instamer - promote instagram followers / накрутка подписчиков инстаграм

The mobile app Instagram is very popular among ordinary people and commercial Internet projects. After all, it is a universal promotion tool, with tens of millions of people logging on to the social network every day, sharing photos, subscribing to other accounts, and engaging in other activities.

There are two categories of users. First, they are those who want a lot of likes for posts to satisfy their own whims and popularize their account. Second, entrepreneurs who need a lot of clicks on the "I like" button to promote a brand, an online store, and other resources. Whatever your personal or corporate goals, you need to invest to turn the page.

In this case, a great option are programs for scrolling through likes on Instagram. Today, there are quite a few such tools on the Internet. They differ in form - whether it's installation software, online services, or mobile apps, in the way they get like-for-like marks for money or perform tasks from other users, and in functionality.

Instagram Likes are a simple and effective way to quickly promote a profile on a free and paid basis. In any case, the person will get the desired result with minimal time and financial costs. In the sections of the app stores for smartphones running Android and iOS AppStore and Google Play Market, many kinds of products have been added to make a page in the social network more successful.

To do this from a personal computer or laptop, the Internet has special web resources, programs, and browser extensions. Each software has individual features and can perform a wide range of tasks.

What program to download to generate likes on Instagram

As already noted, there is a huge number of paid and free versions of programs, where you need to perform tasks from other users, earn points and form your own orders on them. Thus, only real people are involved in the process, no bots. For this purpose, use:


It is the most popular app available from a PC browser and mobile phone, and you can scroll through Instagram likes on your Android and iOS smartphone. The total number of live users is more than one million. So there's no problem with earning points: just open any tab, whether it's "Subscriber Cover" or "Likes Cover," and start promoting. If you don't have the time and desire to manually click on links and be active, you can buy a package of services: one thousand likes costs about 500 roubles.


The second most popular Russian-language service. Unlike BossLike, real money is credited to an internal account, and the cost of scamming is several times more expensive. This is due to the fact that VkTarget has no bots at all and the company's policy does not allow their use.


The software should be downloaded and installed on your computer. There is no need to complete tasks here; points are collected automatically. After that, you can go to popular online services and exchange them for like. VTope can be configured so that "Like" marks are automatically spun as soon as a new photo is posted in the profile. This is a very convenient feature, as it eliminates the need to configure the program every time.


The program is paid for. Two thousand likes are available to the user every day. Cover-up is carried out not with bots, but with real users. Therefore, the risk of blocking an account is minimal. Compared to other analogues, it costs around six thousand roubles. But after the purchase, all the functionality of the software will be available forever, without the need to renew a subscription and pay for certain services.

How Instagram's Liking Programs Work

Faced with the question of the need to increase the number of likes under posts, most people do not suspect that achieving great results can be achieved by standard methods that are allowed and cannot become the reason for blocking an account: subscribe to interesting pages, evaluate photos, write comments. As a result, there will be a response from other people who are not bots. But this method is ineffective if you want to achieve great results in a short period of time, and it can take months to turn a page.

All kinds of applications and programs are designed to automate this process without the need for many manual steps. In other words, third-party software automatically clicks the like button many times, writes comments, subscribes to profiles, and performs other actions specified in the settings. Instagramming likes on the profiles of businesses and people's personal pages can be done in several ways:

  1. Programs for PCs and smartphones. Because the social network Instagram is primarily designed for mobile phones and tablets, the majority of applications are in the AppStore and Google Play Market. They are made in the form of special utilities, in which it is necessary to login and perform various tasks to earn points. The points can then be exchanged for likes.
  2. Online services for computers. They are presented in the form of sites that carry out complex or partial promotion of a user's page in different directions: increasing the number of subscribers, likes, writing and posting comments, views under videos. Most often, the services of web resources will have to be paid for with money, but there are also those that work on the principle of an app for the phone: earned points, bought likes.

Regardless of which way a user chooses to cheat, they are risking their profile because the social network's administrators do not welcome "grey" ways of promoting. For detecting such actions, the account is blocked without the possibility of recovery. Moreover, the activity of the bots will not yield any results other than the total number of "Like" button clicks. Such profiles are usually not subscribed to by live, active people (unless, of course, interesting content is published).

Advantages and disadvantages of likes and Instagram

Unlike online services, which are used to increase the number of ticks "I like" under the record, the programs have a number of advantages. Specifically, they do not require a user to have constant access to a PC, just a smartphone and an Internet connection.

Apps are free. All you have to do is complete certain tasks to earn points, which can then be exchanged for likes. Unlike bots, the same users are active here, performing tasks (when enough points are collected, you need to create a campaign with the right number of likes).

If you buy a program for scrolling through likes on Instagram, the user can promote the page at any time. As a rule, applications are inexpensive and, for a fee, provide access to all the cheating functionality. This may be necessary in the following situations:

  • Self-promotion of business on the Internet.
  • Improved profile statistics (this may be needed to get Instagram's audience to subscribe to the page when they see activity).
  • Creating a positive image for the profile of an ordinary person who posts interesting and quality photos.

It is worth noting that if the security rules are ignored, the user may lose his or her account. First, when using untested and viral software, there is a risk of hacking, where third parties steal the password and either change it or delete the page altogether. Second, suspicious activity can lead to blocking by the administration of a social network if it is found that tools have been used to artificially improve profile statistics.

The best option is to buy an Instagram-like program. It will provide some guarantee of honesty and security. In addition, compared to free analogues, there are many different tools and capabilities. By paying money, you will achieve great results.