your phone.
  4. Repost Stories for Instagram. Here, you don't even need to enter your login and password to download stories from Instagram. The main advantages of the service: the ability to search for users, repost materials from stories, as well as complete anonymity when viewing and saving stories.
  5. Repost for Instagram Story. It is a universal service with a wide range of functionality. It allows you to download Instagram stories, post reposts of videos and photos, add videos and photos to existing stories, save profile photos, perform multi-account support, and so on.
  6. Instant Repost for Instagram-Stories. The service is as easy to use as possible, with an intuitively simple interface. Allows you to repost, download stories, search for users by tags, and work in 2 accounts at once.

Download an Instagram story on Android

If you own a smartphone or other Android-based gadget, the following apps will help you:

  1. StorySaver. Open it, enter a user login in the search bar. In the opened list of published materials, we search for the necessary, and then perform the necessary action: download it or make a repost.
  2. Telegram. As surprising as it may sound, it is not only a messenger, but also a convenient application for working with stories and bots. A bot called @ instasave _ bot will help you find and download the right story. Apply to him, then send the login you need. Next, select the desired publication. And save it.
  3. There are plenty of other apps that will help you download your Instagram story online to Android. To view the entire list, enter the words Save and Story in the Play Marketplace search bar.

How to download an Instagram story to your computer

Many users maintain an installation account from a personal computer, especially when it comes to business profiles, which are maintained to promote goods and services. Often in tech. Support comes from users asking if they can download an Instagram story to a computer. Definitely, you can download an Instagram story to your computer, but with one condition: you need to install a browser extension.

  1. For Google Chrome, the "Chrome IG Story" extension is installed. After installation, open the extension and log in to your installer account. Now you will see a list of friends "stories. Then you can take turns viewing and downloading stories, or downloading them all at once. To do this, click the "Download" button on the right side of your nickname, as shown in the picture: instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм Live streams can also be downloaded via the extension, but they will be saved as 23 files: video + audio.
  2. To download Instagram stories to your computer via Yandex or Opera browser, you will need the InstaSaver extension. Here, when you log on to Instagram, you can immediately view stories. During the viewing, a button will appear that allows you to download Instagram Stories to your computer. instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм
  3. To download an Instagram story online via Mozila FireFox, you need to install IG Helper. The way it works is similar to the extensions described above.


We looked at how to download a story from Instagram to a phone (running Android or iOS) and a computer. We also reviewed the list of the most effective and convenient apps for downloading Instagram stories. Often you have to download an Instagram story to share it with your followers. In this case, the repost option, which is available for the non-acute applications listed above, would be useful.

Diversify your account with interesting stories, but remember to identify the author of the material so as not to infringe on copyright.