For a Effective Social media Influencer marketing campaign you need the correctly Influencer.

In this guide you will learn how to do both.

And before we get into the intricacies, tips and tools of influencers, here's why.

Here we go: Curtain up on the finer points, tips and tools for influencer marketing in 2019.

What is Social Media Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is about a form of collaboration. A company works with an influential person to promote something. A product, service or campaign.

Originally, influencer marketing meant the advertising use of celebrities.

In today's digital world, however, social media content creators with a niche audience often offer brands significant added value. These people have interested and engaged groups of followers on social media. They're 's social media influencers.

More than two thirds of the North American retailers use a form of influencer marketing. And nearly half of digital marketers in the US and UK spend at least 10% of their marketing communications budgets on influencer marketing.

Social Media Influencer Marketing 2019: How to work with social media influencers. Instamer

These donations will increase in 2019. Almost two thirds of all marketers want to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year.

Still not convinced that influencer marketing generates real business results? In a Poll , it was found that 34% of daily US Instagram users bought something because it was recommended by an influencer or blogger.

Instagram is the number one choice for influencers. 89% of marketers identify the platform as one of the most important channels for influencer marketing.

About a third of influencer content on Instagram appears in Stories. That number is expected to rise this year. The swipe-up feature (swipe up) is now available for accounts with only 10,000 followers. This makes Stories a perfect place to share and link brand content.

But the other platforms also have their merits. Almost a year on Quarter of all daily Facebook users in the US has already bought on the recommendation of bloggers or influencers. Twitter accounts for 29% of daily users.

What is a social media influencer?

Simple: one influencer can influence others.

A social media influencer exerts this influence on social media. The form of influence can vary and no influencer is the same.

The right influencers can reach your target group, build trust and promote engagement. Create original and engaging content. But you are not keen to subordinate yourself to the advertising guidelines that your brand provides.

You should therefore only work with social media influencers who have a similar idea of social media to your company.

Influencers can have millions of followers. Perhaps the most famous influencer in the world is Kendall Jenner. She has 114 million followers on Instagram and regularly receives millions of likes for her brand posts.

But not all influencers are Hollywood types. Key influencers on social media include:

James Charles ( @ jamecharles )

This youthful make-up artist is one of the top beauty influencers. He has partnerships with brands such as Morphe Cosmetics and Covergirl. Brands love him for his nearly 16 million loyal followers on Instagram.

Murad Osman ( @ muradosmann )

The founder of the photo series # followmeto is one of the best known travel influencers on Instagram. He regularly collaborates with destinations and has 4.1 million followers on Instagram.

Massy Arias ( @ massy.arias )

With 2.6 million Instagram followers, the health coach and online fitness guru has teamed up with brands such as Fabletics.

View this post on Instagram

Tribe, it's here! Massy Made for @ Fabletics has arrived. These curated capsules and looks are designed to push you out of your comfort zone with style. Click the link in my bio. Today I'll be doing a live to show you every piece of the collection at 5pm pst. I am so excited, see you guys this afternoon # MassyXFabletics _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Estos looks están diseñados para sacarlas de su zona de confort pero con estilo. Dale is a biographer. Hoy haré un en vivo para mostrarte cada pieza de la colleccion a las 5 pm pst. Estoy muy emocionada, nos vemos esta tarde # massyxfabletics

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Find the right social media influencer in 8 easy steps

Alone on Instagram 500,000 active influencers on the way. This means that you have many potential opportunities for cooperation. But this also means that you have to make an effort to find the right influencer.

Marketers' confidence in their ability to find the right influencer varies widely from country to country. In China, 81% of marketing experts confident that they will find effective influencers. In the United States, only 39% of marketers think so.

Here are 8 essential ways to find and contact the right influencer for your campaign.

1. Consider the three R's of influence

Influence consists of three components:

  • Relevance
  • Reach
  • resonance


Relevant influencers share content that is relevant to your business and industry. You have to have an audience that is interested in your oriented.

For example, Intrepid Travel worked with a group of vegan influencers to launch its vegan trips. These influencers had a highly relevant audience to which the company had access in an appealing and authentic way.

Erin Ireland is a passionate advocate of veganism. Her Instagram post about how the tour operator enabled her to travel to India as a vegan has garnered more than 5,700 likes.

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Traveling can open the mind unlike anything else. It's like a degree minus the school. India is a country I'd always wanted to visit, but I was hesitant. I've heard so many wonderful things, but also received warnings that it might not be the best place to explore alone. I'm going to be honest. I was always that traveler who preferred to be solo; I never felt guided tours were for me. This @ intrepidtravel India Vegan Food Adventure has COMPLETELY changed my impression of guided tours. I expected travel companies to take their guests to the touristy restaurants, the safe bets. Without this tour and our absolutely incredible guide @ jhachetan241, I would never have been the guest in THREE Indian homes, eating incredible home-cooked meals. I wouldn't have felt comfortable eating at the street food stalls we visited (foreigners are often advised to avoid them), nor would I have been able to arrange / communicate the swapping out of certain ingredients to make dishes vegan (like chai). I've felt 100% safe here. And HOW AMAZING it is that @ intrepidtravel is launching VEGAN food adventures?!!! The world is asking and this forward-thinking company is delivering!!!!! The future is vegan???? Shirt: @ veganizedworld????: @ happyandhealthy96 # veganindia # veganworld # intrepidtravel

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She has also posted in her Stories about her trip , which remains as a highlight.


Reach is the number of people you could potentially reach via the influencer's follower base.


This is the potential level of engagement the influencer can generate with an audience relevant to your brand.

Bigger doesn't always mean better. Large follower numbers are irrelevant if these people are not interested in your offer. And a smaller number of followers can be very powerful when it comes to a niche market. Niche influencers can have very dedicated followers.

Tapestry The study found that binding rates are often higher among micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have 5,000 to 25,000 followers. And: Thirty percent of North American retailers now work with micro-influencers.

Brand new are so-called nano-influencers. They may only have 1,000 followers, but their word is worth gold among their loyal fans.

2. Know who you want to influence

Her influencer campaign can't please everyone. An effective strategy requires that you address the right people with the right tools. (In our case, the right influencers).

The first step is to define which target group you want to reach with your specific campaign.

A good method: Develop to make sure you know who you are trying to reach. Once that's done, put together a matching set of eligible influencer personas. This makes it easier for you to understand what qualities you are looking for in your influencers.

3. Examine the appropriate audience for engagement and trust

Confidence is key.

Your audience must trust and respect the opinions of the influencers you work with. Without the confidence component, all results are superficial. And you will have a hard time seeing a noticeable business impact of your efforts.

How do you tell if you trust your influencer? You want to see lots of views, likes, comments and shares. Especially from the exact follower segments you are trying to reach.

A good engagement rate also means loyal followers. Unlike artificially inflated follower numbers, which are pushed by bots and fraudulent accounts.

4. Count on a consistent look & amp; feel, even in tone and values

You need someone to produce content with a look & amp; feel that matches your brand content.

The tone should also reflect the way you present your brand to potential customers. This ensures that the contents of the social media posts of both parties do not diverge.

The chef and photographer Dennis Prescott ( @ dennistheprescott ) has a very characteristic photographic style. And it works really well for his partnership with Traeger Grills. When Traeger Grills its content on your own feed It blends seamlessly into 's other meaty content.

5. Keep an eye out for sponsorship oversaturation

Look at what your potential influencers post. How often do they share sponsored content?

If they are already flooding their followers with masses of paid posts, their engagement rate may not last.

Watch out for lots of organic, unpaid content. These keep followers interested, enthusiastic and engaged. The company said in a statement: 'We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services. recommends sponsoring only every fifth or tenth post.

Remember when considering what your influencer should publish as well. Asking for too many posts in a short timeframe makes it difficult for the influencer to accept your offer. Even if it's really well paid.

6. Research and learn

Influencers in demand receive many offers. When you first contact an influencer, you should show that you have engaged with his work.

Get smart: research what their channels are about and who their audience is. Better still, approach it gently by interacting organically with your target influencer's posts. Like content. Comment if necessary. Show yourself appreciative, not sales-oriented.

7. Plan your budget

High-profile influencers rightly expect to be paid for their work. A free product might motivate nano-influencers, but a larger influencer campaign needs a budget.

Consider what kind of payment structure is most appropriate for your goals. But also consider the needs of the influencer. For example, an affiliate or commission structure may offer itself instead of a flat rate or be an option to reduce a flat rate.

We've outlined the various payment models in our post on

Keep in mind that micro-influencers and nano-influencers have more flexible payment models.

8. Get in touch with influencers privately and personally

A direct message is a good start. If you discover an email address, try using it. But stay away from bulk emails or generic DMs.

Yes, it takes a little longer to write a personal message to every influencer. But it shows that you are serious about a possible partnership. And that in turn increases your chances of getting into business.

After the fiasco of Fyre Festival Influencers want to know that the brands they work with are legitimate and decent.

'I definitely do as much research as I can, 'Kendall Jenner explained The New York Times about their participation in the legendary failed festival. But sometimes there's not much to research because it's a young brand and you have to kind of believe in it and hope it works out the way people say it does. '

Make it easier for influencers to trust you: provide as much information about your brand as possible. Tell them what you hope to achieve with your Instagram campaign. Make it clear how the influencer benefits beyond pay.

Influencer Marketing Tips

Follow the rules

Before you enter influencer marketing, you should know what is allowed. In the United States, these Rules from the Federal Trade Commission .

The FTC takes disclosure of advertising posts very seriously. Make sure you include disclosure policies in your agreements with influencers.

Also in Germany, More legal certainty for online influencers get. The federal government is planning a special "influencer" law to remove the uncertainty.

US influencers must label sponsored posts as such. However, Truth In Advertising found that many do not comply . Some disclose sponsorship activities, but not in a way that meets the FTC's requirements.

In Germany, the question of when an influencer's mail should be labeled as advertising is also discussed and ends up in Individual cases already in court . The forthcoming law is intended to clarify this point.

Here's a look at essential FTC requirements :

  • Video reviews must include both written and oral disclosure of the partnership. This must be in the video itself (not only in the description).
  • The company said in a statement: 'We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services. Integrated tools of social media platforms is not enough.
  • # ad and # sponsored are great hashtags for tagging advertising content. However, make sure they are clearly visible and not just geared to the need for a long tag string.

Social Media Influencer Marketing 2019: How to work with social media influencers. Instamer

This last point is important. Some influencers react cautiously when it comes to prominently placing a # ad or # sponsored hashtag.

But it limited the commitment to this sponsored post for Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. by Janise Burrafato (a.k.a. @ mamainheels ). The post received over 1,800 likes within 24 hours.

View this post on Instagram

# ad I feel grateful and blessed every single day for this family of mine. It's National Infertility Awareness Week (# NIAW), and it felt like the right time to # TalkAboutTrying and share our story of how we became a family of four eight years ago. At the time I didn't know I had fertility issues. I was so busy focusing on my career that I had let the time slip by and never once thought I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I knew I wanted to start a family when I met my husband @ gabrielburrafato and we tried for over a year, but sadly, nothing happened. I finally went to see my OB-GYN specifically asking for tests to determine if I could conceive. After several rounds of blood and hormone tests, it was determined that my infertility was caused by fibroids blocking the fallopian tubes. Our only option to conceive was via IVF. Given my advanced maternal age at the time my success rate was less than 5 per cent. However, we were determined to try because if we didn't then we would never know. After many heartbreaks, tears, and joy we became a family of four. Thanks to IVF technology, we were able to have a family. We are part of an amazing group of miracles, where 1 to 2 percent of all babies born in the United States each year are conceived via IVF. If you have been trying for a year (under 35 years old) or 6 months (35 +) and are not getting pregnant, it may be time to see a reproductive endocrinologist. Go and visit My Fertility Navigator (https: / / / 2WugCS1) to find one in your area as soon as possible. You are not alone. The fertility journey is a rollercoaster. 's unexpected and never goes to plan. For every social media post using # TalkAboutTrying during # NIAW, @ FerringPharmaceuticals will make a $1 donation to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. @ resolveorg. This post is sponsored by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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This post is also a good example of how important it is to find the right influencer for your campaign. Janise shared her personal history of infertility. This creates a real emotional connection to the brand story.

Allow creative freedom

A social media influencer who has worked hard to build his follower community will not accept a deal that makes his own personal brand appear inconsistent. After all, influencers are proven content experts. You get the best out of their work if you allow them to demonstrate their skills.

Macy's invited a group of influencers to a preview event for its new watch collection. All posted from the same event, but in very different photo styles. Each influencer created content that matched their own feed. This lent authenticity to the event coverage.

It is advisable to give some guidelines to your ideas. But don't expect to stage the entire campaign.

Increase credibility with influencer posts on your own channels

You can also share or cross-post influencer content on your own channels. This underlines the collaboration and benefits both your brand and the influencer.

Canon recently collaborated with micro-influencer Katja Gaskell (AKA @ globetotting), who tested one of their cameras. She posted one of the photos and mentioned the partnership on her Instagram profile. But that was just the beginning.

View this post on Instagram

C A N O N A couple of months ago Canon set me a challenge, stop using my iPhone and try out the Canon EOS M50 camera instead. I've tried various digital cameras over the years but have never graduated past the automatic setting and once smartphones came along, I just used those. I've been wanting to improve my photography skills and upgrade to a camera because my phone is an ancient model with a cracked screen but I didn't know where to start. ??? Enter the M50, a lightweight mirrorless camera that is * really * easy to use. I was given a helping hand by some Canon experts to get going but then it was just a case of playing around with the camera. I spent a day with Canon shooting (you can check the article and video in the link in my stories) and they then set me five fun photography challenges to do over the next couple of weeks. These included a short depth of field shot, the kids' playing with water, a timelapse video, the kids' laughing and the kid's moving. • I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to use the camera (not on the automatic setting!) and while David Bailey can still sleep soundly at night, I'm really pleased with how these photos turned out! (# ad). . . . . . . . . . . # ukftb # familytravel # ukexplore # travelwithkids # familyadventures # holidayswithkids # familyvacation # fearlessfamtrav # wanderlustmomblogger # familytravelblog # takeyourkidseverywhere # travelkids # familytravelblogger # showthemtheworld # ourtribetravels # loveyourtimetogether # flyingwithkids # travelmum # daysoutwithkids # familyfun # familyvacation # canonuk # mycanon # liveforthestory # neverstopexploring # loveyourtimetogether # letthekids

A post shared by A post shared by Katja | (@ globetotting) on

Katja shared more photos on her Instagram Stories, along with a link to a Blog post about their experiences on the Canon website.

Canon, in turn, shared their photos in Stories on several of its Instagram brand channels.

Bonus : Learn more in our Step-by-step guide how to create a social media strategy and optimize your social media presence with Instamer.

Measure the results

With influencer campaigns, it's tempting to focus on like likes and comments. If your influencer has a much larger following than you, the sheer number of possible likes may dazzle you a little.

But to grasp the effectiveness of a campaign, one must understand its value in terms of return on investment.

provide a way to track visitors that an influencer sends to your website. They are also useful for measuring the commitment of a campaign.

If you assign each influencer its own unique links with UTM codes, you get a clear picture of the results. This allows you to calculate the impact on your profit.

Another simple way to track sales coming through influencers: give them their own discount codes. For example, the influencer Alanna Durkovich (aka @ xandervintage ) in this post a discount code based on their name.

Ask influencers for detailed reports on the reach and engagement of their posts. This is particularly important on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, where engagement comes from public views.

Just not shy! two thirds of marketers state that they have had personal experience with influencer scams. You need detailed analytics that you can trust.

Influencer Marketing Tools

Now you are ready for influencer marketing. Here are some tools to make your life easier.


With this tool from Moz, you can search Twitter for relevant influencers by keyword and location. It's a great entry-level tool and useful when creating your list of potential influencers you want to share and collaborate with.

The search streams of Instamer help to discover influencers by Monitor industry-relevant conversations across multiple channels .

Once you've identified your first choice of influencers, add them to a stream and monitor what they share and who they work with. This helps determine their relevance to your audience, while also identifying other potential influencers you can work with.

This app can search for top content shared by influencers based on topics and locations. Use them to identify Thoughtleaders and discover potential influencer partnerships based on the quality of the content they share.

This app provides you with tailor-made influencer recommendations. It helps predict outreach, engagement and other campaign outcomes.

Influencer platforms

There are several platforms that help brands find and connect directly with influencers. Among the best: AspireIQ , Upfluence , and Famebit .

Simplify your influencer marketing activities with Instamer. Schedule your posts, interact with influencers and measure the success of your actions all through a single dashboard. Test now for free.